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Wednesday, 08 February 2006



short and sweet and cuts to the chase...that probably the quickest response i have heard to this issues and let alone turning the tables back on the questioner!


Assalam alaikum brothers/sisters,

It is true that Islam doesn't mention certain age for men and women to get married. But it proposes a lot of rules on how one's married life should be. Our beloved prophet's (salla allahu alaihi wasallam) married life is a perfect example for everyone to follow.

He was a perfect example for anyone who like to lead a cheerful and peaceful married life with their spouses.

The criterion for marriage in Islamic societies is that the man/women reached puberty/maturity. It is logical! Let us reason! - Think over this example: You marry a women of age sixteen which is the minimum age limit in your country for a girl to get married. But you will be a convicted child molster in a country where the minimum age limit for a woman is eighteen!

Prophet's marriage with Aishah

1) After the death of Khadijah binth al-khuwaylid (the first and only wife of prophet -for TWENTY TWO years until she died- who was NINTEEN years older than him!), it was Kawlah binth al-hakim who suggested our prophet that he marry Aishah. She saw nothing wrong in it!

2) Some Sahih hadiths(tradition) tells us that Aishah was betrothed (zawaj) to our Prophet at the age of six and our prophet(peace be upon him) consummated(nikah) his marriage when she was nine years old. Let us do some simple arithmetic: 9-6 = 3. A gap of three years between 'zawaj' and 'nikah'! Why?! Obviously they were waiting for something! They were waiting for Aishah to reach puberty!

3) And yes! Allah ordered our prophet to marry Aishah.

Only Allah knows best!

Here is an excellent article about the issues:



i saw an opinion saying aisha ra was more likely to be around 18 when she began to live with the prophet - i think the fact this opinion exsists should be acknowledged..........although allah knows best.

please dont attack me for saying this but i think we must also acknowledge that abuse of women is endemic in the muslim community and when people see what muslims do in the here + now then hear the prophet had lots of wives one of whom was very young they put two and two together and make 7.

i know and you know that the prophet saw was not a paedophile nor was he abusive to women but the "consummate a marriage at age nine because your daughter is mature enough" argument does not cut any ice with me nor most of the people i tried in the past to give dawa to. it is far better to say the prophet was infallible and would never have wronged any man women or child and who really knows what the real age of consummation was. surely?

read the book "behind closed doors " by jenny tomlin and see what the perception of older men interested in young girls is in this society and be aware that paedophilia is a disgusting sexual perversion that grips the depraved in this society and we need to be more sophisticated in our dawa to avoid the prophet saw being even remotely associated with this disgusting ill.

please dont go bonkers and accuse me of disrespecting the religion - to me the age aisha got married at is completely irrelevant but to those who are suspicious minded or have their perceptions shaped by what goes on in the world today u cant tell them the prophet copnsummated a marriage with a nine year old and expect them to react in a positive way to this.

ARGcomment: jzk for your contribution.
As for the 18 hypothosis, it is not a worthwhile opinion and has little viable basis, and that is why I don't mention it, nor should anyone in my opinion.
Its not our job to make people Muslim, only to present them with the facts in the best way we can. Allah guides whom he wants. To say we don't know the real age of consummation of Aisha is a lie, hiding of the truth and perverting the deen. There is not much worse thing that you could personally do than that!
I do not expect people to react positively to everything Islam teaches, nor should you. Sometimes the best you can do is present a reasoned response.
I did not react positively to a Muslim trashing my whole concept of Jesus as God, but I knew in my heart it was the truth!
Every society has its superstitions and taboos, and some may even be based on something worthwhile.However the guidance of Allah is the best guidance. It was a huge taboo in the time of the Prophet to marry the ex-wife of your adopted son, however Allah ordered to Prophet saws to do this, even though he was so reluctant.
There must be no doubt that one of problems of this society is its being far from the pure wisdom of Allah's guidance. This includes random senseless ages for legalising marriage, when kids of twelve and thirteen are regularly having sex.
As for the Prophet being far beyond oppressing women etc..this is a valid point.
However, ultimately I have always stressed that the correct methodology of dawa lies in not trying to explain the details, but to get to the core issues of tawheed and the Divine origin of revelation.
And Allah knows best.

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There is plenty of evidence and authentic information and sunnah available to us to show us what the Truth is. Even Aisha (r.a) has narrated in her own ahadeeth of her age. The apologetic Muslims and weak of eman like to speak lies of increasing that age to teenage years so they don't feel stupid and humiliated by the kuffars about it. It is for their own guilt they try to do this and not the truth. The truth stands alone and falsehood will perish.

'Aishah, may God be pleased with her, narrated that the Prophet was betrothed (zawaj) to her when she was six years old and he consummated (nikah) his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years. (Saheeh al-Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64)


Even the worst of the worst enemies of the Prophet (s) did not attack the age issue because that was part of the society norms.

Girls were married at age of 9 in Arabia and rest of the world, including the white man's world in those times. Not only that, these white men were raping 9-10year old girls when the war criminal genocidal maniac columbus came to america. He was selling 9-10yr old native girls to his men and over sea to white men to rape, including raping them himself. The kuffar needs to look at their dirty history before trying to bad mouth Islam.


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