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Friday, 13 July 2007


Umm Ibrahim

May Allah Help him, his family and all those in similar situations-ameen.

You're correct that we should be more cautious in what we, as Muslims, say, do and even where we go, under the present political climate.

I'm a regular on a certain Islamic forum (islamchannel.tv, if anyones interested :)) and Ive really toned-down the kind of things I write, due to the exact reasons you have cited.

"Knowledge precedes action": so maybe the current restrictions we're having to work under, will encourage us to first acquire the knowledge of Tawheed, from which all other aspects of the Deen stem.

Also, there is a brilliant organisation called HHUGS:


..they help/give support to Muslims who have had a family member/s arrested under the "anti-terror laws".


Whoever says: "SUBHAAN ALLAH",100 times, a thousand good deeds are recorded for her/him, or a thousand bad deeds are wiped away. (from an authentic hadith)


Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

I know it is naive and perhaps whimsical to expect at least a base level of justice here in the dunya, but man- it's becoming more elusive day by day..Truly only Allah (swt) will serve up real justice- and on a Day where we will be grateful and desperate for any hardship we endured because His recompense is like no other.

I was having a chat with a dear friend the other day about how 'radical' a radical has to be- and we basically concluded: not radical at all. Now I know this is all semantics, but since these are such common and politically charged terms, we can't escape using them or worse- write everything we 'say' in 'inverted commas'. Such (rightful) suspicion of language!

Anyway, to avoid digressing- any check on an average practising Muslim's computer/laptop would yield results to do with the Qur'an, lectures on YouTube, orders of books from Islamic sites and ofcourse, internet forums and blogs. Couple this with a bookshelf or two in said Muslim's living room with certain titles such as 'Dua- Weapon of the Believer' and 'Riyaa: The Read Jihad' and wham! bam! you gots yourself a homegrown threat at the least.

Turbulent times- time to hold fast to the rope of Allah (swt).
May Allah (swt) keep us patient and steadfast on His deen. Ameen.


Sunhannallah, my quran teacher was telling me about this brother a few weeks back. He used to be part of the Jama'ah at the UKIM masjid in west ealing. My quran teacher new his face, but not his name and it's so sad to hear his case in more detail.
may allah make it easy for his family and for the brother... ameen.

after all, Allah only tests those that he loves.


Thanks for that. A caught a glimpse of this story in the papers a few weeks back. It was interesting to read about this case from a different perspective.


Assalamu alaikum to you all.

I'm sick, tired and woried about the way in which, this country and US behaving and treating towards their Muslim communities. If anyone is promoting terrorism, indecency then it must be the 'BlockBustrs' who are selling freely without any restriction, violent, vicious and an indecent DVDs and videos to the public as a whole. Moreover, many websites are encouraging and promoting hate, racism,fascism and no one is prosecuting them. I guess cos they're not Muslims for matter of facts. You can possess any materials of Hizbullah, Al-Qaida, etc. videos as long as you are not Muslim. This is the reality of today's game of politics of Westminster's corridor!

More importantly, for those who are in prison or waiting to be prosecuted, we ask Allah's (SWA)help to protect them from any harm. And to increase their imaan and give them the wisdom to be patient during these difficulties, amen insha'Allah.

Bro ARG, What is your ADVISE for this kind of matters? Jazaka Allahu khair.


ARGcomment: This is sooooooooooooo true.
I recond we should list these web sites and mack a BIG fuss about them. Challange to Police and MP and goverment why they are doing nothing.
suhanallah what you were saying about the music and movies, I was saying exactly the same during our converstations while waiting to give witness.
Rap music that promotes murder, violence, drug taking, women hating etc...are freely avialable to corrupt everybody. Its disgusting!
May advice is make your voice heard in every lawful way!
You'll find a lot more people agreeing with you than you think!


I considered Yassin a good, if not best, friend for my 5 years in High School. He 'disappeared' shortly after attending a party to celebrate my engagement to my now wife but I received a voicemail from him days before his second (i believe) and final arrest.

He was always honest, giving and there when you needed him. Despite being bullied and picked on by some parties, he always smiled and I admired his strength. However, my first reaction to the stories that I read were of dread that he had succumbed to 'brainwashing' or that he had got in with the wrong crowd.

Reading your account of the events you witnessed has moved me and despite my repeated defence of my friend, I felt a sense of guilt for wondering, "what if?"

I believe that Yassin knew what was ahead of him and chose to call me. I hope to one day hear what he wanted to say and discover the truth from his own lips.

There are radical individuals out there who wish to cause mayhem in the name of Allah but I believe from the heart that Yassin is NOT one of them.

My thoughts are with him and his family.

Thank you for allowing me to say this allowing me to remain anonymous. He and his family may know who I am and I hope to hear from them.


I like you for the sake of Allah.May Allah enlight your way.

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