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Wednesday, 29 March 2006



Jesus? - Did He Really Die on the Cross? (Evidence says, NO!.)
Bible - Is It the Word of God? (Experts say, NO!.)
Tinity- Did Jesus or anyone teach this? (Bible says, NO!.)
"Only Begotten Son of God"? Was this Jesus? (Bible, says - NO!).
Are children born in original sin? (Bible says, "Yes!" - but Jesus says, "NO!")

All this & more - internets site to compare İslam & Christianity:

Fawaz Ahmed

As-salaamu alaykum brother...
I wanted to ask you a question concerning making dawah to Christians.some Christians say that the crucifixtion is prophecised in the Old Testament.now, I know that the idea of a "crucified Christ/Messiah" is an oxymoron to the Jews.

Could u shed some light on this issue.How should I respond if a Christian brings this issue up?

And I watched your video on "Passion of Eesa"It was informative,but I wanted to know how to respond to Christians concerning their claims about prophecies in the OT.

May Allah reward u...and I hope u have a good trip to Toronto.

ARGcomment: If you look at those prophecies closely you will see that although they are some remarkable consistancies all the details do not fit. For example Jesus was called Jesus, not Emanuel. Also one should check how Jewish sources interpreted these Prophecies, since they clearly have a different interpretation.

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