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Tuesday, 31 January 2006



mashallah nice designed blog
came here 4rm islamiblog

Zimarina Sarwar

As SalaamuAlaiqum ArG!

As an official IFSC veteran, I can confirm that this did turn out to be one of the best ones yet. Personal highlights for me were the 'Life After Death' lecture (I dont think you could have heard a pin drop in that one!) and how you managed to clear up the gazillion questions I had floating around my head about Qadr-> that was a very clear and concise topic..

One thing though: BRING BACK ABDUR RAHMAN!! (the Leicester one, our Russian brother!)

Since the last course, Abdul Haq really seemed to have come into his element, and Omar Jerakee (sp?!) was on top form as usual- it's really nice to see the mix of personalities with the speakers, you guys really do compliment each other well :)

What a nice suprise to be handed FREE ICC Calenders as we were leaving, really good timing too since I PAID FOR IT A WEEK BEFORE! All the more to share around I guess...

One question I feel compelled to ask though brother, hmm...how do I put this? What exactly is it about that congested, PFC-infested, gloomy corner of the world that is EAST LONDON do you have a particular problem with? Please do elaborate on this and we'll see if we can work through some of your disdain...(collective therapy etc)..

Finally, a huge huge thank you for the whole weekend, it was inspiring as usual and you should see about getting it advertised some more (maybe through FOSIS?) and then getting a larger venue to accomodate all the eager young sisters, oops, I meant students..;)


Abdurraheem Green

Advertising it more might be a good idea, but where are we going to fit everybody?
Inshallah, we'll be inviting AbdurRahman again for the upcoming courses.
As for the East End, I've got nothing against it except that its almost unending mass of houses and tower blocks and grime. Not like those green lungs of SW, Battersea and Richmond Park, Claphman and Wandsworth Common to name a few...I suppose the East End has a few saving graces...Epping Forest, and Ilford lane..cause me missus is from there, innit!

Abu S Ali

Reading 'skiing,dunya&dawa'(loved the rap, very East End...) I couldn't help but re-inforce my long held regret at wasting hundreds(I lost £250in Corfu&Barclays travel insurance only gave back£198or there abouts?!)on the 'annual getaway'of circa a few years back, the so called fun amounting to zero benefit both in dunya&hereafter; what you guys are describing makes me wana sign on the dotted line for the mentioned trips to France&etc. for next year inshallah.
Also the issue regarding insurance has always popped up amongst friends&one worthy of further research&having said that I might as well ask, is Travel Insurance ja'iz?
jazakallah khair for all of this&the courses:you made the point about many sisters turning up¬ enough brothers,I'll be seeking to change that inshallah-starting with bringing my14year old for the course in March.

Aisha Rehman

Assalamu alaykum,
mashallah it was an excellent course, jazakallah khair 2 all the brothers n sisters who were involved (behind the scenes!). All the speakers were excellent mashallah, and i cant wait 2 come to the next one, Inshallah!
once again, jazakallah khair


As salamalaikum,

Course was excellent, great for people who want to do a bit more than just scratch the surface with Islam. Its all too easy to repeat the same generalisations ie 'muslims arn't terrorists', yeah yeah change the record! So if you want to learn a bit more in an easy atmosphere, I definately recommend the course.

By the way ARG, i've completed all the courses now and I didn't get my certificate, will it come in the post...?

Errr..ummm...I hope won't be a case of IBM...inshallah, bukra, malesh!


Stop showing off ARG, I think you've used up all your arabic!!


Brother Abdurraheem, such an awesome and an excellent hand out covering all fundamental aspects about Islam especially those who cannot attend your course in ICCUK. We have to travel right across two third of world to be there!. I would says that the real practioner of a good Muslim is to act upon all the five pillars. Allah SWT has the right to test each of those pillars at any time He wish. Just Be prepare to get the testing from Allah SWT and to be redha.

Nurul Abdul

Salam, What does you mean by the soul in the womb as the characteristic of angel.
ARGcomment: I'm not sure, but I think it means that the child is sinless and in a state of pure submission to Allah.

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