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Wednesday, 17 May 2006



salam bro Green. hope u r enjoyin canada. may Allah SWT bless u there, as well as here (England) and anywhere else u may b. could u plz just give a brief summary of canada? like, wat r the ppl like, how is the deen there, n the sort ov government they got, stuff like that? jezakullahu khyran. salam 2 any1 who reads this, aswell.


ARG comment: Actually I'm back. This is all retrospective.
As for Canada, its huge. I've mentioned something about Manitoba and that's prob all you get this time.


Asalamu'alikum Br.Abdurraheem Green
I was one of the people at all your lectures and you wouldn't believe how much I learned! Could you believe that not once in my life of life of 15 years has someone said that we should read the whole Quran in a language we could understand, emphisis was always on memorizing it. I know it sounds dumb admiting it because it should seem obvious, but I truly have never read the whole Quran in english before. I have started and I've noticed what you said about reading and then having to reread passages.
A lot of the things you said got to me, and Alhamdulilah I can say that that you were right when you said "I have learnt from experience that sometimes the very lectures and meetings that I feel the least like going to are the ones that end up being the most beneficial." because it was really benifical to me and a lot of other people I know.
Now the question I would like to ask you is that 'is London as bad as you described it?'
Aslamu'alikum, and jazahumallahukhairan for comming and educating us.

ARG comment:
Did i say London was bad?
Ok, London is HUGE, dirty, busy..but fantastcially cosmopolitan, and most of the time one feels completely at home, even with your wife walking next to you in hijab. There's alos lots going on, and it is really nice in summer.


You're back, you're back! Me and my sis were saying it didn't feel right having you on foreign shores! Seek written consent next time, you have been warned.
ARG comment:


o lol, ill keep that in mind wen i read ur other articles... also, likin ur .com! ive only listend 2 the first 2 talks on there but ive neva come across them bfore! wen i type ur name in on the internet, only the same talks come up, 'how i came 2 islam' + 'moments after death and the hearafter', not that many others i dont think. inshallah ill listen 2 the rest another time. oh, if i were u id refrain from sayin 'i find that hard 2 believe' coz that, 2 me, suggests that it is just u who cant deal with the facts (i dont think it is, but if it were any1 else then thats wat id think, n if i think it, then i think its likely others will think it 2). jezakullahu khyran 4 the info that u hav given me, ur talk was the most comprehensive account of the imediate moments after death i hav heard or read. may Allah SWT guide u n grant all ur dua's for surely, he is the most merciful.


Ok, I'm not sure of the context, but when one says (usual usage in Eng lang) "I find that hard to believe" it's a euphamism for:
1: You've got you're facts wrong
2: Your lying
3: That just doesn't fit with what I know (same as above really!)


maybe, Allah SWT knows best. i was just thinkin that if i was under that impression, then its likely other ppl will b 2. but, it wouldnt b the first time i was completely wrong, obviously. oh, gtg, salah time.



brother green
I just wanted to know when we could read then next portion of your blog from Canada. It says 'to be continued', I am on the edge of my seat!

ARG comment:
patience my dear! A very important islamic characteristic! Anyway, I have to fit typing it up between the nine kids, wife, work, so just give me a day or two ;)

Umer Siddique

Assalamu alaikum bro, long time no see!

SURELY ya akhi you mean Coffee and DOUGHNUTS...????


Thanks! That's definitely better than dog nuts!


selamun aleykum brother
this is the turkish volunter in the msa conference. you may remember.
i just wantted to thank you again to come here and make the things clear for us.
and insallah one day we see each other again. whenever you want to visit Turkey, you are always welcome to our house. one eamil is just enough; we will be waiting for you.
take care yourself
selamun aleykum, jazahumallahukhairan


good to see you back
ali here

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Terrific, that’s definitely what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of looking around.

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