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Thursday, 08 June 2006



As Salamalaikum ARG, I was just wondering what is the name of the cult-like group which that parliamentarian belongs to? This also got me thinking about the various groups in Islam and where the boundaries are i.e some people do not accept following a madhab, also 'ahl sunnah wal jamah' is, I read considered as a madhab?? Also some groups in shiaism and sufism are not too far out in their beliefs and cannot be considered to be taken out of the fold of Islam.
I was called a muhammadan by a patient and when I explained 'no i'm a muslim' he went on about governments trying to cause people to fight each other... Last time I read the term 'muhammandan' was in a book published in the 1920's.
All this can become really confusing and I recall hearing somewhere that one punishment from Allah swt is taking away the knowledgable people from the world.
Have you written about this topic or done a lecture about this, if so please provide the links.
Just when one jihad is over another begins, everyone claims to have authentic knowledge!


ARG comment:
Inshallah, I do hope that soon there will be more lectures available on my other site www.islamsgreen.com. I do have some lectures along those lines, that might help to clarify some issues.
Of course everyone claims to have authentic knowledge, but as I advised someone recently, if you know the Book and Sunnah you will know the people of the Book and Sunnah. That's why its so important to pick up the Quran and read it to understand it, and Bukhari and Muslim.
This is indeed a jihad.
As for the cult/sect, this individual is a professed member of the Naqshbani sufi order. No a cult/sect exactly, but there are some "Sheikhs" who are in fact no more than that.
Now that's wierd, someone still using the term Mohammedan, he probably calls people of colour Gollywogs and Fuzzywuzzies, and when he sees Phillipinos he talks about the Yellow Peril!


ARG: I think I said something more like 'If I had to call myself anything I'd say I'm most like a Buddhist'- but I don't actually call myself a Buddhist, or if I do I mean it in the sense that 'everyone is a Buddhist' i.e. we're all the same.

Don't Muslims say a similar thing? 'Everyone is a Muslim', but they haven't realised or understood it yet, etc?

ARG comment: Thanks for the correction, and appologies for the mistake. Everyone submits to Allah to some extent, so we all have the potential, but I think that both Buddhism and Islam share the understanding that finding and then acting on truth takes dedication and commitment. It's a concious decision not an accident of bith or happenstance! Some do not even try to find truth, others go as far as fighting it, and hate truth! Are these two like each other? I think not.


Yes, I agree with what you're saying ref it's a conscious decision not an accident of birth or happenstance.

It is the commitment to truth that is important, and that, in essence, is the same for everyone since the truth is the same truth.


"It is the commitment to truth that is important, and that, in essence, is the same for everyone since the truth is the same truth."

Hi Jack!

That was a very interesting statement you make about 'truth' being the same truth. Personally, I do believe in an absolute, universal, all-encompassing truth that exists whether we want to believe it or not...but there's the age-old argument (usually used by glorified philosophers) that it is subjective/non existant/'a comfortable illusion' yadda yadda ya..

I was talking to some members of the Christian Society at uni last year- and I bought up the points that we were all monothiests to which I was told we don't actually worship the SAME god. I (in all my naivety) was all 'huh? But there is only 1 god' to which I was asked whether I believed Jesus (as) WAS God- which I didn't/don't- and so was told by definition our Lord is not the same Lord- bit of a mind boggler, no?

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Assalamualaikum dear sir!! I am an indian who was motivated by your lectures to the truth! May Allah reward u with paradise. I love u............and just imagine how much i would hav loved Mohammed p.b.u.h if he was to be present in front of my eyes!! Just his history makes my tears flow........but lack of knowledge always brings doubts to my heart! I have many problems living in a completley blind society. I'm 18 now and just get carried away with the society in that i jst cant stop staring at girls around who stare at me!! I hav moments wen i feel i'm very close to Allah on the right path but some times i hav many doubts in my heart! Some times i know what the truth is but just dont know why find it difficult to take it as a belief. I fear that Allah may increase my disease for my disobedience. I'm in a college where it is difficult for me to avoid looking at girls as i need to talk to them as i m the class representative. Please help me out with some good advice which may help me out of this problem. I was very greatly helped by the lectures of Dr.Bilal philips. I very often go online and try to hear leactures by various scholars. I love Anwar Al-Awlaki and Jaffer Idris. The problem is i'm gettin equiped with lots of good knowledge but not able to implement all the times. When i'm in college, i'm lost but when i'm back in my room i cry unto Allah for his help and just keep reading Qur'an to understand my purpose of life and to understand the truth better!! Please help me with a good advice. please find some time to reply. I'l keep waitin for ur reply.

ARGcoment: May dear brother, I strongly recommend you with what the Propeht saws recommended you with, to get married!! This will guard you eyes and your private parts. If you really cannot do this, then fast alot. I recommend fasting every other day. May Allah help you and prtect you from fitna. Ameen.

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