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Thursday, 15 June 2006



Well thanks alot! Now I really have to go, and i have no way of getting there!!! Maybe ill crawl... or train it. Ye, I think the train sounds better, lets see if I can find the route by Sunday. You did mean Sunday, right? Mmmmmmm, chicken and chips! Are us Northeners that obvious?



Bro, the poster says Sunday, but you said saturday. Which is it?
arg comment: Sun


Thanks. By the way, do you know if these talks are going to be put on the internet? Id really apreaciate it if you could put them here or on .com because I dont know if I am going to be able to make it. Id really like to though. May Allah do whatever is best for me. Oh, I left school today! I had my last exam, physics. Now I have months untill I start whatever I end up doing. MMMOOONNNTTTHHHSSS!!!!! Man, I got plaaaaans. Firstly, inshallah, im gonna go headlong into Arabic. I was taking lessons, but I stopped because of the exams and all that lark. Also, if I can rustle up some cash, id like to expand my library (buy a few books, in other, more accurate words). I think ill be scowering the interweb for some lectures and articles. I was reacently shown the Bukhari and Muslim online books from links on salaf.com, so inshallah, ill be reading those, and re-reading them, and re-re-reading them. That is of course providing my mum doesn't insist I get a job. Grumble... I think she's got her eyes on 'Winsors World of Shoes'. Ahh well, maybe we can strike a balance, and she has got paradise at her feet...

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