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Tuesday, 10 October 2006



Erm... I don't get it... What is the problem? OF COURSE they were not charged under the terrorism laws, they were not Muslims! Why does this Tim guy have to rock the boat anyway? I mean, Straw has just given us the perfect oppurtunity to show intergrated we can really be! All we gotta do is get our women folk to take there veils off and... vuala! We get a nice pat on the back and a gold star. Oh, and don't listen to those Islamist fundamentalist extremists who say they will be after the mosques next... as if they would! They're our friends! They let us run the mosques the way we wont to, don't they? Although (just to cover my bases), would it really be such a bad thing if they cut the amount of legal time which kids can spend at the masjid? I mean, Quran can be done at home, surely? You know what I think would help in this situation? Dialogue! Mr Straw, the Official Council for the Obtainment of Gold Stars will support you every step of the way! You see, our religion is open to compromise!

Fatima Barkatulla


It's amazing what people have started discussing now!! Different styles of hijabs and atheists talking about how niqab 'isn't even in the Qur'an'! As if they care!
You've got to check this out...

The BBC, show us in graphics what the different styles of hijab are (!):


Every day Islam is under attack. We can seize the opportunity to inform, educate, cure the ignorance around us. One way sisters can do this is to make the effort to communicate with any women we come into contact with: our neighbours, women at the supermarket check-out, the health visitor, the doctor, the dentist, at school, at work. Exchange pleasantries, smile at women, greet them. Children are great at helping us break the ice as they really soften people's hearts. Give an Eid gift to your neighbours.

Also, some du'aat have encouraged women to phone up radio shows and make good points on radio. Even if you can make one good point, it may stick in millions of people's minds. This is important because people are always saying 'the men force the women to do things', 'they don't do it through choice'. Etc etc. If you can clear even one misconception...you will have helped to spread the message and to make it clear.

Some radio shows are:

Vanessa Feltz on BBC London 94.9FM from 9am to 12noon
Nick Ferrari on LBC 97.3 FM in the morning
John Gaunt on TalkSport 1089 Fm in the morning.
Eddie Nestor & Kath Milandri on BBC London 94.9FM between 5pm and 7pm

Some presenters (like Nick Ferrari) can be manipulative and have been talking against Islam for a long time....others I have found more receptive like Vanessa or Eddie & Kath.


Speak calmly.
Don't let anger or emotion get in the way otherwise you will either get cut off or you will sound like 'another mad Muslim'.

Be conversational, not preachy, dealing with each point raised as it comes.

Don't get side tracked by what other people are saying: say the most important thing you can think of and stick to your plan once you are on hold, on the phone.

Jot down the main points you want to make so that they are in front of you.

Try and see things from the other person's point of view so that you can explain things better.

Some good points to make:

Men and Women are equal in Islam...some Muslims may mistreat women, but Islam doesn't tell them to do that. It's like not all Christians live by the Bible...not all Muslims follow Islam properly.

We choose to cover ourselves whether in Hijab or Niqab because of our conviction and because we believe that the Creator has commanded us to not because a man has imposed it on us. There are English and Afro-Carribean converts who choose to cover their faces too and most sisters covering their faces are young sisters from the UK (not immigrants as they like to make out).

If Islam oppresses women then why is it the fastest growing religion in the world, with 70% of converts women?

What has happened to freedom? Women should be free to choose to cover as much as they want if you really believe in freedom.

The wives of the Prophet were very active in society and they covered their faces. They are our role models, so many Muslim women would like to be like them. There is difference of opinion and Niqab is at least recommended though some scholars regarded it is obligatory.

Tell people that we do not cover ourselves all the time. We cover ourselves only outside and when men who are not our close relatives are around. Otherwise we wear what we like, we get our hair done and yes we do wear make up too.

Just some ideas....other could suggest more.


AsalamuAlaiqum all,

Tim is a brother who embraced Islam after years of agnoticism...he has an amazing blog mash'Allah- well worth a good read:



Pete Turner

I have seen the light, and I will no longer be controlled by the box in the corner of the room like the majority of the country. I am sick of the government trying to turn me against Muslims, putting extra emphasis on news articles relating to Muslims in order to justify their terrorism act. I am from Colne, and I think it is appalling that this story didn't get national coverage - and this fact strengthens the theory that our newspapers are full of prejudice articles (as if I / you didn't know that already!!!). Why do our country's leaders doing this? More an more people I speak to are in the belief that there will be civil war in this country (UK), I don't want it, and I am sure if you are reading this article - that you don't either. I wish that people would remove their blinkers and understand that the real enemy is Bush, Blair and other western leaders who support wars in the Middle East - fighting over the last of the oil and spilling the blood of our brothers and sisters in the name of it. The single answer to all the earths problems is in a book called 'The Emperor wears no clothes' - please read it, THERE IS NO NEED FOR OIL, WAR and FAMINE _ and all of these things are controlled by the same people!

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