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Thursday, 08 March 2007


Shabber Adam

mashallah, excellent advice from the scholars. Everyone knows there situation best. My understanding from both posts, this one and the "much a do about hijrah" is that as Muslims we should try to make hijrah to the Muslim lands, we should make effort, and if we can't then al humdulilah we do the best were we are. The basic evidences, proof and the simple fact that no one can doubt the slow poison of the non-muslim societies has a greater evil and effect then the short-comings of the muslim lands, and we might not be able to understand how millions of Muslims from the non-muslim lands can make hijrah to the Muslim lands but this is something Allah(swt) says Be, and it is. - it is outside of our control, ability or understanding.

Even if you disagree on hijrah being wajib or not, you can not argue on the benefits when you make hijrah for the pleasure of Allah(swt), and all please do not make judgement on Muslim countries from newspapers, becuase if we did that then everyone would feel from the newspapers that any practicing Muslim would be sent to Guatanamo Bay.

If the avenue for hijrah is not open to you and you tried or becuase you were born with a Algerian passport and you are oppressed and can not practice your religion and end up in New Zealand then al humdulilah, that is your test.

In reality as a Muslim me and my family are much better off in the UAE than the best of the west, i can not imagine sending m daughter to a mixed University in the UK or US when i can send my daughter to Zayed University (All female), Abu Dhabi Univeristy(complete separation from men and women), or Dubai Women's Medical College, women only college to train women as doctors, you might argue with me on the academic quality, but mashallah, in my few years here, the improvement in these places has been amazing, and i can only think if you implement the truth and are patient you will reap the rewards, there is certain barakah in these places becuase the muslim owners made the decission not to compromise their deen.

There is now a push in the muslim countries to be morden and successful, and they are opening up, and mashallah there is also still a love in the people for Islam, they plot and plan and Allah(swt) is the best of planners.

all i can really say now is what i always say, i do feel we over complicate our Islam.

and Allah(swt) knows best.



At this point I have to say, very sadly, that I am just about concluded with this discusion - it seems to lack sincerity (Allah knows best what is in the
hearts) at least towards many scholars if not towards various people posting. I say all this UNLESS some gross misunderstanding has taken place.

Here is the icing on the cake making me feel like this:

On 19th March ARG writes:-

"...Ultimately calls for hijra for Muslims living in the West seem to me counter-productive. Even if we can firmly conclude that it is obligatory, which I do not agree with, most people simply won't do it...".

But not much earlier in the post above (8th March) ARG writes:

"...I have not been and do not question the obligation of hijra in general..."

WOW that is a MAJOR U-turn if ever I saw one!. Hope a cop car never saw you!. Make your mind up ahki especially when you mock people in the haramain of having "air-conditioned brains"!!. Whether YOU agree or disagree with what oodles of very learned scholars are agreed upon is between you and Allah - it doesn't change the reality one bit - but do remember your level is not like theirs.

Also to say "most people simply won't do it" is neither here nor there. Actually it sounds like downright cloaked disencouragement in my opinion. Like I said in the above post MOST people don't pray 5 times a day. Most don't grow their beard. To that point MOST aren't Ahls-Sunnah wal Jamaat (1 in 73 is a tiny fraction) and Hijra is a VERY major, noble act.

Please by all means have your cake and eat it (i.e. stay in a non-Muslim land because you feel its better for you and others) but please don't try and confuse others from obtaining and eating theirs!!!.

Finally, I think you gave it all away in the main title - just like someone else rightly pointed out "a sarcastic title" - of 'more about hijra or not'. Seriously you might as well and just make a new title called: "Don't bother with hijrah - a million good reasons for not trying".

There was no U turn from me. I am amazed that you think there was one! All Praise is due to Allah that you are not a traffic cop, or in any other position that requires balanced judgement concerning people's statements or actions!
Please try to comprehend the difference between "the ruling on hijra IN GENERAL..let me repeat... IN GENERAL...and the SPECIFIC ruling on hijra from the West at this time. This is based on what actaully necessitates hijra. Thus the post "More on Hijra or Not"...was only a further reflection on the discussion at hand, there was no sarcasm intended, only a matter for further enquiry on the subject.
The posting was not my words but the fatwa of a bona fide scholar Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyih! Who then is lacking in sincerity to the scholars? My level is not like theirs? What is your level oh AbuAbdillah? Who are you to decide which ruling I should or should not follow? How nasty is the way you cast aspertions! Your "hijra", it seems, has taught you neither justice nor manners or increased you in the ability to analize accurately.
Please note! I posted a full range of opinions, not just those that I agree with! Does that indicate insincerity? What a heafty accusation you lay on the scales, however many pietisms you cover it in.
As for what matters in deciding the truth...Is the hadith "Live with your people wherever you like" authentic or not? Does it apply to our condition in the West or not? ibn Bayyih says it does, I agree with that.
Sheikh ibn Baz mentions in the fatwa YOU posted the benefit of staying in certain non Muslim lands, but you seemed to have completely missed the point he was making. It is clear from his statements that Hijra os only obligatory when one is not free to manifest the deen.
As for another matter in your list of accusations my small poem was a take on the poem of Abdullah ibn Mubarrak which he wrote to the Qadi Iyyad the Abidal Haramain, who was famous for his prayers and crying ceaseless tears in the Kaba. But Abdullah ibn Mubarak was in jihad making the word of Allah the highest. It was quoted to me, by a scholar, to prove the superiority of living in these lands calling to Allah. Not my opion, the scholar's. He told me "Oh Abdurraheem, do not leave what you are upon even if the khilafa is established!" And I had a family and children then and he knew it! All who know it, and know it's context know exactly what I meant by that! And yes, I encourage the Muslims with this stuggle, and to commit thenmselves to it, and by Allah I am sad when the able, committed brothers like Shabbr leave this struggle, because we miss them and their compandy and eforts. I however, hope and pray that Allah accepts that from them, and considers it hijra, even though it seems to me something like fleeing the battle field! But I know that each of us knows their situation the best.
Here is his (Abdullah ibn Mubarak)poem, from one scholar to another, from one worshipper to another:

‘O ye who worships in the vicinity of the Two Holy Masjids!

If you but see us, you will realise that you are only jesting in

He who brings wetness to his cheek with his tears should know
that our necks are being wet by our blood.

He who tires his horses without purpose, know that our horses are
getting tired in battle.

Scent of perfume is yours, while ours is the glimmer of spears and
the stench of dust [in battle].

We were narrated about in the speech of our Prophet, an authentic
statement that never lies.

That the dust that erupts by Allah’s horses and which fills the
nostrils of a man shall never be combined with the smoke of a
raging Fire.

This, the Book of Allah speaks among us that the martyr is not
dead, and the truth in Allah’s book cannot be denied.’

By Allah I want only khair for myself, my family the Muslims and all the people and creatures of this earth!



OK my aplogies for any abruptness/bad manners in my last post. It seems to me then that this blog could/(should?) be titled: "Hijra is not obligatory from the Western countries"

As far as I know Sh. Al-Albani (rahimuallah) did not explain the obligatory hijrah as being NOT from Western lands. There is a recording where he (rahimuallah) talked specifically about Denmark (he was queried about some school/s there) and he makes his point clear about leaving that land. He (rahimuallah) also included Muslim lands in certain cases as he advised the poor, suffering folk of Palestine. Further, I haven't seen any other great scholars having this same view as yours, for example, Bin Baz (rahimuallah), Uthaymeen (rahimuallah) or Muqbil (rahimuallah). The same applies to a myriad of other ulema including the current grand mufti. I don't wish to keep repeating the point - I think we are both agreed upon - but this ALL relates to the hijra in the light of those who cannot practise their deen safely. We know that if you can then its not fard. We also know that this area of 'practise safely' is very person specific and delicate.

This leads me to ask : who is Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyih - his name is new to me. Can you tell me briefly: his level, background e.g. where/when he studied, who he studied under, which land he is from, his qualifications etc. Perhaps he heard from another scholar greater than him the opinion you hold?.

Wa Salaam.

ARGcomment: First of all my blog has covered many issues. Hijra or not from the Muslim lands is just one that has occupied a few posts recently. It is a fascinating subject and I am interested to see what people's experiences and idea's are on the subject.
All those who know me, know that I am mostly involved in Dawa, and there have and inshallah will be many more posts on that subject. But this blog is also aobut my thoughts. Hijra is something, despite what you say, I think about nearly every day!
I gather from your list of scholars and other comments that you consider youself a salafi. Alahmdulillah! That's a good start.
So my dear brother, may Allah shower His blessing on you and increase you in goodness, is it not a pillar of the way of the salaf that we follow the daleel, and that in the face of the authentic hadith opinions are flung against the wall, that we can take or leave the saying of any man except that of the Prophet? The matter is not how great or famous the sholar is, but the evidence he brings.
In general it is true that the great scholars are more likely to be better aquainted with the truth, but then let us quote Ahmed, Malik, Shafi and Abu Hanifa! Also let us not confuse that fact that there have been in our life time great personalities and fountains of knowledge that Allah had blessed us with that they are the only scholars, or the only great scholars. For example, with all respect to Sheikh Muqbil, I can not count him with ibn Baaz, Uthaimeen and Sheikh Nasr, BUT if his opinion seems to me the strongest inshallah I would consider it the right one and follow it.
Also, sorry to keep repeating this but it seems very clear to me that the fatwa of ibn Bazz is EXACTLY where and from whom I have taken these ideas about Hijra from.
As for Shaykh Abdallah he is a professor at King Abdul Aziz University and teaches usool, tafsir, and Arabic there. He is originally from Mauritania, and was I think was the Grand Mufi there. His father was a famous scholar. I have heard several students of knowledge in Saudia praise and commend him and the respect that he has in the Kingdom, especailly for his knowledge and insight into the fiq of Muslim minorities.

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