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Tuesday, 20 June 2006


Fatima Barkatulla

Interesting reading.
I knew many Chechnyan sisters while staying in Egypt and lived with some too. And they would tell stories of what was happening in Chechnya. One of my friends in Egypt was an American businesswoman who lived in Russia. She was a real communist activist too. Amazingly she fell in love with the idea of the Chechnyan resistance and went there to see what was happening. She told me it was the Chechnyans that brought her to Islam, due to their strength of character and because she felt she saw something in their faces that attracted her.


I see you didn't fall asleep at the wheel on the way home, then. It was really great to meet you. Im glad I got the chance to ask you those questions, and the descusion we had was very insightful, if a little unballancing. I have remembered a few things since that I had hoped to ask you but forgot, so inshallah ill email them to you (if I remember them again, that is...). I think it was a pretty smart idea to use notes, considering the other lectures, not that they weren't good, but I now fully apreaciate what you said about them struggling to fit all the speakers in, not forgetting the fact that they had the extra time from the brother who wasn't able to show. Isn't it ironic, that you, the only one who didn't seem pushed for time, was the one asked to continue on after your time was up? Dont get me wrong, the whole event was great, alhamdullilah. I hope another comes along soon! Oh, if you see the photo of me on AE's blog, im not staring out the camera, I was caught of guard! =P


What a hero!! Masha Allah, it's great learning Islamic history and entering a world which many people including muslims don't know exists (i'm definately guilty of that!)
My favourite point you made was on how some people have this airy fairy notion that sufism is a 100% peaceful path, i've heard stories of sufis who were just like Shamyl, one of them was riding his horse in battle and when he came near a cliff, he blindfolded his horse, so that he would jump over the cliff, without being scared and turning back! There was another sufi who was going to do his wudhu, but he became a bit disappointed that there was only cold water, do you know what he did to 'discipline' his nafs; he lay in a tub of cold water with his clothes on, so that it would never put him off making wudhu again!
This is the history of sufism, some may even consider it kinda extreme (gasp!).


ARG comment: Yes, but we should beware of extremism in all its forms. Islam is the balanced middle way, and we could never do better than to follow our beloved Prophet's Sunnah (saws).


As-Salaamu 'aleykum

I found out that he is revered by the Jews as well and they actually composed a song about him (the song is on an Orthodox Jewish website). They didnt, however, mention that his goal was for the Shari'ah to be implemented.



JazakAllah khair for sharing this.

Would you mind if I blogged this (will source inshAllah)?


ARGcomment: please do!

Shyed Shahriar


Brother Abdur raheem green I am in need of help. Please answer this question on the light of Islam:

I am 23 years old, but i am only 5 feet 4 inch tall, short even compared to average bangladeshi hight. I am also much heavier than i should be and growing .I am a student,although i have interest in games but my parents woun't let me take part in any type of games because they are rough. Ok i have no problem with that because i have to obey my Allah , Propheat (saos) even sacrificing my will.

The problem is all my relatives and my parents also are used to over feed me so i am growing fatter, heavier, uglier and above all leazier; but it seems no one really care.

I know that, our prophet (saos)told us to keep our waist/hips light/thin.

So what should i do, can i refuse to eat (politely) and stick to it, whoever tries to over feed me with lots of rice ( the staple food of bangladesh) and other things.

Please advise me, help me and Allah will help you.

ARGcomment: no one is allowed, even your parents to make you disobey Allah or kill yourself, quickly or slowly, or to make you ill. You should treat them kindly, but if they order you with something wrong you should ignore that, and Allah knows best.

Shyed Shahriar


Brother ARG do you have any Q & A section here , Because i am in need of help on a very important question.

ARGcomment: no, but you can email me on awggreen@gmail.com

Shyed Shahriar


Brother , thank you very much for that advice. I was being puzzled about eating a lot of food almost by force, 3/2 times a day ,360 days a year. Also over eating makes me lazy and then I even feel very tired to go to the mosque. I think this is the excuse that I should take up and deal with my parents politely.

Allah helps us all.


Assalamu alykom w rahmatullahy w barakatoh.
Jazak allhu khayran.
I'm asking:
"Teach your children swimming, archery and horse-riding."
I've read before that it was said by OMAR EBNOL KHATAAAB may Allah be pleased with him and it's commonly known that's said by the prophet peace and blessing be upon him.
I just want to know if it's true or wrong.
May Allah bless you and all your deeds.

ARGcomment: I'n not sure of the reference, but as far as I know it is a hadith.

Account Deleted

i think shamyl is SEXY ;)


Assalmo Alaikum,

Can any one give the meaning of shamil, what does name shamyl mean?

I tried on net but it is not available.

Jazak Allah


i think shamyl is taken from samuel which is taken from Ismael

ARG comment: Perhaps!

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