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Saturday, 18 February 2006



As'salamualaykum wa'rahmatulahe!

"Discussions on forums" are also a heatlhy and worthy way of doing dawah. Not only one is able to understand and give individual views, but also reach out to a very wide society, from all over the world. These forums can be used to arrange an organised discussion, with a topic, moderator and all that. They teach one not only communication skills, such as writing, but also ability to control one's anger and understand the psychology of those who deliberately cause problems in this world.

One such forum I know is www.orkut.com. Beware, it has some elements in it which may lead one to commit haram, but insha'Allah, if the intention is right, Allah will help to put the act right.

Jazak'Allahu khairan.


72. Observation of the highest character at all times
73. Denouncing terrorism where-ever possible
74. Explain misconceptions where-ever possible
75. Send good, quality, authentic & professional emails (& no spam please)
76. Create quality every-day products that anyone can buy that carry the message of Islam (eg, erm, Qiblah Cola?)
77. Respond to messages in blogs that criticize Islam
78. Make complaints about slander to Islam in the media
79. Make compliments about authentic information on Islam in the media
80. Investing in ads on radio to spread the Message?
81. Investing in ads on TV to spread the Message?
82. Investing in ads in magazines to spread the Message?
83. Investing in ads on the Internet to spread the Message?
84. Invite people to the mosques, make them welcome, make it educational
85. Invite Jehovah's witnesses in your home, make them welcome, make it educational (for them!)
86. Publish more stories of reverts, create inspiration
87. Send Islamic educational gifts to people
88. Call for authentic information on Islam to be taught in RE at schools
89. Call for authentic information on Muslims to be taught in History at schools
90. Encourage 'weak' Muslims to practise Islam and set the right example
91. Build educational institutions not limited to only Muslims? (Islam is a guidance for humanity)
92. Establish businesses that carry Islamic principles in trading throughout, set the example (donate some profit to charity and please don't use the 99.99p trick, round it off to 100!)
93. Make corrections on Wikipedia
94. Make additions to Wikipedia (are all the Companions mentioned there?)
95. Rid isolation, promote interaction!
96. Rid pacifism, promote activism!
97. Rid ignorance, promote knowledge!
98. Distribute good translations/explanations of the Quran
99. Make Islamic books cheaper at a discount for non-Muslims only.
100. Distinguish what is Islam and what is culture where-ever possible.
101. Ask Allah for Him to use you as a means to guide people on all the above.

Umer Siddique

Assalamu alaikum Abdurraheem from Exeter. I hope all is well. The ruling on apostacy - how is it best explained? I have some ideas in my head but it would be good to hear an experienced response and how it has been received by non-Muslims (whether Christian or secular).

JazakAllahu khairan

Abu Maryam

as-salamu'alaykum wa rahmatullah

Da'wah is very important and enjoing the good and forbidding the evil is something which is part and parcel of this Ummah's role. And as we can see there are plenty of ways of giving da'wah, masha'Allah.

But, what I would like to know is that for all the da'wah that we do, will it ever overcome the da'wah that is given to us by Non-Muslims while we settle and integrate into this society?

This brings another question, who should be giving da'wah and who should not? Da'wah by ones actions is something which every Muslim strives to do but in this day and age when Islam is in the headlines and is demonised as such, suddenly it isn't Students of Knowledge or Scholars who are left to deal with pressing and detailed attacks but it is every Abdullah and Amatullah on the street who is faced with this enslaught and many of them are effected adversely. Just the attacks on Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhe wa salam, on his wives, his marriage to Aisha radiallahu anhu, the wars that he fought in etc etc very few muslims know how to reply with the truth.

Allahu Alam - although I believe in getting people actively giving da'wah as a way to protect Muslims and their beliefs and values whilst residing in these difficult places, I also have seen the vast majority of Muslims, even people who used to give da'wah hugely effected by their environment and even turning away and greatly compromising their deen if not leaving it altogether. Should there not be a drive or an underlying theme that Muslims should be advised to move with their wealth, their experience, their new found knowledge and skills to more Muslim lands and enrich the societies there? Hijrah is a forgotten obligation. 50 yrs ago many of our parents came to the UK for monetary reasons, some with only £5 in their hands and many now have houses or businesses or decent sized bank accounts which are mountainous when you take them to Muslim lands where the exchange rate is much higher and the living expenses are a fraction.

We always talk about how our ummah is so weak and backward - but why can we not empower them with the skills of da'wah and proactiveness that we have learnt while we grew up in the west? Why can we not strenghten them with our wealth rather than store our moneys in banks of the west who use this for investing in the advancement of their society at the detriment of generally the poorer Muslim countries?

Masha'Allah the ideas above are amazing, but should we not first work to implement this in our Muslim communities - we always say that the Non-Muslims have a right to be given da'wah to and this is a very important matter to deal with, but then is it not more pertinent that the Muslims in Muslim lands are more needing of da'wah in not just 'ilm but in character, in responbilities, in building strong moral environments, in setting up a Children's Ward in hopsitals like we see here in the UK, in setting up soup canteens for the poor to come and eat every night, in setting up orphanages, in setting up schools and becoming Governers! To be honest I think the Muslims in Muslim lands are in more need of this "da'wah" this help than our western counterparts. Allahu Alam.

To think that we have 1 billion muslims if you could empower just one nation or just a fraction of that population, what an amazing driving force for change and Islam that would be! Forgive me for sounding so negative, but just looking at my own family and my cousins and extended family living in the UK - they become leading female doctors and leading scientists - they say they need to stay here in the UK for 10-15 yrs in order to gain enough experience to take back with them to our Muslim homelands and meanwhile when they get their few hours of leave from work and they have finished recuperating from extended working hours and then tending to family responsibilities and past times, whatever is left if anything can be given to "da'wah" and this work has excused them from making Hijrah to Muslim lands. And after 10-15 yrs when on pays amounting to 50K to 100K and we are more set in our ways, believe me Hijrah seems an even more harder path.

By the way I am not saying one should stop doing da'wah here in the UK, far from the point - some qualified and appropriate people have a duty to stay and continue the good work.

Allahu Alam - But most of the 101 da'wah points above can be implemented in our Muslim brethrens lands and at least in my opinion, the objective is easier to achieve and in the long term a more effective one for Islam and the spreading of its values.

ARG - I would appreciate your take on the matter, Insha'Allah

wa'alaykum as salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Umm Rageh

Assalamu Alaikum brother,

Just thought of a #72 to add to your list 'Ask ARG if he could come to Australia again and give some talks coz it's been a couple of years!'

Worth a try!


Salaam Aliekom, everyone,

Dear brother Zishān,

On Apostasy, Islam rulings that the person have committed a great sin. However, Free Will and freedom of Religion is guaranteed to all people. So, no one will be punished for leaving Islam. However, if change in "religious ideology" did lead to change in his allegiance to his homeland and joining an emeny entity, then he will be persecuted on basis of treason, not on basis of apostasy.

An example of this pattern of thinking. Imagine some one in France during the Cold War who changed from capitalism to communism. There is a difference between he just changed his economical-political ideology and that he is having an allegiance to the Soviet Union against France during the Cold War.

I hope my point is clear by now. Peace,

ARGcomment: Certainly apostacy from Islam is more than just changing ones religion as we know it today, because Islam is not "religion" in the conventional sense. I still need to write an article on this.


more suggestions
1.post video on youtube and other such sites
2.add comments to various online news and articles on websites.For eg when someone attacks this way of life you defend it with knowledge of truth in a courteous manner.

Brother you have suggested write poetry.Ihave done quite a bit of this myself and i think i'm getting quite good at it. could you suggest a way i could use my poems to spread Islam or could you suggest a place to post some of them

ARGcomment: Start your own blog, it doesn't cost much, in fact you can do it for free. You'll get you first ad from me right here if its any good!

Fawaz Ahmed

As-salaamu alaykum brother I heeded you advice and started my own blog http://ahmed1410.blogspot.com/

I hope you'll like it

ARGcomment: Keep it up!Its a good start, mashallah.


Assalam Alaikum,

Most hospital bedside cabinets, here in the UK, have a copy of the bible, could we not place english translations of the Quran too? Some hospitals display artworks, perhaps we could contribute islamic art/arabic calligraphy ourselfs!


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