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Wednesday, 19 April 2006


Zimarina Sarwar

Now Abdur Raheem, I think you are being but a tad hasty here- WHAT exactly is it that turns you off winters in London?
The overcast skies?
The gloomy drizzle?
The huddle of infuriatingly bitter commuters on London Underground?
Let's not be unfair!

I love Winter- it rocks my thermal lambswool socks.I love having the tips of my fingers go numb, I love stepping out of the house and having nothing but freezing cold air to slap you awake and I love the long evenings- heck, I even love the bare tree branches overhead..

Win'er wid da London flex is just sick bruv, you juz be hatin' na.

I hereby propose:

London Muslims Winter Appreciation Society (LMWAS)
Contact me for details.

AsalaamuAlaiqum waRahmatullah waBarakatu :)

Zimarina Sarwar


Your 'if it were not for the winter, we would never appreciate the summer'

is also just as good as:

'it it were not for the Summer, we would never appreciate the Winter'

-LMWAS Founding Member.

ARG comment...
Ok, I just don't get this...does anyone get this?
Winter, snow, skiing yes..but just winter, in London?
Maybe it's 'cause it reminds u somewhat of home ;) ? The freezing glacial streams of Afghanistan...hmmm....I had to take a bath in one of those once, but that's another story.
Actually summer is not much fun in London either, hot and sticky. All I end up doing is dreaming of being beside the sea! Truely nothing will make us happy except paradise! May All take us there.

Zimarina Sarwar

indeed, Ameen to that!

Ironically enough, winter's in Afghanistan would probably be closer to your description of that idyllic romantic snow topped mountains deal...with the blast of a few rounds of ammo just to set the mood ofcourse..

PS: Many people have contacted me for admission to LMWAS, but fear coming public with it and being banned from this blog :( Tyranny.

ARG comment:
lol..no one will be banned, honest, i tolerate all forms of dissent, as long as it agrees with what I say!

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