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Thursday, 06 December 2007


Ahmad Tareq


What an amazing event! I saw Zakir Naiks's lecture on the 30 acres ground (roughly speaking 120,000 square meters) at Peace TV!

I had tuned into Peace TV just a few day back, I think. I find the channel superb, excellent. May Allah bless the
brothers and sisters at IRF and Peace TV! Mashallah!

Brother, where were you at the conclusion of Zakir Naik's lecture when all (?) the speakers gathered for a final thank you.

ARGcomment: no, I was filming my promo that day night. My flight was the same night so I had to pack and catch my flight back.


Assalamu'alaikum Brother!
It was really an amazing event! Alhamdulillah! I'm so grateful to Allah that I witnessed such an event. I was there for all ten days and I must tell you, your talk "Do good people go to hell?" was an excellent one, much appreciated by everyone. May Allah accept the jihad of all the people behind (and infront of) it.

This entry was a good read, mashaallah. I hope this event takes place next year and the next and the next year too, inshallah


salaam. brother, i have a question. i live in a country where the law of Allah in not fully implemented (i.e. robbers DON'T get their hands cut off, adulterers DON'T get stoned etc..). I know from a hadeeth, that says if someone commits a sin, and receives Allah's punishment in this world (say hands cut off from stealing), then he won't be punished anymore in the Hereafter. is this correct? but if he did not face Allah's punishment in this world, then it is up to Allah in the Hereafter either to punish him or forgive him. Say, this person commits a sin, e.g fornication, and he doesn't wanna risk getting punished in the Hereafter so he wants the punishment of this world to be given to him. where does he go? what would u say to this person? salaam.

ARGcomment: What this person should do is make a sincere repentance to Allah, and know that Allah will forgive any sin, even those sins are as vast at the heavens and the earth, and if this repentance is sincere then Allah will not only forgive, but replace those sins with good deeds nearly as great.
Further more, part of this repentance should be to do good deeds as one did evil deeds, for good deeds wipe out evil deeds. Further more, if this person has committed as sin such as fornication, he or she should hasten to marry and take all avenues to prevent this occurring again.
The he can be assured that Allah will forgive this person and will be saved from Allah's punishment in the next life, inshallah.


Alhamdulillah for the event! And the return of the shoulder length hair!

I'm sorry to hear about your stomach problem, Insha Allah I hope it has gone away.

ARgcomment: the hair comes and goes. When it gets too long and too hot I cut it short and leave it for a year or so and then cut it again etc....


Great conference, I have really been enjoying the programs on PeaceTV, very good!

PeaceTV streaming: http://watchislam.com/tv4/


No comments,only want to know if i could find if there is any source from where i could get CD's of this event in Bombay,i'm eagerly waiting,help me in this matter,as could not make it to attend this worthy program.

ARGcomment: It is best to contact PEACETV


Assalaamalaikum, brother,i have missed the programme held in Bombay,and want to have the recorded CD's ,nobody helping me in this matter,can u show me a way to find them anywhere or from any source.Please help me.
I hav some of ur speaches collection with me,and its a great help,your work is verry dear to me and i want to work this way.pray fr my wish to come true.Ameen.....

ARGcomment: It is best to contact PEACETV, there are some talks of mine on the internet, you could try


Dr Taylor says: I believe that the more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world, and the more peaceful our planet will be.

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