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Monday, 25 September 2006



This is the part where we all say how disgusted we are and then talk about how evil the western goverments can be. Hey, we will drink chi whilst we do it, too! I do love a good chat me. But, I do care about my brothers and sisters, though. That is why I am going to give £20 pounds and do my bit, then I can go back to cursing George Bush in peace.


Hey, this sounds really stupid, but do they tell me what I can do to help on that site? Most of us simply don't know what to do, so even if we do wanna help, we just end up doing something stupid like, oh I don't know, shooting someone who resembles Tony Blair. Allah bless your Ramadan, everyone.

ARG comment:
There is stuff you can do.
1. Make dua
2. Give money
3. Protest.
4. Create awareness at your school, college, work place.
They get away with this because of people's apathy.
Wake them up!


Wow... I have written about five diff. versions of this comment, but everytime I just keep on shouting at someone... so instead, im just gonna make one point and then go away, before I have time to get wound up again. I express my sympathy to all those effected in the mentiond article, and I will try and help. If im not to busy, or I dont forget. Or unless something good is on T.V. Annnndd, now im gonna go because I have a million and one things I wanna rant about, but thats not really Islamic behaviour, now is it. I have more reasonable stuff I wanna say but I dont trust myself, so bye.

um yahya

Thanks for this info. and for helping us remember those in such difficult situations. Unfortunately myself and my family know only too well that some in detention centres such as Belmarsh are there because they deserve to be there. There are some very evil minded Muslims in this world who cause mayhem and chaos for Muslims and non Muslims alike. They commit crimes, abandon their families and bring shame on the Ummah and then cry in despair that their human rights are not being respected. Alhamdullillah this is only a minority but they give a bad reputation for the rest of us. Jazak Allah, ramadan mubarak.

ARGcomment: People who commint crimes deserve punishment, no doubt, but no one should be interned without trial or without them or us knowing why and what evidence there is for them being there.
Injustice is something we should as Muslims be very concerned about, and we should not stand for it ever!

Fatima Barkatulla

I definitely agree that the fact that the brothers are being held without charge is wrong and is an injustice...

but the other day I was thinking about that Nasheed: 'Ghurabaa'. I remember how popular it was at one time I even heard it at a wedding! (Not a very appropriate nasheed for that!)

But one of the lines goes like this in translation:

(Laa nubaali bil quyood. Bal sanamdee lil khulood)
'We don't care if we are held as captives (prisoners)
We will pass that time for the sake of living forever (in the next life.)'

That is a huge claim if you think about it. I remember my mum used to say that even saying things like that can be like a du'a. And Allah may test you with your words. Sometimes we make claims and we don't even know the reality or gravity of what we are saying.

ARGcomment: What an excellent, excellent point. I have for years seen brothers and sisters talkin and houting about jihad, displaying pictures on MSN messenger of kalshmikov holding mujahideen etc...I have warned, why do you talk about this so much? Do you have any idea what true jihad is, how hard it is, what a test it is?
Perhaps our culture of instant everying, I want it now, explains somewhat this madness of terrorism in the name of Islam. What a contraction..but hey..I want to be a martyr and I want it now...What will they say when those people who were murdered hang on to them on the day of judgement, their blood trailing, saying "Oh Allah, ask him why he killed me!"
Yes, what your mother taught you is so, so true, may Allah bless her and increase her in goodness. Allah tests us with our words. That is why the sahabah talked little and did much. We talk much and do so little, and when we do something we can't even do it right!
Oh Allah, guide us to take your deen seriously as it deserves!


Good point. Wow... I have been doing that alot this past couple of posts or so, I will write a big comment then just delete it and say something simple. Ah, I bet you miss the ramblings of a genious :P

ARGcomment:Of course we'd miss the ramblings of a genius, if there was one in the first place!

Fatima Barkatulla

Truth is...ranting and raving is easy, getting angry and showing your anger through violence is easy and actually going away and studying Islam deeply to try and understand what the Prophetic solution to our current day predicaments are is difficult, because it takes a long time, energy and patience in order to reach a state of wisdom. Many of our youth do not have that patience. They want to see results now...

ARGcomment: ...and as the shariah principle tells us: The one who seeks to hasten any matter before its time will by punished by Allah by being deprived of seing it happen.


OF COURSE there was! That is why I spelt genious correctly (you left out the 'o', ARG). OK then, since the genious DOES exist, I shall share with thee some of his wise wisdoms about stuff and things; lets see... *Coughs* Whoever is 'it', must certainly pass the quality of being 'it' on to one of his fellows, or there are sure to be dire consiquences regards his social possition among the playground higherarchy. Erm... the chaos theorum states that the laws of lexical dialasis can be reflacted by ANY word over 4 sylables. Ha, I told you! I am the most cleverist genious in the world!


What a sobering thought ArG- Jazakullah khairun.

The warm and cosy Iftar rush with the family all gathered round enjoying the meal laid out looses it's glow pretty damn quickly.

May Allah (swt) never harden our hearts to the responsibility we have to our brothers and sisters in Islam. Ameen.

PS: I really tried holding back with this, but as a shameless pedant I have to say: THERE IS NO 'O' IN GENIUS! It's one of the most common spelling errors in this glorious English language of ours...I mean it doesn't take a, errrr genioUs to figure it out ;)

ARGcomment: I think Yahya was trying to save himself with some self- immolating sarcasm


Im gonna stay quiet now. But I will again state, I'm really clever. Really.

Fatima Barkatulla

Today I imagined Ramadan in prison because I received a postcard/letter from Babar Ahmed from prison. It was the first I received from him. I had written to a Guantanamo Bay detainee too, but a few weeks later, my card came back stamped ‘ENTRY REFUSED’.

In his letter, Babar Ahmad refers to my father-in-law whose name is also Babar (he calls him Babar Uncle) and who was in the same Hajj group as him 5 years ago. Here is what Babar Ahmad said:
Bismillahir Rahman ar-Raheem (written in Arabic)
06 Oct 2006

Dear Sr. Fatima
Assalamualaikum and jazakillahu-khairan for your letters and cards. Yes I do remember your in-laws and the hajj trip – nearly 5 yrs has gone by so quickly. Allah does not change our situation unless we ourselves make the first step.
I hope your husband is fine – please give him my salaam, and your parents and in-laws. Tell Babar Uncle that his namesake (!) is in dire need of his duas this month.
May Allah bless you, guide and protect you. May He remember you as you remembered me. Wassalam

Babar Ahmad MX5383,
HMP Woodhill,

This letter really brought home to me the luxury in which we are all living. I feel sorry for myself sometimes because my husband is working in another city. Yet, he is earning money, we are in a nice flat, our needs and wants are met, we have transport and all the security that comes with having a husband, Alhamdulillah. And ofcourse, by the end of the week, my husband is home. It is like Eid when he comes home every week. Insha Allah it will be like Eid when Babar Ahmad comes home to his family and the other brothers come home to theirs and it will be like Eid when Guantanamo Bay is finally shut down as it no doubt will be insha Allah.

Please think of writing or sending magazines/books to Babar Ahmad or any of the brothers in prison, or encourage your husbands to do so. The address above is for Babar Ahmad…other addresses can be found on the Cageprisoners website.

And support the families of brothers in prison through Hhugs: (Helping households under great stress)

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