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Saturday, 20 January 2007




Wonderful photos, subhanallah. I'd love to visit such a place myself one day, inshallah.

On the Global Warming subject: although i am not a huge skeptic, i do wonder whether the weather we are experiencing now is part of Global Warming, or simply part of a natural cycle? It's just that GW has always been "sold" as a slow, building phenomenon, but i feel the unseasonably warm weather we are experiencing this year has only started very recently?

However, i have a notoriously bad memory for the preceding year's weather, that might be skewing my view!


ARGcomment: Actually there has been a consistent rise in the average temperature in the last five to ten years. This is not "normal" temperature fluctuation.
Is suggest you watch the DVD "An Inconvenient Truth" which explains the link between temperature rise and C02 levels, not only in present times, but over a huge historical period. It shows the difference between the normal historical fluctuations and what is going on now.
I keep meaning to write a full on article about this! May Allah help me.

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