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Saturday, 01 April 2006



Brilliant. I intend to use this in my literature. Please continue to share your da'wah with us.. may Allah increase you in guidance.

Fatima Barkatulla

Jazakallahu Khairan for the pointers here. Once I phoned a radio station when they were asking 'Can anyone convince us that God exists'. They were asking people to phone in who could prove that there is a Creator. This was in relation to the Tsunami and 'if there is a God then how come things like the Tsunami happen?' - that old chestnut. No one was phoning in so I phoned in and did my best. But I don't know if I covered the most convincing arguments as there were only a few minutes of air time for me. So please tell me brother Abdur Raheem, how would you in a few minutes prove the existence of God in such a situation. What are the most important points one needs to make if one can only make 2 or three?

Good question. The trick is in making it short. This is a challange in and of itself. The media only gives you a few second to make your point. Its called a "sound bite". The problem with soundbites is that all you can do is repect the conventional platitudes that have all ready been indoctinated into the masses by the establishment. Its what Noam Chomski calls "manufacturing consent." Fortunatly we have three powerful allies. One is reason, two is revelation and three is fitra. All three inextoriably lead to the conclusion that this universe has a Creator.
Try this for A quickie:
"You and everyone listening knows already that there is a Creator who crontrolls this universe and this Creator can hear you and help you. Tell me one thing, when that wave came and the earquake shook who was it do you think that people began to call out to and beg to save them? It was God. We all know deep down inside that God is there, and God hears and God can help. That's all the proof you need!"
Anyway I'll put up a more comprehensive answer to this soon, inshallah.

Fadil Latheef

Salaam! Jazakallah khair for answering that question. I have put it up on our MSA website www.gumsa.co.uk (Glasgow University Muslim Students Association) in the links (knowledge) section. Inshallah people will benefit especially our friend who asked the question in the first place.

Fatima Barkatulla

Jazakallahu Khairan for that....that's an angle I didn't come from when I called the Radio. Actually they gave me quite a lot of time, but the presenter kept asking subsidiary questions while I was addressing the main issue of 'can anyone convince us that there is a God.' Though I think that is good because it means people get to hear more about how we think about different things. On the Radio I've found that if you keep the tone one of a two way conversation rather than a speech or comment that you are going to just say, the presenters respond very well and give you more time on the Radio and ask you more questions. Also it's important to be understated because often you hear hyperactive Muslims phoning up sounding unreasonable and unintelligent because they are only letting their emotions through. It's good to start with a pleasent greeting and acknowledgement of the presenter's show and also mention the presenters name a few times during the conversation (That'a something I got from Khalid Yasin).
I found it useful to jot down some quick points before they put you on air because sometimes you can get sidetracked by other questions the presenter asks you and miss the main point of phoning up.

I think it would be great if whenever a topic like this comes up, there were a few of us who could phone up and each person add a different angle because as you mention brother Abdur Raheem, they only give you a short time and you have to say something that will last in the minds of the listener.

Here's how this particular conversation went roughly. I don't remember the exact words:
First the presenter: Eddie Nester, asked me something like: Fatima from Hendon, if I was a survivor of the Tsunami and I said to you: 'if there is a God then how come my whole family were killed in the Tsunami what would you say? How could God let that happen?

I said: I'd say, that you have to understand the purpose of this life. God has full control over what happens in the world and he sends us things in life to test us and see if we stand firm and keep our faith.

He said: Fatima you are a Muslim right? Well have you ever lost your faith in Allah...

I said: Never.

He said: even when something really bad happened to you?

I said: No never. Because I understand that everything is in God's control and there is a purpose behind it. Also this life is not the end. God is just and we believe that justice will be done in the next life. People will be rewarded for their patience - for example Eddie, The Prophet Muhammad told us that on the Day of Judgement, the poorest, most tried person on earth will be brought forward and he was a good person, and will be dipped into Paradise. And God will ask him 'Did you ever feel suffering' and he will say 'Never'. He will forget all the suffering on earth because he will get justice that day. And the richest person who had the best and most comfortable life will be brought forward and he was an evil person and he will be dipped into Hellfire and he will be asked 'Did you ever see happiness' and he will say 'No, never.'

Presenter: That's all very well Fatima, but if I was a survivor of the Tsunami I would say that all sounds like drivel to me.

I don't know what I said at that point.
He then asked: Is there room in Islam for non-Believers or are we all going to Hell Fatima? It seems to me that there's not much room for other viewpoints.

I said: well I don't have the right to judge you or any human being. That's up to God. I mean you might be someone who is sincerely searching for the Truth but haven't come across it yet. We can't say about just anyone that he's definitely going to Paradise or Hell.

Presenter: OK Fatima, so you heard Sue who said she was open to being convinced that God exists so what would you say to her:

I said: Well I'd say to her, look into the concept of God in Islam because I think she'll be surprised. Many of us have grown up with the Christian concept of God and so we think we either have to believe in that God or no God.
I'd say to her, look around you at the vast earth and universe, how complex it is, how everything has been orchestrated and is precise. All this creation points to the existence of a creator. I mean, the fact that the earth is exactly the right distance from the sun and if we were a tiny bit further away from the sun, we'd freeze, and if we were a bit closer we'd all burn....these things do not come about by coincidence, someone made them that way.

The presenter asked: So is there any room for evolution in Islam?

I said: well the theory of evolution is a theory and it isn't proven, but some aspects like the Big Bang, we would have no problem with. In fact the Qur'an says that the Universe was bound together and God caused it to explode. So we have no problem with the Big Bang...the issue is not HOW it happened but WHO caused the Big Bang?

He said: Fatima, many people would say Islam has come to represent extremism nowadays as there are many different interpretations of the Qur'an and the terrorists are using the Qur'an to justify what they do. What would you say to that?

I said: I'd say that people have to look at what Islam is not what some Muslims do, because there are good and bad Muslims, some people are not doing what Islam tells them to do. It's unfair to blame Islam for what some bad Muslims do, just as it would be unfair to judge Christianity by what Hitler did. (I got that from Abdur Raheem Green!)
And not just anyone has the right to interpret the Qur'an, its interpretation was done by the Prophet Muhammad and is preserved till today.

Well Thank you Fatima. I get where your coming from though I would disagree with that last point. All religions have been used and interpreted by various people over the ages and the Qur'an is open to interpretation too.

I can on hind sight think of better answers to some questions but I must say I was not expecting him to ask me so much on daytime Radio. By the way it was BBC London.

Thought that might be interesting/useful to others.

Well talk about not being able to stick to the topic..that's him, not you!
And how he tried to dismantle everything you said!
That's one of the reasons i don't like these phone ins. They have control of the mic...and even if you make a good point, then they have the rest of the day to dismantle it.
Actually the VERY important point to make here is:
The issue of suffering in the world has nothing to do with the existence of God. This is an emotional argument of atheists, not a rational one. The evidence for God's existence is as you said. The "problem of evil" as they call it, is really only an issue that can answered by Allah.
I hope to cover this all in detail in some later articles.

Fatima Barkatulla

I think radio phone ins can be good if you can phone in regularly and make consistently good points. That way people get to see your whole worldview rather than a small snapshot. You need to listen to a particular presenter for some time before you can talk confidently with them because you sort of know what approach to take. One person who I know of who has done this successfully is Omar Abdullah a.k.a. Tobias on BBC London's 9am-12 phone in with Vanessa. Ma Sha Allah, he has made himself a good reputation with even the non-Muslim callers and Vanessa and the callers treat his comments as an authoritative and reliable representation of Islam. He seems to call in very often, not just for Islam related issues but other issues for which Islam has something to offer. Consistency seems to pay off.

mustafa u

As salaamu alaykum,
Just wanted to drop a random comment that using these means for dawah purposes (the radio, etc) is extremely important and underutilized by muslims. There should be a central repository for questions and answers of people who have had experience.

BTW, this is the american brother you met in the mosque and we talked for a while.
Our short talk has given me the motivation to put my theoretical knowledge into practice and start writing and lecturing once again. Please keep me in your duaas

Mustafa Umar
Studying in France

Joseph Herbozo

Justify the fundamental premise that a spiritual relationship with God(s) must involve submiting to him/her/it.


I think the below verse from Sura Al-Maidah can answer the guys question:

'Surely those who believe and those who are Jews and the Sabians and the Christians whoever believes in Allah and the last day and does good-- they shall have no fear nor shall they grieve.' Sura Al-Maidah 5-69

Maha Salaama


Umm Rageh

Assalamu Alaikum,

Firstly just wanted to 'say' that I think brother ARG answered this man's question with absolute tact and precision and yet there wasn't an insult to be seen Masha'Allah- talk about the gift of the 'gab' in writing!! It's so frustrating and a little sad to know 'the truth the Haqq' and watch people around me live in such denial about their accountability to their Creator. That people actually believe that the 'buck stops' at Prophet Jesus(pbuh)and he has become god and will save us all no matter what. Sometimes I ask myself how people can believe in something as astounding as his immaculate conception (which us muslims also believe in) and yet totally disregard and even mock our last Prophet(swt) and his message of salvation. But then I remember Allah's words and they put my mind at ease again Alhamdulilah.
Is it that people think that because we cannot see our Lord that the 'rules' don't apply- that whatever we do or don't do we will be ok- see you in heaven!! That somehow we are 'owed' eternal bliss because of all the trials we put up with in this world- not realising that WE are the ones who bring on these hardships upon ourselves because we fail to follow the straight path to Allah(swt)and live our lives like we are supposed to according to our Maker.

There are times when I want to shake my family (I'm a revert) and demand that they wake up and stop living in this absurd denial and that they've still got time while they are alive- but then I remember that it's not up to me what happens to them in the Akhira...so I just make du'aa for them...

Insha'Allah Geoff has become a muslim and a mumin- or on his way for his own sake. Amen

And Allah knows best

ARGcomment: I sure know that feeling of wanting to give them a good shake as if it might wake them up from their slumber! But Allah guides who He wants. Our job is just to pass on the message.


Mashallah. Brother Green, I like your lectures very much. I have learnt a lot by your lectures, especially regarding the issues concerning women. May Allah give you reward for your efforts.

new balance

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