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Monday, 19 March 2007



In the Name Of Allah Most Benevolent Most Merciful

When the Victory of Allah has come and the conquest
And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in multitudes
Then exhalt Him with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of Him
Indeed He is ever accepting of repentence.


apologies for posting off topic, but i noticed on your calender that you are due to give a talk on the wives of the prophet saw in London. i was just wondering if you were planning to give a talk on the same topic in the northwest anytime soon?
ARGcomment: Not on the wives of the Prophet, but I am due in Teeside in April to talk on the Prophet a Mercy to Mankind.

abdul malik

Asslamu alaikum
inasha Allah islam will reach every villege in the world. iblis and satan worshipping world leaders can't really stand this. you see i like the muslims to be aware that shytan our biggest enemy is alive and was planning is sinnister world domination and humen mis-guidance from our early days when he caused our father (Adam AS) to be kicked out from peradise. All world leaders are occultist and in dircet contact with iblis and disbleivers of the Jinn, they're all invovled in occults iblis worshipping, black magic. and they're planing New World Order in witch Bahai or Bahaullah(Dajjal)'s religion will be forced upon humens. research Bahai plans and their so call universal justice center on Haifa isreal and you'll be amazed how the zionist are spending billions on this fake religion copyed from the quran with some satanism twist to it. It didn't suprise me at all when i heard of the Bohemian Grove. Muslims need to be aware and comeback to their religion. may Allah protect us from the Dajjal and his fitnah.Aamin.

ARGcomment: Ameen. Certainly Shaitaan is our sworn enemy! However, let's not get too carried away with conspiracies lest we forget our REAL problem is that WE Muslims are not following Islam properly!


salam alikum
islam is deen alfetra allthe humanity search for something to save it from the evil in the world
when the othman armies was going toward europe the christian men in Vatican was afried from islam from its purity and modesty that can make europian follow islam so loose their position and benifits from their position so say about islam that it is the religion of terorism and if muslims enter europ all wiil be killead taken as slaves
now history repeats irs self but leaders of the government instead of Vatican and what make the condition worse is muslimes themselves is a bad example of islam
sorry for my bad english i'm still learning

Abdullah Mahmud

yes, all praises is due to allah, he will make this religion dominant in this world. in fact, the quranic aayat make this phenomenon very clear. I would like to refer you to verses 32 and 33 in sura al-tawbah. all says: "they want to put out the light of allah with their voices and allah will will persist in maintaing His light (religion of islam = teaching of the holy prophet) even though he hates the Kuffar. He is the one who sent his messenger with Guidance and the true deen (way of life, not religion!) to make it dominant over ALL other ideologies, even though he hates the mushrkioon. Yes, these ayat are so true, alhamdullillah, the message of truth will prevail and the kuffar are ultimately going to be losers, they will be sad, depressed, and disgusted in this world and will suffer everlasting pain and torment the moment the angel of death takes their soul. may allah make us continue on the straight path and die in a state of iman. amin!!!

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