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Thursday, 31 August 2006



I had to stop reading those AOL comments, they were just making me angrier and angrier. But, I dont know who I should be more angry at; the blind haters, who not not even try to find out about true islam, or those 'Muslims' who just fuel their ignorance! Where ever I look, the message that I am getting is; racism, ignorance and predjudice are senseless on both sides! Wether it's non-muslims hating us for the crimes of a few, or 'Muslims' jumping people for being white, the end product is the same; more hate! Well to the haters I say; 'ISLAM tells me to be peacefull! ISLAM tells me to be patient! ISLAM tells me to have tollorance! If it wasn't for Islam, then I would be tempted to do the things that you hate me for!' and to the 'Muslims' 'Before you act, before you send that video of the kidnapped, innocent woman, before you punch the lone man for being white, think about wether the Prophet would do it, and I swear by Allah, he would not!'. It's at times like these that we need to have patience, and as ARG said, increase our determination to fight misguidence! I for one want to respond to evil with what is better!


Assalaamu alaikum.

Ha ha ha, AOL UK blog: what a bunch of neanderthals!!! I decided to stop reading after about 20 comments as I seem to be able to while away whole afternoons perusing readers comments on topical news articles.
Have you ever seen the BBC News website "Have your say"? It's usually quite good for a bit of a chuckle (and certainly not as inflammatory as what I've just read). I was rather amused to read the other day from some poorly informed British man (I say British man, but you never can tell who someone is from the internet), that "Britain's been a Christian land for 2006 years".
Bring back history teaching in our schools and maybe then we can all learn to get along together...

ARG comment: the ignorance is ASTOUDNING, but that just makes it all the more frightening!

Fatima Barkatulla

I think that the government actually thought, let them all in (immigrants) and a generation down the line they'll be living 'our way of life' (ie secular, materialistic, having a laugh and a pint, not taking religion too seriously). Now the country is in shock because so many of our generation have rejected 'their way of life' and they're noticing it more and more.

The key to changing the Muslim ghettoised state of mind I really believe is for there to be more Islamic education, lessons, studying places for youth to learn about the 'true' Islam in depth. The British amongst the terror suspects/accused bombers are all people who did not grow up in a religious environment and went to normal state schools, integrated, and then later on came to Islam and instead of going away for a few years and really studying about what Islam is, they got involved with people who taught them their view of what the solution for the Muslim situation is. How often do we hear of talks anymore that highlight what the solution for the humilation of the Muslims is in light of the Qur'an and Sunnah?

ARG comment: Very good point! It seems Muslims who have gone to Muslims schools are way more confident about themselves, their religion and place in society. Take note MCB et al.


As Salaamu Alaykum,
May Allah make your desire to reach out and spread the true message of Islam ameen. Its like Surah Mudathir.. we must get up and go give the message of Islam... but what exactly is the message is a question few muslims ask but many need to ask! Its true that there is alot of hatred for us out there and we need to do something about it! Jazaka'Allahu Khayr for the above post its given me that boost to to get up and go do something insha'Allah positive about spreading the true way of living Al Islam!


"..and what their beasts conceal is far worse" Qur'an 3.118

More to come on the points you raised on isolation etc. Watch this space


Right, I've calmed down a bit now, and I think I'm ready to examine this logically. Obviously, dawah is not having the desired effect, at least not on the majority. So, I think that instead of trying to cure this problem, we should isolate and remove its source. Well, this may come as a shock, but I think the problem is actually chemical. And, true to English custom, I have already found someone to blame; good news guys, its the women again! Ye, its all your fault ladies. You see, what happens is this; you drink water, and then, in true female fashion, very kindly give it back to be treated. But you see, you also give up some of your wacky hormones. These chemicals don't get removed with all the other nasties, and thus end up going back into the water supply! Then, BAM! Poor, innocent guys get a shot of your crazy hormones! Then; it begins.... there bodies go all haywire, and they start to feel all... feminine. So, they go to the doctor, whose a Muslim. By now, these guys are really agitated, and guess what, the MUSLIM wont help them! Never mind, he cant help, I bet he's got a whole draw full of pills reserved for HIS kind! And if they entered that room feeling a bit agitated, there really in a rage now! So who can blame them for hating us? What would you do? I mean; the Muslim, who obviously represents the entire Muslim population, refuses to help, your body is telling you to eat salmon paste and hate everything, and what is more, YOU FEEL MORE AND MORE LIKE A WOMAN WITH EACH PASSING DAY!!! You have to regain you're manhood somehow! And what better way than to hate! Those so called 'doctors' deserve it anyway, takin' our jobs an' our women! Yeah! Be a man, get rid of those girly locks! Wow, look at all those other manly skinheads, go to their rally! NOW you can feel the testosterone running! You see! You see! Never mind the haters, its ALWAYS the women! Don't let them deny it either guys; I got 2 B's in science for my GCSE's. Check it.


Hey ARG!! or should i call you cinderella, what was with the disappearing act today after your excellent presentation mashaAllah. Not only did you turn up late, you just left us all and no sign of a glass slipper anywhere!!!! Not that i was looking, what with the segregation and everything, but anyway thanks for the mini talk it was a very fair and real assessment. By the way your car wasn't full of pumpkin seeds was it? (i think i've just killed this dry joke, but i'm still laughing)!


ARG commnent...OK! Who's my rich prince (cess) with whom I'm supposed to have danced all night with and then live happily ever after! And where are the wicked step sisters, not to mention the fairy godmother. I think there are some serious gender issues we need to clear up here.

Abu Adam

Assalaamu Alaykum ARG,

Sorry, I couldn't find your email on your blog, so I have written a comment.

There are a couple of talks you had given at Queen Mary Uni, while I was there in 2000 ish.

I have uploaded them here: www.learntajweed.co.uk under the 'Excellent Audio' section.

The talks are very well received alhamdulilah, so you may want to put them on your audio page, so more people can access them.

Wasalaamu Alaykum,

ARG comment:
Jazakallah khair bro! email is awggreen@gmail.com you can find it under email me under Archives section.


Oh, ho ho! You better have a stunning piece about Ramadan coming up, mister! The silence is killing me! (Now, I am not really this sad, I am only feigning interest to make you feel happy and secure within yourself. Honest.)

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