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Wednesday, 08 February 2006



i agree this is a perfect chance to engage into a dawa to people about Islam and the Prophet (saw) and also i think to show the flaws into 'freedom of speech' and Islams take on these matters and the alternative that we choose to live by....

Ferid Imam

Assalaamu-alaikum Sheikh Abdurraheem,

I think to use the word "controversy" in describing the situation that started in Denmark is misleading. I believe there is nothing controversy about it, they attacked our Prophet (S.A.W.),who is Islam by himself. Thus, I like to think of this as a "crisis" rather than a controversy.

Your Brother

P.S. I do agree in taking this as an opportunity to do Da'wa to both Muslims and Non-Muslims (I say Muslims as well because there those Muslims who think this is a minor issue and may even laugh at the cartoons)

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