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Friday, 20 April 2007



beautifully written mashallah

Umber Malik

Yes it is masha'Allah! Highlights the misunderstanding of Islam amongst our fellow brothers and sisters... we need to live Islam day in and out not just wear it or show it!

Abu Zakariya

Yesterday early evening we took the kids out to the desert dunes (about 10mins from where we live in the UAE). We prayed Maghreb and sat on a dune while the kids ran up and down it. The peace we felt, and the awareness of Allah, was overwhelming.
As we drove home we got stuck in a traffic jam of locals in flashy cars, children of the desert, queuing up to enter the mall to by overpriced designer clothes and eat burgers, and maybe fit in isha at the mall prayer room.
Brothers and sisters this is a global phenomenon. May Allah help and guide us all.


A bit harsh but I suppose that is what struggle is... Harsh.

sameeh Hammad

LOL It's true about the Takbirs all the time? Could you imagine these knick knacks at the Prophet's (saws) last sermon??

dr bash

what about the importance of a counter culture

there are lots of people who pass through islam unthinkingly and mistake form for substance and you can find these people among the salafis the sufis the fashionistas the jilbaabis.

I love the poem but think its important to stress that we do need a counter culture to sustain ourselves as a community in the west - a culture that embraces art as well as science.

remember the verses in the quran that talk of how little faith the majority of the crude bedoiun arabs had - and the tafsir that harsh environments often shape harsh and crude people.

and there are enough harsh and crude "muslims" out there......and thats my 2p worth


Deep poem. It was written by sister Maliha Balala and was featured on Azizah magazine: http://www.azizahmagazine.com/images/POPIslam3.4.pdf

Here is her current blog: http://lightnessofbeing.wordpress.com

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