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Thursday, 26 February 2009


Jonah Stewards

I laugh for only a second and feel really sad afterwards. Torture, humiliation, murder, genocide, rape.. no human beings on earth deserve such unfairness and cruelty!

ARGcomment: There really is just too much evil in the world today. If you allow yourself to think aobut it all it can sometimes overwhelm you. Some in fighting evil, turn to evil ways. Certainly "husbun Allaha wa niama waqeel", we rely and trust and depend on Allah and He is the best of protectors.


Where have you been all this time ARG, your neglecting us and I for one am angry!!!

ARGcomment: Sorry. I have been negelecting this blog. Truth is I am so busy these days. When I do get some time, after lectures, work, family, responding to emails..the last thing I feel like is blogging!



Hmm, what about if there was a third person back there, black AND muslim..? Which wins out, the unfair trial or the no-trial?


ARGcomment: ouch!


Assalamu Alaikum Brother,
Can you tell me the difference between a Nabi and a Rasul? Some people say a Nabi doesn't bring a new Sharia and a Rasul does. That can't be because it's stated in Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55, Number 556 that Nuh (Alayhis Salam) is the first Rasul which means that Adam was a Nabi and obviously Adam brought a new Sharia. Others say that a Rasul is someone whose nation does not believe in him while a Nabi is someone whose nation does believe in him. That means a Rasul can't be a Nabi and vice versa and this view contradicts 19:51, 19:54, and 33:40 of the Qur'an. The following link presents another opinion: http://www.renaissance.com.pk/marq995.html . Do you think this is the correct one?
Jazak Allah

ARGcomment: The article makes some intersting points. However, in arabic Rasool comes from the word for letter or message. This is why generally it is considered that a Rasool brings a new Message, whereas the Nabi confirms the message that already existed. Every Rasool is nabi, but not every Nabi is a rasool, as the link you provided explains very nicely.


Hi, I had a bit of maybe unsignificant though running through my head and it is about the use of "inshaallah". I hear muslims saying inshallah all the time, and of course that is good.
The problem is when someone state inshallah as if he thinks he can fool God into accepting the wish he wants, as if he where ingratiating himself with God.

For instance if mr.X wants to travel on Wednesday, but conditions tells him that Thursday is the best day to travel. Mr.X would then say: inshallah, I will travel on Wednesday. The problem is that God could decide for Thursday as well and if one is sincere in Gods will then one should let all opportunities open instead of pushing God into a corner, as if one could. Mr.X is indirectly limiting God to his wish. It is maybe not a significant problem, but what do you think?

Technically one should say: God willing I alternative 1 will happen, or God willing alternative 2 etc.

Inshallah you will answer my question....and inshallah you will not...

ARGcomment: Inshallah is an expression of your determination to try and accomplish something, but at the same time an acknowledgment that you won't be able to unless Allah allows that. You can never "push Allah into a corner." In fact the statement itself means nothing since no one can compell Allah to do anything.


Aaaaaaand.....inshallah I will be there in Oslo tommorow, and inshallah I will not!



Wow, I can't believe this is your blog. I've been watching a lot of your talks on the internet, you are magnificent.

ARGcomment: Allah is magnificent. Me, I'm just His slave and everything I have is from HIM.

Umm Zakariyya

This is soo very sad!

oh and I have been missing hearing from you too...
May protect you and your fmaily, ameen.

Jonah Stewards

This has nothing to do with the topic. I just wanna say that I've learned a lot from you. Thank you so much for your hard works, your knowledge, your passion and patient. Thank you so much for bringing me back to the deen. I personally feel very lucky to have you as my brother. Jazak Allah Khair. I love you for the sake of Allah swt. May He reward you with the highest paradise. AMIN

ARGcomment: May Allah reward you also my dear brother.

slaveof allah

Asalamu alaykum brother adurraheem i am a brother from australia my name is safaa my brother i love you for the sake of allah and nothing less then that should be between two brothers in islam whith writing this i write whith the thought of the sahaba and ther brotherhood and hardships they faced and also the purest of creation muhamed pbah this deen of ours wasent built on comfort and that i recognize many fitnas have been hiting this umma genarly and personaly and it mostly becouse of us leaving this deen and our personal weakness my brother i reach out for you seeking advice wear we live its corrupted our most of our shieks site the and do nothing whith what they know about islam i reverted from the shia we berly have any islamic aducation lots of muslims but no islam sadly i am of those who are ignorant who know and see that only thru this deen we will have victory and honor what do you think i should do i want to get out of here but dont know were i want to know my deen i want to give my life to it i feel dihonor isay to my self what would rasool allah say if he sees me like this haw will i meet allah in this stage what will i say my brother sorry for making this long for the 18 years that i lived i have wasted them i ask allah to have mercy on all of our souls asalamu alaykum

ARGcomment: May Allah bless you with goodness and keep you on the stright path. Ameen.

Noamaan mohammed khan

Salaam bro. Though i hav nothing to ask, but wanna be in contact. Brother, can you advice me as to how can i find a nice girl to get married. If my dad doesn't help me, i dont wanna give up. My life is becoming very bad and i find myself falling into sin again and again. I wanna be out of this condition. At the same time, i want to know of a proper way to get out of this. Apart, i dont even know if i can find a girl. In my college the condition is very bad. Almost everyone has a girlfriend/boyfriend. Not only non-muslims, but muslims. Definetly i cannot find one in them. I need a nice religious girl, and i think there r very few such. is there any thing that u think i can do??

ARGcomment: Make lots of dua!


ARG, was the seminar in Oslo, sunday video taped? And when would the videos from friday and saturday be out on YouTube?


ARGcomment: It was taped, and its being edited right now.


brother green i love watching you rugulary on peacetv, may allah(swt) bless you with more hikmah, accept your forgiveness,award you a palce in jannah with his righteous slaves.
can you suggest few islamic books??? (riyad us saliheen,al fawaed) i really love these books,these two books were suggested to me by some one alhamdulilla i'm enjoying reading them and it helps me in increasing my eemaan. jazakallah

ARGcomment: There are so many good books, mashallah. I will publish a list of recommended reading inshallah, soon!

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

salaam bro! I hav my exams approaching near. But there r many doubts revolving in my head. I'm confused as to whether i should read qur'an or my academic boooks. If i go for my academic books, i 'm afraid if i may loose the purpose of my life and i find my heart in confusion and weak Emaan. After reading qur'an i'm affraid if i dont do good in my xams. I dont even have good reasons to study well. I feel it will only give me material things. But then i dont hav any motivation to do my best in my xams. Also i'm afraid that i'm not a good muslim yet. I know that i need to learn qur'an and follow it. But i'm confused between my spiritual life and material! Please advice something brother.

ARGcomment: study hard and pray hard. If your studies are with the intention to earn a halal livelihood, and to benefit the Muslims, this is worshiping Allah. Ma Allah help you find the balance. Ameen.

Noamaan mohammed khan

Thank u bro for ur advice. By Allah's mercy i found little peace after a lot of reflection. I dont understand why do i keep getting evil questions in my head. I do manage to answer them, but that is a major source of distraction for me. Thanks to Allah who sent us Qur'an as a source of guidance. I did realize that i'm not living my life the way i need to. The major problem is about lowering gaze. Once i get buzy in college stuff and friends, i jst forget that i'm looking at girls. But then i realize i'm in error. May Allah make it easy for me and for all muslim youth who face this difficulty. Salaam Alaika.


brother noaman i can understand the problem with you,as you were asking brother green's advice in search for a girl to mary.as you're from india you can approach a local madrasa any salafi madrasa or else here are few ways to find a partner ,go to a matchmaker(maraige beru) they're popular here in pakistan and india known as "MUSHATA" there are many to find, contact to imam ,finding a girl in subcontinent is a easy task, my freind mashallah is married to a'lima though he is yet to finish his graduation,be pateint.. it'll be better for you if you delay it till you complete your studies or get a parttime job , but if your helplessness leads you to sins then it'll better for you to get married.


To bro ebrahim:
Salaam bro. Thank u for ur guide and advice!! I think i'l hav to wait till i finish with my course. Also finding a part time job is not easy. I'm dependant on my dad right now, so hav to obey him. I really appreciate that u understand the problems of ur brothers and help them. May Allah reward u and help u in your deen.


Salaam bro. I hav some confusion regarding sins. If a muslim does'nt want to sin, but sins continuosly------does this mean he lacks true eeman and that he did not completely submitt to Allah? I think this is not true repentance. Plz advice something from ur knowledge!!

ARGcomment: of course comitting sins is due to weakness in Imanm, but no human is free from that, even repeating the offence. As long as we sincerely make repentance Allah will keep forgiving us.


Brother i hav a small doubt! Is looking good a blessing from Allah? There r few people who look beautiful than other! Apart from that, can u giv me an example where a person is constantly sinning as well as making sincere repentance. I'm a bit confused in this regard. Also this understanding kept me deluding that Allah is forgiving, so i could not take a firm stand to stop sinning in a particular thing. Only when i read the ayah of Qur'an where Allah compares those who abstain from sin and those who choose to sin, that i cud take a firm stand against the evil thoughts coming into my head. Also there is an ayah where Allah says those who sin then repent, and again sin and repent and again sin, Allah will let them go astray and their ultimate abode is hell fire. Please help me understand this with some examples. Please help me brother. Salaam.

Fawaz Ahmed

At first, this post seemed funny,but then I thought about it and it made me sad.

So I think I'll post a video that gives us hope for a better tomorrow:

Fawaz Ahmed

I wanted to ask you a question.

A christian contact made some startling remarks about proff keith moore.I was wondering if u could tell me if he became a Muslim or not?

ARGcomment: Yes, he did.

Khurram Khan

salaam alykum brother Abu : ref yr post 2nd March 2009 on top.

On homepage of the link http://www.renaissance.com.pk/marq995.html . i could find one link of site of javed ahmad ghamidi..........mr. ghamidi had been promoted quite a lot in regime of g.musharaf in pakistan as one of the weapon for enlightened moderinization. this guy does not admit but is surely "MUNKARAY HADEES". his lectures proves same. if you listen him then i would sincerely adv you pls just take what is narrated per Quran & Sunnah and drop everything else. I am sure, you would already be following quran & sunnah only , alhamdulillah.....so while writting this msg to you, i am actually recalling this thumb rule for my self as well. Allah Bless us all with Hadayaa !

wassalam alykum !


assalamualaikum ...dear Abdul raheem Green ,as a muslim, I feel very sad seeing other muslims are just so-called muslims merely by their name. but , they are not obeying real islamic way in their life. how we want to make them change and aware about that? what is the most acceptable way to tell them? all by means, they will not regard it as a way of pushing. how to do it ?

ARGcomment: the best thing we can do is seek authentic knowledge, practice it ourselves and teach it to others!

ikhlaas abdul-haqq

assalaamu alaykum,

Why make a comparison between a black man and a muslim?

A fair comparison would be to compare the treatment of the black man in regards to Other Races of People. Or to compare the treatment of the Muslim in regards to other Religions.

To compare the black man and the Muslim seems to be yet another ploy to once again tell the black man to stop complaining about his treatment. The only difference is that it is done in a lighter fashion by way of a joke. That is not funny by the way.

It does not undo the reality that the black man of all races is treated the worst. even in the ummah of Muhammad, even in the land of the Muslims.

This is very offensive to me and i don't expect my comment to be posted as a result of my bluntness.

Lee Jay

The comment is ridiculous because what rights do non-Muslims have in Saudi Arabia and are non-Muslims and women equal in Islamic Sharia law?

Converts to Buddhism and Christianity face the death penalty in the land of Mecca and Medina.

Another white convert in cloud cuckoo land!

Does the author think that stoning people to death, cross amputation, killing apostates, forbidding non-Muslim men from marrying Muslim women in Islamic Sharia based nations, killing homosexuals, and other draconian laws, means equality?

He should wake up to reality or maybe he likes to dress up and think that this makes him a Muslim?

ARGcomment: The difference here is Islamic law does not pretend to offer anything other than what it does. If you came to a land ruled by Islamic law you know the consequences of breaking it. It doesn't say come here, commit adultery and fornication and get drunk on the street and then when you do punish you for it. You live there under the full knowledge of what is entailed by that!
If some land says, come, practice you religion freely, criticize us all you like and when you do that they lock you up without a trail, that is treacherous. That is the point Lee.
Also...it was a joke.

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