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Friday, 02 January 2009


Umm Zakariyya

Assalamoalaikum , JazakAllah for the post, but how can we donate money to palestinians and whom should we give it to?

May Allah give us the strength for counteracting evil, in any way, ameen.

ARGcomment: Interpal is probably the best but you need to check on their opertational status since their account has been closed. Otheriwse Islamic Relief or Muslim Aid both provide relief work there.

Mohammed Maaz

AsSalamu Alaika brother! Is it true that the first "major" sign of the day of judgment is the war of muslims with the romans? or say the white skinned ppl? Am not to sure about this, and forgot the reference too!

ARGcomment: certainly one of the signs of the last days is a war between the Muslims and Ar Room, but it is not a major sign, nor the first. Ar Room means Rome, which was the term used in those times for the Roman empire (known as Byzantium) but also applied to all of Wetern Christendome. The term "beni Azfar" is also used, meaning the trib of yellow, because of the Greeks being blond and fair skinned. As far as I know the two terms are interchangable, but Allah knows best.

Mohammed Maaz

Oops! Forgot to add... If yes... is the present situation leading us to the same (in a "very" near future)

ARGcomment: The last day was near when the Prophet saws was still alive. In fact his coming was the first of the signs of the last days.


Assalamu alaikum Sheikh. Can u please tell if this war is 'Fitnah' of Allah? Were they ever disobedient to Allah's commandments? To what extent do you think 'Rally' is allowed in Islam because there is one verse saying 'Do not harm yourself and others'? Please note: Some rallies create severe traffic congestion and some even involves freemixing. (Wallahu Alam)

ARGcomment: Life is a test. War is part of that. Every "event", natural or man made can be different things for different people. For some it is a punishment, for some a test through which they come closer to Allah, and others further from Allah depending on how they act in response to it.
As for rallies then the ruling on them depends on where and how they take place. Generally in Muslim coutries where rallies and demonstrations can be considered a type of "khurooj" against the ruler it is not allowed. However in western societys were it is considered a normal and acceptable way of expressing one views and or discontent, and gaining support for ones cause then it could be permissable or even desirable or even oligatory, depenting on the reality of the effect of that demonstration. Allah knows best.


I've two questions for you. The Quran presents the day of judgment as a sudden event with no one having the knowledge of its time except Allah(swt). Furthermore you said on one of your lectures: It comes soon...or sooner! So if this is a sudden event, how come we know everything in details already. Even we get to know that when the sun roses from the west, the day has come. Now everyone can be prepared for it only if they notice the arrival of the sun. Furthermore the arrival of Jesus will surely awaken people(and everyone will be muslims). Again that makes people far more conscious as far as the awareness of The day is concerned. Collecting all information in Hadith and Quran, actually there are ALOT to happen before The Day. How could the day of judgment be THAT sudden?

Secondly, I really do not understand the Islamic perspective of music. I have tried to research much by myself, whereas the scholars are divided in this case, some allow it, other deny it as satans work. In worship, everything is haram besides what God has revealed as allowed. But in life, everything is halal, until the revelations say it is haram. The revelations regarding music is very thin. Is that because we can work out our own individual rules by it, or is it really haram?

Thank you and prayers to Gaza.

ARGcomment: The issue of music being haram is really very clear and you can find an extenisive discussion on it under the Global Peace and Unity blog and following comments.
As for the day of judgment being sudden, well sudden is of course a relative term! It is sudden compared to the totality of human hisorty and even more sudden in relation to the age of universe.


Salaam Green. I have two questions for you.

It is pretty confusing regarding the Islamic perspective on mortgage. Even though I'm 16 and I do not need mortgage it is remarkable that muslims more and more allow themselves something we have been grown up with as Haram. Again reading the Quran all translators use the word usury instead of mortgage, making mortgage seem like a lightweight infront of the extreme costs of usury. Usury is extensive payback for a loan exceeding all logical numbers. What do you say about mortgage and usury? Is it halal/haram?

I just saw some verses from the Bible, explicitly saying that if you divorce you will go to Hell. I really have a problem understanding the divine push behind such a narrowminded scripture. The gospel of John reminds me about my childhood where the childrens story always went like this: And then...so he...and he...then he. It is such an amazing scripture with contradictions in the one and same verse, I ask: How could God have written this? Does the Quran confirm the divinity behind the Bible?

ARGcomment: There is no doubt that riba / mortgage is haram. In fact it is one of the major sins.


As-salaamu Alayk Yaa Akhi fi al-Islam

It is my opinion that once Allah causes the hearts of our Ummah to be awakened and unites us then and only then can we lift the banner of Islam and acheive victory in Palestine and everywhere else.

May Allah forgive us & unite us upon the truth.

On another note I hae been making DA'WAH to a certain Srinivas on Islamonline.net comments section of the article "Living Under Israeli Fire"

Abu Abdurrahman

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah ARG,

How are you doing Brother?

Akhi, I was wondering if you could help me, as I have a question which I needed help in answering?

Different people say different things as to what the basis of Muslim-Israeli conflict is, citing various motivations - thus some are of the view that it's only an Arab-Israeli or palestinian vs Israeli issue. I wanted to know what is the real/main basis of it? Do israeli/zionists actually have it as part of their creed/beleif that they are entitled to a promised land, as some people claim is the case, if so is there any reference they cite in the Bibe's old testament or other 'religious scriptures' they have which they use to hold this position.

Could you please please let me know what are these verses? Please?

If you do have time, it'd really appreciate it if you could eplain how/why presidents of the US in principle would buy into a zionist idealogy from a theological point of view (ie does it have any founded link to beliefs of certain christians)?

Please if you get a seciond, could you answer it above - even if in very brief. I find that many Muslims have come to believe that the ongoing conflicts could not possibly have had any theological/idealogical role/element/factor to it.

May Allah reward you so generously.

Wassalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah

ARGcomment: this is a very big question. I think the simple answer is that most scholars agree that the land that is now Isreal belongs historically to the Muslim and is occupied and must be returned to the Muslims. That does not of course mean that Jews cannot live there, or that Jews must be wiped out etc...in fact jews have always historically lived peacefully under Muslim rule. Indeed after the fall of Spain (which was considered a Jew intelectual "golden age") they fled to Morocco and what is now Turkey. The issue then is not with Jews (although of course there is a theological dispute with them) but with Zionism.
As for the belief that Palestine belongs to the Jews, then almost all Jews believe this, and support it at least emotionally, but ine should remember that the term "Jew" is considered an ethnic and racial term not a religious one by modern day Jewery. So one be an atheist and still be a Jew. The Quranic perspective is that Jew is religious term.
It is interesting that Ultra Orthadox jews consider the present state of Isreal and abonimation against the torah, and the only the Messiah can establish the kingdome of God in true justice.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Salaam bro! I dont know why, but i have a lot of doubts to ask and that is why i keep asking. Why is it that there are certain moments, i cry while reading Qur'an, but sometimes there r no tears and only doubts. I remember certain moments of peace and happiness in my heart but most of the time i'm just feelingless. I need some good advice. I'm in a very bad condition of heart. plz help bro!!

ARGcomment: this is the reality of iman. It increases with obedience to Allah and decreases with disobedience to Allah.

Abu Abdurrahm

Salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah ARG,

JazakAllah khairna for that; what I was trying to ask though was soemthign slightly more specific, as I recalled you or one other speaker once stating there was a theological/ideological basis for the creation of Israel that the Zionists and some of the evangelical born-agains in the US..somehting along the lines of Dajjal ( a messiah to them) will not come until there is a state of Israel, and so they ideologically will support it no matter what.

I was just wondering if you could kindly explain, as I didn't fully understand or appreciate the significance of it at the time. What is the theological source of it?

And what is the official reasoning that the US gives for Israel being its absolute ally regardless of whatever..(other than Hamas being xyz)?

JazakAllahu khairan in advance!

May Allah always take care of you and your family, ameen!

Wassalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah

ARGcomment: There is sect in Christianity that has some rich, powerful and politically influential followers in the USA who believe that the Bible prophecies that Jesus will return when the Jews return to the holy land. When Jesus returns the true believers will be taken up with him to heaven in what they call "the rapture" after the final show down with the Anti christ and a massive battle at Mediggo (Armageddon).
They want to "bring it on" by speeding the return of Jews to Israel and thus the return of Jesus. They are also expecting this very soon due to coming of the millennium, which they claim is also prophesied.
The "official" reason for America's support for Israel is that it is a democracy (the only one in the middle east they claim) and long standing ally and they share the same values. The truth is that they are supported because of the Jewish lobby.
Allah knows best.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Salaam-Alaika. Brother, i hav confusion between my academic life and personel life. I dont know how to put it, but i'm taking my education so that i may be able to earn for my livlihood! I also swim, as it was my hobbie. Sometimes i feel these things are diverting me from Islam. I mean, in doing these things i'm so much buzy sometimes that i forget Allah and Islam. But later on i feel very bad. I ask Allah for forgiveness.
The matter of fact is that actually since last two years i was not focusing on my studies and i also left swimming till now. This time i spent in learning the truth of Islam. Now as i'm trying to get back to my hobbies and activities with a new perspective of life, i.e. remembering Allah always (islam), i feel this is taking me away from Allah's rememberance.
Having said all this, can u plz advice something. Also, i'm interested to know how u spend ur day.
Also, did ur parents accept Islam? May Allah guide all of us to the truth. Salaam.

ARGcomment: no, my parents did not accept Islam.
As for your hobbies, then if they are halal there is no harm. In fact we need a rest from the activities in our life, Most people cannot pray or study or work all the time. If your hobby is with the intention to rest so that you are mentally and physically more strong to worship Allah then this is also worship for Allah.

Mohammed Maaz

Asak, bro i'm in a bit of mess... I've got this opportunity to participate in an international MUN (model UN) which is a mock UN assembly where in one represents a country and then defends its views as if it were in an actual UN. We are assigned Russia and the debate is on 30th and 31st. I've been given the topics abortion (akin to euthanasia) and torture (human rights). The problem here is that some of the Russian ideology is against Islamic teachings and is really silly, for eg it legalizes abortion ... also as a family planning method. Plus though it condemns torture it does the opposite wrt Chechnya etc. And I've to defend this in front of an international audience...(the torture is accepted by Russia they act as if it didn't happen I believe, and support the human rights that torture is bad) what should I do? its almost certain that I can't back out now (I realized all of this now when I was told about my topics). Should I continue with this? And defend these views or ditch the team? or any other alternative? Let me know soon :(

ARGcomment: Either you pull out, or perhaps you could make your arguments sound so stupid and false that everyone will know that it is not the correct way! I don't believe you are allowed to defend these false things, unless it is in the situation where someone else will be refuting them in an Islamic manner.


RE the Christian Zionist question, please take a look at this link.

"Zion’s Christian Soldiers"


Mohammed Maaz

Its a Model United Nations debate, wherein your team is assigned a country and topics are given wherein you have to defend your country's stance, as it would be defended in the United Nations. Its a very popular concept it seems, this being my first time at it. We've been assigned Russia and Russia promotes abortion as a family planning method and second topic is torture, though Russia condemns it here, its well known what it does to our brothers!But it also has Islam-matching opinions like saving the mother's life in danger, it recognizes life after 12 weeks (near to our 4 months), etc. And in principle it does say that torture is wrong. But the Issue is to defend those that are unislamic like family planning and trying to show that Russia is innocent in case of Chechnya etc. So really confused here...! Pray for me brother that I make the right decisions (islamically) and also that I do not go against anything thats Islamic in due course of my actions throughout the debate and so on...! And thanks for your advice bro... I'll try my best to do something of that sort! :)


Assalamu Alaikum,
Brother, can you tell me why a Muslim has to pray Salah in Arabic? Is it for the preservation of the Salah? Is it necessary to understand everything you say in Salah? Will the Salah be accepted if you don't pray in Arabic?
Jazak Allah

ARGcomment: yes it is essential to say everything in arabic in your obligatory salat, and to understand what you are saying is obligatory. The minimum arabic every Muslim needs to know are the meanings of the words of the salat.
The reason is that this is the way the Prophet taught us. The words in Arabic are not possible to translate accurately into other languages. We could give many examples of this. Just the word "rabb" has many levels of mean which is not accurately expressed just by "Lord" since it means "lord, cherisher, provider, sustainer, controller, master..etc..."
So part of the reason is as you said to preserve the salat and its true meanings.
Allah knows best.

Shyed Shahriar

Genocide announced,Jewish Talmudic Extremism: Rabbi Yisrael: All Palestinians Must Be Killed, Men, Women, Infants and Beasts.

Bombs would fall under other circumstances, but when influential rabbis call for the total annihilation of the Palestinians the world watches without blinking, writes Saleh Al-Naami
"All of the Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants, and even their beasts." This was the religious opinion issued one week ago by Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, director of the Tsomet Institute, a long-established religious institute attended by students and soldiers in the Israeli settlements of the West Bank. In an article published by numerous religious Israeli newspapers two weeks ago and run by the liberal Haaretz on 26 March, Rosen asserted that there is evidence in the Torah to justify this stand. Rosen, an authority able to issue religious opinions for Jews, wrote that Palestinians are like the nation of Amalekites that attacked the Israelite tribes on their way to Jerusalem after they had fled from Egypt under the leadership of Moses. He wrote that the Lord sent down in the Torah a ruling that allowed the Jews to kill the Amalekites, and that this ruling is known in Jewish jurisprudence.
Rosen's article, which created a lot of noise in Israel, included the text of the ruling in the Torah: "Annihilate the Amalekites from the beginning to the end. Kill them and wrest them from their possessions. Show them no mercy. Kill continuously, one after the other. Leave no child, plant, or tree. Kill their beasts, from camels to donkeys." Rosen adds that the Amalekites are not a particular race or religion, but rather all those who hate the Jews for religious or national motives. Rosen goes as far as saying that the "Amalekites will remain as long as there are Jews. In every age Amalekites will surface from other races to attack the Jews, and thus the war against them must be global." He urges application of the "Amalekites ruling" and says that the Jews must undertake to implement it in all eras because it is a "divine commandment".
Rosen does not hesitate to define the "Amalekites of this age" as the Palestinians. He writes, "those who kill students as they recite the Torah, and fire missiles on the city of Siderot, spread terror in the hearts of men and women. Those who dance over blood are the Amalekites, and we must respond with counter-hatred. We must uproot any trace of humanitarianism in dealing with them so that we emerge victorious."
The true outrage is that most of those authorised to issue Jewish religious opinions support the view of Rabbi Rosen, as confirmed by Haaretz newspaper. At the head of those supporting his opinion is Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, the leading religious authority in Israel's religious national current, and former chief Eastern rabbi for Israel. Rosen's opinion also has the support of Rabbi Dov Lior, president of the Council of Rabbis of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), and Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the chief rabbi of Safed and a candidate for the post of chief rabbi of Israel. A number of political leaders in Israel have also shown enthusiasm for the opinion, including Ori Lubiansky, head of the Jerusalem municipality.
There is no dispute among observers in Israel that the shooting in Jerusalem three weeks ago that killed eight Jewish students in a religious school was pivotal for Jewish authorities issuing religious opinions of a racist, hateful nature. The day following the Jerusalem incident, a number of rabbis led by Daniel Satobsky issued a religious opinion calling on Jewish youth and "all those who believe in the Torah" to take revenge on the Palestinians as hastily as possible. A week following the operation, a group of leading rabbis issued an unprecedented religious opinion permitting the Israeli army to bomb Palestinian civilian areas. The opinion is issued by the "Association of Rabbis of the Land of Israel" and states that Jewish religious law permits the bombing of Palestinian civilian residential areas if they are a source of attacks on Jewish residential areas. It reads, "when the residents of cities bordering settlements and Jewish centres fire shells at Jewish settlements with the aim of death and destruction, the Torah permits for shells to be fired on the sources of firing even if civilian residents are present there."
The opinion adds that sometimes it is necessary to respond with shelling to sources of fire immediately, without granting the Palestinian public prior warning. A week ago, Rabbi Eliyahu Kinvinsky, the second most senior authority in the Orthodox religious current, issued a religious opinion prohibiting the employment of Arabs, particularly in religious schools. This religious opinion followed another that had been issued by Rabbi Lior prohibiting the employment of Arabs and the renting of residential apartments to them in Jewish neighbourhoods. In order to provide a climate that allows Jewish extremist organisations to continue attacking Palestinian citizens, Rabbi Israel Ariel, one of the most prominent rabbis in the West Bank settlement complex, recently issued a religious opinion prohibiting religious Jews involved in attacks against Palestinians to appear before Israeli civil courts. According to this opinion, they must instead demand to appear before Torah courts that rule by Jewish religious law.
Haaretz newspaper noted that what Rabbi Ariel was trying to achieve through this religious opinion has in fact already taken place. The first instance of such a court in Kfar Saba ordered the release of a young Jewish woman called Tsevia Teshrael who attacked a Palestinian farmer in the middle of the West Bank. And there are Jewish religious authorities that glorify killing and praise terrorists, such as Rabbi Yitzhaq Ginsburg, a top rabbi in Israel who published a book entitled Baruch the Hero in memoriam of Baruch Goldstein, who committed the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in 1994 when he opened fire and killed 29 Palestinians as they were performing the dawn prayer in Hebron in the southern West Bank. Ginsburg considers his act "honourable and glorious".
The danger of these religious opinions lies in the fact that the religious authorities issuing them have wide respect among religious Jewish youth. And while only 28 per cent of Israel's population is religious, more than 50 per cent of Israelis define themselves as conservative and grant major significance to opinions issued by Jewish religious authorities. According to a study conducted by the Social Sciences Department of Bar Elon University, more than 90 per cent of those who identify as religious believe that if state laws and government orders are incongruous with the content of religious opinions issued by rabbis, they must overlook the former and act in accordance with the latter.
What grants the racist religious opinions a deeper and far-reaching impact is the fact that for the last decade followers of the Zionist religious current, who form nearly 10 per cent of the population, have been seeking to take control of the army and security institutions. They are doing so through volunteering for service in special combat units. The spokesperson's office in the Israeli army says that although the percentage of followers of this current is low in the state's demographic makeup, they form more than 50 per cent of the officers in the Israeli army and more than 60 per cent of its special unit commanders. According to an opinion poll of religious officers and soldiers supervised by the Interdisciplinary Centre Herzliya and published last year, more than 95 per cent of religious soldiers and officers say that they will execute orders from the elected government and their leaders in the army only if they are in harmony with the religious opinions issued by leading rabbis and religious authorities.
Wasil Taha, Arab Knesset member from the Tajammu Party led by Azmi Bishara, says that these religious opinions lead to the committal of crimes. He mentions religious opinions issued by a number of rabbis in mid-1995 that led to the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin at that time. "If that's what happens when religious opinions urge attacks against Jewish leaders such as Rabin, what will the situation be like when they urge attacks against Palestinian leaders and the Palestinian public?" he asks. "We, as Arab leaders, have begun to feel a lack of security following this flood of religious opinions, and we realise that the matter requires a great deal of caution in our movements as we are certain that there are those who seek to implement these opinions," he told Al-Ahram Weekly.
Taha dismisses those who ask about the role of the government and Israeli political cadre in confronting these extremist religious opinions. "The ministers in the Israeli government and the Knesset members compete to incite against the Palestinian public and don't hesitate to threaten expulsion of the Palestinians who live on their land in Israel and carry Israeli citizenship outside of Israel's borders, just as former deputy premier Avigdor Lieberman and representative Evi Etam did," Taha said. He notes that Palestinian citizens within Israel have begun to take extreme precautionary measures since the issue of these religious opinions, including security measures around mosques and public institutions and informing officials of public demonstrations so that members of Jewish terrorist organisations can be prevented from attacking participants. Taha holds that the sectors of the Palestinian population most likely to be harmed by these religious opinions are those living in the various cities populated by both Jews and Palestinians, such as Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Ramleh and Jerusalem.
Palestinian writer and researcher Abdul-Hakim Mufid, from the city Um Fahem, holds that the religious opinions of rabbis have gained major significance due to the harmony between official rhetoric and that of the rabbis. Mufid notes that official Israeli establishments have not tried to confront the "fascist" rhetoric expressed in these religious opinions even though they are capable of doing so. "Most of the rabbis who issue tyrannical religious opinions are official employees in state institutions and receive salaries from them. And the state has not held these rabbis accountable or sought to prohibit the issue of such opinions," he told the Weekly.
Mufid points out that when the official political institution is in a crisis, the Zionist consensus behind these religious opinions grows more intense, and offers as an example the religious opinions relied upon by Rabbi Meir Kahane in the early 1980s to justify his call to forcefully expel the Palestinians. Mufid adds that Israel in practice encourages all those who kill Palestinians, and points to the way that the Israeli government dealt with the recommendations of the Orr Commission that investigated the Israeli police's killing of 13 Palestinians with Israeli citizenship in October of 2000. The government closed the file even though the commission confirmed that the police had acted aggressively towards the Palestinian citizens. Mufid suggests that what makes the racist rhetoric the rabbis insist upon influential is the silence of leftist and liberal voices, and the lack of any direct mobilisation against it.

ARGcomment: I would have published this as a blog but it would have been nice to have links to verify these quotes. Any chance of catching these guys on camera etc...We could kick up a real storm with this stuff! Get them listed as terrorist entities etc.....



I just passed this Hadith and I noticed something:

12Narrated from Abu Hurayra by Bukhari and Muslim: "I(God) am as My servant thinks of Me, and I am with him when he remembers Me. If he mentions Me in Himself I mention him in Myself. If he mentions Me in a gathering, I mention him in a better gathering. If he comes near Me one hand-span (shibran) I come near him one cubit (dhira`an). If he comes near Me one cubit I come near him an arm's length (ba`an). If he comes to Me walking, I come to him running."

How could God come to me or you running if I walk to him? God doesn't run or walk as such behaviour is of limitation and non omni-presentness. And if this is metaphorical, what does it mean?

Thank you and Salaam

ARGcomment: Whatever Allah does is in a manner that befits His majesty, and He is free from resemblace to His creation. This is like Allah's descending in the last part of the night. We know what descending is, we believe it and we know that it is in a manner that befits his transcendance and asking HOW is a heretical innovation.
The companions passed on these narrations as they heard then, and never asked or discussed how, nor should we. We accept it, and we accept that Allah is not like His creation and leave it at that.
The meaning of the hadith of course is very clear indeed. The more effort you make to obey Allah the more Allah responds to that effort.


Salaam again. I just needed your advice on something. I just chose history and philosophy as my main subject at High School and my mother is worried because philosophy could make me doubt my religion, due to the huge amount of influental atheist philosophers and their attacks on God, calling him dead or manmade for instance. I have tried to say that Muhammed(saw) himself was a philosopher and that I might use him as an example during my learning. What do you think about this?


ARGcomment: The Prophet was not a philosopher as we understand that word. What he had was from Allah and not from his mind.
You mother has a very strong point and perhaps she knows you best. I suggest you follow her advice and persue something else.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Salaam bro! These days i was reflecting on the importance of moral values taught to us by our beloved prophet Muhammed SAW and the problems arising on neglecting them. In the midst of all this, i encountered a situation with which i'm confused! There are few people who help us and be good to us but only to boast later on of their helping us. They try to subjugate us or rather show us our dependence on them while in fact it is not the case. Even I help them in many matters, but never boast of myself. I do agree that Allah created us as a social being who help each other and aid one another. But i feel like cutting off with them and never take any help from them in any matter. What do u suggest. It is very difficult to get on with such people who i feel deceive themselves out of arrogance.

ARGcomment: Return what is bad with what is better. This is what Allah advises in the Quran. Inshallah, the difference between sincere help and insincere help is clear to see! Make sure you display the virtue and truth of Islam in your character and this will be better dawa than many words.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Brother, apart from last question, i have another confusion. I was thinking about the fear of Allah! I do know that we must fear none but Allah alone. But what abt those circumstances where we may be oppressed and forced to say something wrong or of those situation where lying may actually help us save life and property? I read few points mentioned by Imam Nawawi in Riyadh-us-Saleheen, but was seeking an insight into it to better understand it. Plz help with something bro! I feel i'm not strong enough to endure pain as our sahaaba went through. May Allah make us stronger in Eeman. Salaam.

ARGcomment: The fear of Allah that is for Him alone is the fear of the unseen and hidden punishment, like the torment of the grave and hell fire. This must be for Allah alone. As for natural fear like that of a deadly snake etc...or of pain or death or torture then having this type of fear does not contradict having fear of Allah. If you are forced there is no blame on you. Allah knows best.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Thanks bro for that beautiful reply. Recently i saw the movie, The Message. I saw how the believers were tortured and killed to death. I could not imagine myself going through those pain. Also when i read about the suffering of earlier Imam's, i just dont think my eeman is that strong.

Well apart from this, one of my friends girlfriend accepted Islam. But she did not yet declare her faith in public. Also she is afraid of her parents as she thinks they might engage her with some Jain if they come to know of this. She is from the Jain background. She is practicing Islam secretly. I doubt of what she must do. Give some advice and guide us to what is the truth.

ARGcomment: She should keep this secret until she is ready, but clearly this cannot go on indefinately. Of course they are trying to get her engaged then that is a problem, but I think she'll have to deal with that when or if that time comes.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Also brother please do reply to my questions which might be silly. I was thinking on the questions that i've asked you earlier. Though i think some of them were silly, but they help me learn a lot. An answer to a wrong question also helps me understand my mistake.
I have a question which is still confusing. As you must be aware of, there is an ayat in the qur'an where Allah orderd the believers to fight against the oppressors and not to fear death. So my question is, is it allowed to hide once belief or restrain oneself from Da'wa to avoid oppression which the arrogant people may inflict upon?

ARGcomment: In the early days of the message of the Prophet saws he was ordered by Allah to call those who were close from his family, friends and relatives. It was only after a certain stage that call was make more public. Even then ordinary Muslims often used to keep their Islam secret. So this is certainly something that is allowed in certain times a circumstances. In general though you need to be realistic about what does this "oppression" entail. Does it mean people will laugh at you, or spit at you, or hit you or kill you. Well for the first two I don't think one can keep silent even though it is of course a type of oppression. If this harm is less sever the certainly one should continue to call to Allah, seeking His reward and be patient.
Allah knows best.


Akhi are you serious, telling the Muslims to protest! Is that what you have to say? Look a lot of people look to you for advice and guidance and Alhamdulillah you are person that loves the sunnah and Islam barrakallahufeek. But akhi most of the scholars of ahilul sunnah do not approve of this manner in changing things. They are our scholars for a reason and their view on contemporary issues takes precedence over our own in regards to the deen, barrkallhufeek. Please look into what they have concluded concerning these actions, I am sure you know where to find that info on the websites of the ulamah. Don't take this personal or as some type of criticism just as another brothers point of view.
Jazakallah kayer,

ARGcomment: I am very familiar with what some of the ulema have said in this regard. However you cannot compare demonstrating in a Muslim land, where such matters are considered as a type of khurooj against the ruler, and demonsrating in a democractic society where it is legitamate a valid means of making ones opinion and commitment to an issue known, and gathering support for that matter.
Don't lern your deen from fatwa web sites. As one of my Sheikhs said "The imported fatwa is disaster!"

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Salaam bro! I think u must be aware of the situation in Pakistan. I dont know the truth abt Taliban people, but just dont really know what they are trying to do. I dont wanna hold any opinion on this matter as i'm very ignorant as for now. Can u plz help me with some knowledge and advice? Many non-muslims come and ask me abt my view on Taliban, but i'm just blank.

ARGcomment: Just tell them exactly what you wrote here! Sorry, don't know, but I'll tell you what I do know...and then give them some dawa!


Assalamu Alaikum,
I watched your "The Proof that Islam is the Truth" series and I absolutely loved it. I thought I'd inform you of another historical proof in the Qur'an - if you don't already know about it. It's in Surah Yunus Ayah 92 in which Allah tells Ramesses 2 aka Firawn that He will save him in his body as a sign for the people who will come after him. Indeed, his body has been preserved in the form of a mummy in Cairo's Egyptian Museum. "...Lo! most of mankind are heedless of Our Signs."

ARGcomment: Indeed I am aware of that, and Dr Bucaille did some extensive research on that. I didn't mention it partly because there is some recent controversy about the dating of the Phaonic dynasties. I don't recall if I mentioned also about the remains of the ark of Noah which was discovered on Mt Judi.

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