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Wednesday, 03 December 2008


Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Salaam brother. Recently few new stupied questions are striking my head and disturbing me. Ur lectures hav helpd me to understand many things but i dint find reason to refute this doubt regarding God incarnation. Few people say that God came down to earth in human form. Ofcourse there is no evidence to prove this. But how can i remove this doubts from my heart through a strong reasoning. This doubt came to me as one of my hindu friend asked me as to why cant God come down in Human form if He is able to do all things. This does sound contradicting, but i want peace of heart which i dont have now. Plz help with some good advice. Let me make a point clear that by no means do i hav a doubt that God came down to earth in human form, i know that never happend. But all i need is a sound reason which would remove such thoughts from me(the thought of such possibilities). Plz help brother.

ARGcomment: God does godly things. He only does things that are suitable to His nature as God. Think of this in another way: Can Allah do something stupid or evil?
Of course not. It is correct then to say "well Allah can do anything can't he?"
Allah is the Most Wise, and what He does is only wise.
Allah is all good and all He does is good.
So Allah is eternal, and free from wants and needs. That is why He does not become a mortal needy man.
Also claiming that God becomes a man is pure non-sense. It is a contraction in terms and by definition an impossibility.
How come something be eternal and finite at the same time, self sufficient and needy at the same time, immortal and mortal at the same time?

Issa Hagy

Sisters you have very much to give the world about Islam. Women in some situations have more understanding, gentleness, care, politeness, patiency and a different way of conveying message which can interest a mass. So sisters, go for it!

Abdul Raheem Green: Hi, I live in Norway, I'm 16 and I can't follow your lectures live, but when are you going on a public tour or something, then at least I can follow your lectures on TV or internet(YouTube). I have watched the vids from Australia and they where great! I think I have watched all your videos available on internet. Can you please inform me about your programme, and which of your lectures that will be taped(if you know)Otherwise, thank you and salaam!

ARGcomment: I'm due to come to Norway in early March. I hope we can meet then.

Umm Rageh

Assalamu Alaikum sister Fatima,

Ma'Shallah! Jezak Allahu Khayr for the Dawah tips!! I especially like number 1, I always think about doing something nice for my neighbours, your advice has just given me a good kick up the back side and reminded me that there's no time like the present!

Eid Mubarak to all! May you and your family have a blessed Eid Insha'Allah.

Brother Green, a question...I frequent the yahoo religious chatrooms, and 2day someone posted a q asking 'who was the 1st person ever created'? Naturally I was going to reply Prophet Adam(as), but then I read a reply by an alledged Muslim stating that it was Prophet Muhammad(saws)who Allah created 1st- is that accurate? Where would a Muslim get such info?


ARGcomment: No, it was Adam.

Umm Zakariyya


EID MUBARAK brother, HAPPY Eid and eidun saeed too. Im so excited! Alhamdolllah this entry has made me feel so much better because even though doing all these things except for the blog, I felt im not doing anything at all, another idea is to give as presents books or any other thing will will create curiosity aot islam in people, it is especiallye ffective in young people! Normally people dont even know islam exists outside CNN or BBC!

JazakaAllah khairun brother,



Why, when you are writing in English, do you refer to God as Allah?

The god of all three monotheisms is the same - in Hebrew he is called 'Yahweh', in English 'God' and in Arabic 'Allah'.

Arab Christians praying in Arabic, invoke Allah, as do Arab Jews. This does not mean they are Muslims, simply that in their language, the word for God is 'Allah'.

ARGcomment: I refer to the Creator as God or Allah interchangably for the very reason you have mentioned above, because God is in fact One, and the God of the Jews and Christians and Muslims is the same God. The difference is in some aspects of what each religion believes about God and the means they believe they reach closeness to Him the exaulted.
When you write in English (or any language other than Arabic for that matter) and you refer to God as 'Allah' - as in 'Allah be praised' or, as you have written above, "as Allah says in the Qu'ran" you create the impression that the God of Muslims is a different God and that his name is Allah.

Quite possibly, you do not speak Arabic, and perhaps this is why you and many others persist in this usage. However, it is not only inaccurate from a linguistic perspective but I believe that it helps people who do not know any better to discriminate against Muslims by saying that they do not believe in 'their' God.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Thank u bro for that info! I remember i heard those arguments in one of ur lecture "Is there God"! But the question which was in my head was, God dint come to earth Himself, but sent a part of Him to guide man! Any way i understood the worthlessness of this stupid thought. It is similar to the idea of messenger(except that messenger is havin his own choice). And there was no such case ever witnessed. And nothing makes sense but the Qur'an. Nothing makes us humble and cry, but Qur'an. I saw how satan misleads people. Few non-muslims would believe in any foolish thing but not the truth of Islam. I think it is thier personal hatred towards muslims or emotional attachment to the way of thier ancestors which keep them back from reflecting on the truth.
May Allah guide us to the truth and make it clear and distinct from error to us.

ARGcomment: A part of God..what does that mean. God is not someonw or something divided into parts. Which part of God then, certainly not the "eternal and infinate" part, since if that part was contained in the Creation it would limtied by it and thus no longer eternal and infinite and therefore no longer by definition God.


Hi Green! I have a question. I use to discuss alot with Christians, and discussing the true historical role of Jesus, they put forward "proof". This proof is prophecies made by prophets about an incarnation(God-->human being). Esaiah and other prophets allegedly prophecied about a divine Jesus. Trying to research these claims of evidence I stand back with very few answers. Considering your Christian background, I was hoping you could in some few lines tell me about these prophecies confirming the Christian believe in a divine Jesus. Are they authentic? Written by neutral sources? Do they excist?

Salaam and thank you!

ARGcomment: A divine human is and impossibility. It contradicts what is understood by "God". There are ample proofs from the bible that God is NOT man, human, but eternal and unlike anything in the Universe. The second commandment is a good start. These are clear and unambigious verses. You cannot then take those verses that are of different possible meanings and interpretations and build your theology on that.
This is exactly what the Quran warns us of.
Another way to look at this issue is where in the thousands of years of rabbinical writtings back to Babylonian taulmud did anyone undertand these "prophecies" to refer to God being incarnate! You will not find it in fact at all. Indeed every learned jew understood that the idea of God being incarnated in the form of a human is the essence of the pagan religions. Baal, Adonis, Attis, Pharoe, Ceasar, all clained to be "begotton of God and incarnations of the Divine." This is what their religion opposed and that is what they lived and died opposing. Any interpretation other than that is just a peversion and could only be made by some one trying to look for evidence that fits their argument, rather than understanding the eternal message as it was taught and practiced by those to whom it was revealed.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Thanks brother, u made it more clear through those reasons. salaam.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Salaam bro. I hav finished my exams, and now hav holidays. I want to utilize this month in the most efficient manner. I hav some plans to start Da'wa at my college. But dont know where to start. I did speak on the uniqueness of God in my class when i was asked to present some talk which was meant to test my speech. By Allah's help i did it well. But none took it seriously except few girls(who showed some interest) with whom i never talk. But now i want to do something better. I need ur advice in this regard. What can i do in my college where almost evryone in Hindu. And although there r few muslims, but u never know as there is no distinction between them and hindu's. I'm thinkin as to what can make them reflect. I think there must be at least one who might ponder over Qur'an. But how can i start? Giv some advice.

ARGcomment: Try to find one or two people and start on them.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Salaam bro! I really dont understand what are muslims trying to do? Is it not our obligation to enjoin the Law of Allah on this earth? If a muslims commits zina, like my friend, what can we do? What if a muslim is a theif? Here in India, often they are only punished for few years jail. We do not have an islamic state to impliment the law. How r we going to establish an islamic state? I only want to know how r we going to establish an Islamic state? Is it not our duty to do that? What r we doing? I'm really confused!!!

ARGcomment: You cannot establish an Islamic state, since the concept of "state" is itself not actually Islamic.
Allah will establish His law on earth when we establish it in our hearts.

Fatima Barkatulla

Bro Noamaan

If most Muslims are not praying and others are even committing shirk by calling on the Prophet Muhammad for help etc, why will Allah allow us to have Islamic governance. We should all concentrate on getting the Ummah to practise their deen as much as possible at least the five pillars and to have correct belief in Allah and then we can start hoping for something better. As one speaker I heard said: "You ask for an Islamic State but you are not IN an Islamic state (of mind)!"

Fatima Barkatulla

By the way...Wa alaikumus salaam to the person who said salaam to me above & salaam to you of course ARG & readers.

Anwar Ibrahim

"establish it in our hearts"? eh...that's it? that's the best advice you could give to a young man who is yearning for the truth, yearning for an Islamic way of life, yearning for living the daily life as a complete muslim?! You are getting old and you are getting soft. Where is that brother who's got spunk, passion, a great motivator with fierce speeches he made on speakers corner!! I tell you...he's gone!

Go ahead reply me with more insult like you did the last time, but know this, it is the part of you that’s in denial that get offended. Getting older means getting wiser NOT scared.

You should go to that place again where you once had been ALL THAT just to remind yourself how the world appreciated what you once were.

ARGcomment: yea, whatever.....

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Brother i'm really confused!! There r few muslims who say that one of our objective is to establish Islam on this earth, and for that we need to strive in that direction. But i dont see u and some other scholars explicitly speak on it. Is it true or false? It is true that we need to establish Islam in our hearts, but i think its consequence must be reflected in some way in our action. I dont know the truth brother, i'm confused! Please feel patient and help me with some good knowledge brother. I want to know the truth brother! I need ur help to understand this better. Plz help!! There r many muslim women oppressed in our society, they r not given their rights. How r we supposed to help them and giv everyone their rights? I think we need some force to remove the evil, oppressive rejectors. Only advicing doesn't help always. Please help me with some light. Salaam.

ARGcomment: I have spoken about this issue in my lectures, on peacetv, and also the matter has come up in discussions on this blog. Please refer to sister Fatima's comment. My advice is the same. Establish Islam in your own life, learn your deen and teach it to others. This is what you need to concern yourself with. This is practically the best and most effective thing that you can do to change the world around you. If you die right now you need to think exactly about what Allah is going to ask you...what did you do to esablish and Islamic state in India whilst at university there????? or how did you live your life and call others and teach them about this noble deen?

Anwar Ibrahim

"yea, whatever....."

ha ha ha...that is truly hilarious bro...I fell of the chair reading it! Never imagine in my lifetime that I would encounter a sheikh saying "yea whatever" on such topic LMAO

well, I must say, at least you still got that thick skin to repel criticism.

just hope that "whatever" is not also applicable to your point of view in our hope to establish the sharia.


ARGcomment: I wonder what you have actually practically achieved for Islam. Any shada's recently perhaps? Thick skin...I've been threatened with death by people who didn't lke what I said, and shot at by Isreali snipers while in occupied Palestine, been accused of numerous things from being a radical, extremist, fundamentalist by the press, to being a MI5 agent by Naqshbandi sufis, to being off the minhaj by the super salafi, so I think I'll just keep on saying what I say, and not saying what I don't say because I believe that it is what is pleasing to Allah and the path of truth...so you and what you say...yea..whatever!


Assalamu Alaikum,
I have always listened to many speeches and lectures regarding the issue of Islam vs The West. I do have a worry. How come we don't have lectures concerning Islam vs The Middle East? I feel that we really need this since most Non-Muslims view Middle Eastern cultural activities such as genital mutilation and honor killing to be pro-Islamic. Do you feel that Islam clashes with the Middle East just as much as it does with the West? Please reply. Jazak-Allah. May Allah guide many to Islam through you and grant you one of the highest ranks of Jannah. Ameen.
Wa Alaikum Assalam
- A HUGE Fan Of Your Lectures

ARGcomment: the middle east as entity does not present itself as an idealogical counter part to Islam, but by and large falls within it, although the false customs and practices that contradict Islam exist, and I do challange and speak out about them very often.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Thank u brother! Like always, there is great wisdom in your reply brother. U have made it clear to me. Actually some people give the reference of few Qur'an's ayat and say that Islam has come to superceed all the other ways of life(which it does) and also we need a government to implement Islamic laws. Especially these r people from a Jamat here in India. Any way, u have made things clear to me through those beautiful reasoning. Salaam.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Salaam sister Fathima.
I thank you to share ur knowledge with me and help me understand things clearly.

Mohammed Maaz

AsSalamu Alaikum, well brother I hope you publish this... while read all this (above) I just got this incident in my mind... When Utbah bin Rabi'ah approached the Prophet saws and tried to negotiate a contract with him in order that he stops the preaching of Islam in Makkah, one of his offer was kingship, if we would listen to all those people who now a days want to establish Khilafah, it was the best thing given to Rasoolullah saws, and once the king he could've brought his entire kingdom to Islam (coz the religion of the king is the religion of the kingdom, as what happened to the roman empire when it became christianized). But Rasoolullah saws chose something else, he chose as you are saying to establish Islam in the hearts of people and eventually the shariyah was established. This is something I believe food for thought for all those who want to establish a Shariyah-based environment! And Allah Knows Best!

ARGcomment: part of the reason the Prophet saws refused kingship, and Allah knows best, was because the Quraish were saying that you worship our gods sometimes and we worship yours sometimes, or the condition was that he would be king as long as he gave up preaching the message. There is nothing wrong with seeking to impliment Allah's guidance in the complete sense through positions of power and authority, and if one can attain such positions to encourage goodness and remove harm this is something that must and should be done, but the truth is that it will ultimately not acheive that much if it is not combined with reforming the hearts of people.
Certainly Prophet Yusuf was able to achieve much good for the Muslims in that time through his position in goverment of the Egyptian king, but the hearts of the people of Egypt were always in doupt about the message of Islam, and they did not really embrace that en masse. So Pharaoh oppressed the bani Isreal with the support of his people, and that is why they will suffer such humiliation on the last day, and be punished along with their leader.

Fatima Barkatulla

Look at how the Prophet's method was for reforming society....increase people's Iman first...then build on that, let them start living the Shari'ah, then the sky's the limit.

As Aisha said (haven't got accurate quote...but something like this): That the first Aayaat that were revealed were about Jannah and Hellfire and Allah. Then when the peoples heart were firm with Iman, the laws about the prohibitions and orders came down. If the first thing to be revealed had been "Don't drink Khamr" and "Don't commit zina" the people would have said: "We will never leave khamr and we will never leave zina."

It is an organic process...we have to help the process speed up by actively being catalysts for the process by being involved in Da'wah and reminding people what the point of life is....

um almujahid

barakAllahu fikhum!

Fatima Barkatulla

Some thoughts I had on the subject of changing the situation of the Ummah in light of what is happening:

Let's look to the future, to changing the state of the Ummah completely. The Jihad for justice starts in our homes.

I believe that the greatest and most powerful contribution we can make as parents is this:

Bring up your children to be Mu'mineen, who take the laws of Allah seriously, who are attached to the life of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam and his Sunnah
Teach your children history and the lessons of history.
Teach them not just about the physical laws that Newton elucidated so well, but the Metaphysical laws that the Qur'an elucidates so perfectly.

A few days ago we went through the story of the Battle of Badr and I taught my children about the Sunnah of Allah, that if He wills he can make a small group of people overpower a huge number of people...I taught them that no one knows the army of Allah but He. 300 men who were less well armed beat 1000 well armed men that day - I want them to remember that forever. It can mean so many things in their lives: that the little kid can overcome the big bully, that when the odds are stacked against you, if you have Iman, you can win...that quality is more important than quantity...that if Allah is on your side, you have nothing and no one to fear...

The metaphysical laws that are the Sunnah of Allah are mentioned throughout the Qur'an.

The law that:
after hardship will come ease.
that Allah obliterates Riba (as we have recently seen) and make Sadaqah profitable
that if you thank Allah, he will give you more...all of these and many more have been mentioned in the Qur'an.
That the Jews and Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their religion and way of life.
That if you are conscious of Allah, He will give you a way out and provide for you from means that you never imagined.

These are all laws that we can observe and that are talked about in the Qur'an.
If they grow up with yaqeen (true belief and conviction) in these metaphysical laws, they will be the bravest of men, because the apparent will not deter them...what is visible to the eye will not scare them...they will not be risk averse, rather they will leap off the most dangerous mountain, knowing that they will only be hurt if Allah wills it, they will jump into that deepest ocean, believing that if they are doing so for the sake of Allah then Allah will grant them victory over the waves. They will not be fooled by what seems to be reality because they will be aware that anything is possible if you have Allah on your side.

That is what this Ummah needs. A generation of people who have so much Iman in the sunan of Allah that they will take risks, they will dare to do what no one's done before, they will be willing to go against the grain, unapologetic, firm in their resolve.

The problems of the Ummah did not appear overnight and they will not disappear overnight. But we, the mothers of the Ummah can set that change in motion...we must set that change in motion.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

salaam bro! Recently a non-muslim asked my friend about Hazrat Ayesha r.a's marriage to prophet s.a.w.! As u must be aware of, few people say she r.a. was married at the age of 9. However i found a lecture by Dr. Jamal Badawi where he showed from historical evidance that she r.a. was married at around 19! Can u help me with clear evidance and references so that it may be easy for me to understand the matter and transmit it to my friends and those who ask with proof? Plz help brother! I do know that there was a gap of 3 years between marriage and its consumation.

ARGcomment: you can find an answer to this right here on this blog, go to the section uncomfortable questions and you'll find the issue covered.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Thank u brother!
Also thanks to sister Fatima to help us with such light!

Issa Hagy

I have some questions for you:

Considering that the origins of Sunni and Shia did not have any connexion with Mohammeds will or Allahs will, we would consider it a Bid'ah(innovation). Considering that in worship everything is haram, til the revelations accept it, neither sunni or shia is mentioned by name in the Quran, and is therefore manmade division between muslims. Newer sects emerged from the framework of sunni and shia, and these sects exaggurate in worship today. Without any confirmation from Allah or Mohammed(saw) they create sects and groups not by concepts of Islam but other concepts. This creats superstitional and idol like worship as grave worship etc. Should Islam deny the validity of sunni and shia? Because there is no doubt sunni and shia creats other sects.

Secondly, I have problems with accepting the Bible as Gods work. I just read verses, recommending paedophilia, the verses of how fathers checked the virginity of daughters. Furthermore, contradictions no sane human being would commit. The stupidity of explanations regarding the origins of the universe, reversing not to be accepted as ultimate proof, but to enlight the foolishness of religion as a whole, striking Islam very unjustly(Islam is very advanced regarding science). Should we muslims really follow/accept/read the Bible?

ARGcomment: Most Muslims are confused about the Bible. There is nothing about the Bible in the Quran and Sunnah. Muslims believe in the Torah, Zabur and Injil, but those books are no longer existant today in their pure form. The Bible contains things that are from God and things that are not, however some randon version of what you imagine might be morality is not the criterion that decides. This is because the Creator is the one who determines what is right and wrong. Certainly consistancy internallyand with established facts is a valid criterion however, which the Quran fulfils and the Bible does not. Muslims have no need to read or study the Bible at all, excpet in some circumstances for comparative religious debate and dialogue, hwoever this is better to leave to those specialised in this.
Certainly the sects in islam are man made, but once they exisit the need arises to identify them. Sunnis identify themselves with the Sunnah or way of the Prophet saws, and that he is the final messenger and all matters need to be referred to his sayings and teachings, as opposed to the shia who refer to descendants of Hassan and Hussain as a seperate infalible authority. Both these positions cannot be correct.
I consider the Sunni position the one that is supported by logic, proof and evidence, and to be what the Prophet taught and his companions, including Ali, Hassan and Hussain were in fact upon, the belief in infalibility of the descendants an innovated concept.

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