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Thursday, 09 November 2006



Looks good, mashallah. I'll see if I can get a copy. May Allah SWT have mercy upon all the Muslims involved in anything like this.

bint matlib

salam, bro jst saw the pic of ur baby ameera (princess)mashallah.love the name Ayaat she was born on Eid day must have been the best Eid for you Mashallah. hope you changing some nappies to brother lol (",).i was on you Tube and found this video of how u became muslim.it called. why do i became muslim.thers 3 parts to it have a look.InShAllAh.

Nuraini Aisha

pls give the detail of the book including the ISBN series number. salam

ARGcomment: If you google it you should get all the info. inshallah. I just gave the book to my dad!

Fatima Barkatulla

I don't know about you but I'm ashamed to say that at the beginning of the 'War on Terror', when I heard about detainees and prisoners from Afghanistan, I thought that most of them must have been involved in something dodgy. This book made me look at our brothers in a totally different light and removed the veil from my eyes. I realised that the West had taken people left right and centre, without any proof in the hope that some of them would be the type of people they were looking for.

I had similar feelings to you Brother ARG, while reading the book. You're right that the 'scientific miracles in the Qur'an' conversations did seem a bit set-up...but that might be deliberate. The reason why I thought they were a good idea was because so many people who are not interested in Islam will read the book...anti-war types, journalists, politicians maybe, students, socialists etc. etc. and even though some of the conversations do seem contrived to us (being Muslims who read about that stuff all the time and know it already), to a non-Muslim who thinks religion has nothing to do with Science it might come as a surprise and cause them to research further.

I thought the conversation with the Al-Qaeda member in Guantanamo was good too because it showed the different perspectives Muslims have. Another thing Br. Moazzam does is that he clarifies some misconceptions about Afghanistan, such as women not being allowed an education which is just propaganda because Moazzam himself ran a school for girls there!

I think the reason why I was particularly affected by the book was because I found much of his childhood familiar with things that I've witnessed growing up in the UK. Also, some of the key people in the story whose names Moazzam has changed are people I know. It made me think about my generation of Asian Muslims in this country. (I was brought up in a religious family, but most weren't)...most of whom discovered Islam and almost stumbled in the darkness looking for the right way to follow it. The journey, from being irreligious and integrated to finding Islam and then being persecuted for it fascinated me.

ARGcomment: Its a horrible thing to have to admit that our government is involved in such abuse. Its something like a father abusing his child. You don't want to believe that! So naturally we think that can't be true, that innocents are being imprisoned and even totured, but it seems the evidendice is overwhelmingly to the contrary.
Soon I'm going to be reviewing "Murder in Samakand" which I read back to back with Enemy Combatant, but I gave both to my dad to read. That in many ways is more shocking still! Anyway, it's coming in the next few days, inshallah!

moazzam begg

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاتته

FAO ARG. I pray you are in the best of health and imaan.

I am sorry to read your comments: "Strangely, some of the points she mentioned (about the scientific miracles in the Quran) being good for Dawa, seemed to me artificial and contrived", but then I suppose there is no real way for me to convince you to the contrary. Suffice it to say that such conversations were even more intensely discussed than I have mentioned in my book. And in relation to the particular one in question, I sat with Feroz for hours making sure the content of our was as accurate as possible, although, as I have stated clearly at the beginning of the book, most of the dialogue is reconstructed and for obvious reasons not all verbatim. Perhaps the style of the conversation does not flow as 'true to life' as some might expect, but then how many people can 'truly' imagine that whole concept of any rational conversation in such an environment? (BTW, Victoria had very little to do with the the dialogue, so Im afraid the apparent artificiality and contrivance is my own doing.)

Moazzam Begg

Anyway, may Allah reward you for taking the time to discuss the book and sharing your views.

ARGcomment: As salam alaikum Moazzam! Actually I was really expecting MORE stuff about the Miracles of the Quran, and perhaps the brutalitiy of the edit detracted from the real intensity of the converstations. I didn't mean to suggest that you had inveneted it!
As a side point, my 12 year old daughter saw the book and said "We helped free him!" The headmistress of her former school had got the whole school to write a letters to the government appealing for your release!
May Allah bless you with much goodness and keep you striving in His path!

Fatima Barkatulla

The other reason why the book affected me so much was that I naively didn't think the West tortured so blatantly and it was a wake up call. In reading about the brothers in the book, I saw my husband, my sons, our men and what could happen to them if they are ever in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I found it heartbreaking to read about his wife and beautiful children and put myself in their shoes. This is what the West is capable of and willing to do to us. Our British nationality means nothing. However much we dislike aspects of British culture, I've still always felt an attachment to Britain. It is my homeland if I have a homeland anywhere, because just as Makkah was beloved to the Makkan Muslims though they were persecuted there, I feel attached to Britain. It is a matter of the heart that a human being has no control over. The 'watan' (homeland) of a person is something that has been written about and sung about throughout history. I felt betrayed by Britain. The words of the Qur'an rang in my ears: They will never be happy with you unless you become exactly like them.

I can just imagine the intensity with which such discussions (about Science in the Qur'an) were had. The subject of Science in the Qur'an is so fascinating and I myself have had countless similar discussions with friends and we never tire of it. The beauty of it is that every Muslim knows of some Scientific miracles in the Qur'an and when we share our knowledge we are always pleasantly surprised to hear of Scientific facts that we never heard of and that others know.

I think that after such an experience the editors would not be so insensitive to Br. Moazzam as to try and 'spice up' such an awe-inspiring and difficult experience as that had by him. Especially since Victoria Brittan herself is such a sincere supporter of the cause of our Brothers.

During his imprisonment I am ashamed to say I made general du'a for oppressed brothers but did nothing else practical to help the situation. Now things are different. One of the things I did was write to the Guantanamo Brothers. The cards came back stamped: REFUSED ENTRY. But as Br. Moazzam says, writing to them, shows the US authorities that the world is watching them and that the Brothers are cared about back home.


The way brother Moazzam dealt with the situation and continues to do so is amazing!

May Allah(swt) grant his and his family ease after the hardship they have faces and place barakah in all that they do and grant them Firdous. Ameen.

Fatima Barkatulla

Having heard you talk about your journey to Islam and your life in general, I would really like to encourage you, Brother Abdurraheem to write an autobiography or a book about your journey...it would be really interesting if you really described your early life in Egypt in more detail as well as boarding school and of course your intellectual journey to Islam.

I think people are more interested these days in reading about 'the Muslim experience' with Na'ima B Robert's book: 'From my Sister's Lips' and one I've been reading recently by Rageh Omaar (the BBC journalist who's now with the English al-Jazeerah). His autobiography type book is called: 'Only Half Of Me - Being a Muslim in Britain'. It is really interesting...an insight into the Somali migrant experience. He makes some very good points in his book and draws interesting parallels between the Islamophobic Ayaan Hersi Ali and one of the bombers in the second failed bombings on London.

Have you read the book 'Oleander Jacaranda', by Penelope Lively? It's an autobiography of her early life in Egypt. I read it as part of English A-levels and then when I heard your story: of your family's early years in Egypt as expats, it reminded me of that book in some ways because she really describes a living, sensuous Egypt so evocatively, as she too, with her rich family spent her childhood there.

Anyway, I hope you do write it one day insha Allah.

ARGcomment: I just feel like I'm too young still to write an autobiography! Beleive me, I've thought about this also. One of the things I did since I was like 12 years old was keep a diary, so I have lots of material! Unfortunately some of the most interesting parts were those that I didn't write about!
The biggest issue I have with writting my story is honesty.
Part of writting an honest story would involve writting about things that parhaps I shouldn't, yet without them I'm afraid my story would be somewhat sanitised and fake.
Inshallah, perhaps I'll send you the first draft, if and when its done.

Shyed Shahriar

Few months ago i was watching a documentary on tv about christianity, christian evangelist, how they r helping,saving people all around the world. And suddenly i stumbled upon that clip from an Tely-evangelist (KCM)holding a letter up over his head and shouting with joy--

'Hear is a letter, a letter from a man who is in a jail in Afghanistan. He is an Iraqi and he is being held in a prison in Afghanistan for trial. And he sent me this letter telling that he wants to be saved by jesus, he wants to be reborn. He got our free magagin- "Beliver's vois of Victory" and he had discussions with our servents of jesus and now he wants to meet me and want to know the real path to salvation through jesus. And there r hundreds and hundreds of more of these people out there in afghanistan who r waiting to be saved by lord jesus'.
And then he continued on saying how to donate to his ministry.

How chillingly horrorful is this.
Prisoners in Iraq , Afghanistan and all around the world r being so tortured that they want to do anything to get out of that. Or they r tortured mentally so much that, they r now mentally sick.

This also shows another thing- mordenist,secularist education system does not teach islam, muslims almost know nothing about Islam , so they r being fooled.

And one more thing- We always hear on TV/radio that, international troops r in afghanistan to save the Afghan people, But i saw one thing on a report about afghanistan on cnn-
An US Flag being hoisted on a mast, but actually the mast is a big Cross.

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