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Thursday, 07 December 2006


Fatima Barkatulla

Did you hear? Litvinenko, the spy, who was also a supporter of the Chechnyans apparently became a Muslim on his deathbed and requested his father give him a Muslim burial!

At the end of a Times article it says the following:

"Litvinenko's father, Walter, said in an interview published today that his son - who was born an Orthodox Christian but had close links to Islamist rebels in Chechnya - had requested to be buried according to Muslim tradition after converting to Islam on his deathbed.

"He said ’I want to be buried according to Muslim tradition’," Mr Litvinenko told Moscow's Kommersant daily.

"I said, ’Well son, as you wish. We already have one Muslim in our family - my daughter is married to a Muslim. The important thing is to believe in the Almighty. God is one.’"

Here is the full article:


ARGcomment: Alhamdulillah! We prayed his janaza in the London Central Mosque today.
You should have seen the press like piranas around his dad. I felt sorry for him, and the press!



Saw the program, the really sad thing about the Chechnya situation is since its gone off the main stream media there is very little awareness. The main stream media including the BBC have pushed it to the back, and this has been very obvious since 9/11, like you mentioned its like Putin made a deal with the west.

Out here in UAE there is very little coverage, one thing you should def try is to get more coverage on Al Jazeera, you might not get the Muslim governments interested but if you get Al Jazeera to give it more coverage then that will usually wake the arab people up.

Getting a few documentaries made would def help. Its interesting to see when Russia invaded Afghanistan and it was in the interest of the west there was ample news coverage, now Russia is doing the same thing and more in Chechnya and because there is big money involved the west is not that bothered.


ARGcomment: There are documentaries. Nothing from the state propaganda machine though. Brave and alone Channel 4
Also try searching Chechnya on you tube.

Fatima Barkatulla

What about the new English Al-Jazeera? I'm sure if we wrote to Raageh Omar or Riz Khan they could try and get the Chechnya issue some coverage.



Unfortunately I had to record the show off my telly onto video before i could put it on google videos, and i was unable to record the first few minutes. As soon as i have a full version of it I will let you know, inshallah.

May Allah reward you and help the people of chechnya and all people under oppression everywhere.


Faiza Abdulla

Salaam Alaikoum brother.

I saw your appearance on islam channel, and I came to the talk at Reading University. I didnt really get a chance to speak to you so I thought I should post my questions here, if you dont mind answering them;

1) For you brother, what inspired you in the beginning to look into the deen of islam?

2) After you came to islam, where did you go to gain more knowledge? Who were your Sheikhs?



BIG HI! Just a quick comment, soz I aint messaged u in ages, I haven't had acces 2 the internet. I'll message u wen I can.


Normally I wouldn’t recommend watching video’s but someone gave me a DVD called SYRIANA. I am sure most people have heard of it as it has George C and Matt D in it. Anyway, it seems the west is getting mature with its subtle dawa against Islam, through a mix of truth and falsehood.

Imagine seeing the famous Warren Bros logo coming on and in the back round the adhan, and then the sound fades into some classical music, anyway it doesn’t prepare one for the next scene, which is a shot of Iran and then Iranians, (considered in the west as a fundamental country) drinking alcohol and then the CIA agent asks the Iranian – in Persian “lets do the deal” and while the Iranian is drinking wisky he says “after prayer”.

So this sets the scene of the middle east. The film is about the corrupt and ruthless business of oil in the middle east. It shows how the US is not prepared to let the oil rich countries deal with any other countries, it shows that if the countries give oil contracts to non-US companies then there will be consequences just like the Taliban giving the oil pipeline to a argentine company and then they get invaded by the US.

It shows the corruption of the rich oil countries, and if a prince or ruler is coming up the ranks that will help their own country they will put him down, maybe even have him killed and put the dumb yes sir no sir prince to rule. I suppose most people already know this but I suppose this gives it more exposure.

In regards to Chechnya I was thinking why is Russia so much into wanting Chechnya, well I remembered seeing a documentary about WWII and how the Germans when going into Russia at speed to secure the oil wells of Grozny.

“But Rosneft apparently needs Grozneftegaz as a link in its chain of energy properties linking the entire northern Caucasus. Also, Chechnya's oil is of unusually high quality, and is useful for specialized high-tech applications in fields such as aviation.”


To sum it up, it’s the old story of greed, and the west will fight and make wars to get their hands on this money, and personally I do not see the west being all nice and just and saying here Muslims in the Gulf, or Russia saying to the Muslims in Chechnya here run your countries by yourself make your own money from oil, sell oil to the highest bidder, etc, etc… Russian and US / Europe goals are the same, they way they do it is slightly different.

I am sure this is already covered in some book.

The solution:

Prepare yourself and your family by increasing your emaan, fearing Allah(swt) and reading and learning Quran, be ready for the following:

• Uniting under a practicing Muslim leader
• Ready to defend yourself and your family – (it came to Bosnia, its in Chechnya, its in Iraq, its in Afghanistan, it can come here in the UAE or even to the UK)

If anyone sees any other potential solution for this greed, please let me know.


Umer Siddique

Assalamu alaikum Abdurraheem,

Do you still have the same AOL address as a few years back? I just sent you an email to request a talk in the Westcountry :)

Please let me know if you are on a different contact, I have lost your number too.
JazakAllahu khairan


An interesting forum



I heard that you did a long interview in the coffee shop next to the book shop I work in! Will it be in any particular paper or magazine as I would like to read it insha'Allah.


Salaam ARG!

I need to email you about something but I've lost your email address. D'oh. Could you please email me asap?

Jazakallahu Khayr, ma'salaam.



A little more D'oh, trying using the 'email me' on the right of this web page just above the photo albums.

Sorry had to put that in. :)


This comment is for sister Fatima.
I was involved wih the gpu event and would like to discuss your concerns and suggestions please do email me. in order to further your queries to the channel for improvement.



is this it?


ARGcomment:indeed that it is!


Asalaamualaikum bro,
keep up the great work!
May Allah swt reward you immensely. Ameen.

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