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Thursday, 05 July 2007


Muslim sister

This stuff should be taught in schools. Both articles were well worth the read. I think everyone should read them.

Born and bred in this country, I was taught not to discriminate by creed, colour or race. Some of the things being said openly in the UK today were unthinkable not that long ago. Although I believe that the general public of this country are not prejucided, whether secretly or openly, they are being kept ignorant of the truth, and that is what concerns me.

I really want to say something, and that is that my experiences immedately following all the terrorist attacks in the UK and 9/11, have only been good. That is not neutral, not just the same, but good, and I really want to say this. People have gone out of their way to be nice, and these are strangers. At first I did not even understand why the special treatment, but eventually, after a few times, it dawned upon me. I do wear the headscarf and gown, I am brown, and residing in London. Even the police have tried to show me that 'they are not all the same', in their own words. They did not need to say it however because it was apparent when they favoured me over 'them' purely out of choice on two separeate occasions, because it was the right thing to do.

Gilad Atzmon says that it has not been that long, only thirteen years and we can still make the change. I say that it has been even less than thirteen years.


Assalamu alaikum Abdurraheem,

How was Plymouth? Hope it all went well. Unfortunately I had to return to London a week before. Would like to hear any interesting experiences.

ARGcoment: Plymouth event was excellent, and PIETY seems to be a model Islamic Organisation, but I'm not sure I'm going to have time to post about it.


ARG, you must read the blog of Tony Karon (http://tonykaron.com/) for a decent analysis as well as critique by his readers on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Also go through all the recent posts.

Shabber Adam

Excellent articles, it goes to show how much the mainstream media is corrupted and controlled. How you can keep on telling a lie and eventually everyone will think it’s the truth.

How prefect is Allah(swt)’s creation, if we didn’t have the internet how difficult it would be to know the truth, we would only be relying upon the mass media, how Allah(swt) balances the creation, TV was matured and at the right time the internet came about – This is no accident……..they plan and they plot – “3:54 And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.”

ARgcomment: also Allah has created the balance in all things, every reaction having its reaction and that the truth must always be known, even if it after some time!

Shyed Shahriar

As sala mu alaycum,
Allah saves us and and he only gives us the strength to stand against the face of enemies, even they are watching, monitoring and planning against us with all the strength they have. Allah is the best planner.

I think brothers should check this,


This is the Khutbah (Sermon) given by Sheikh Ali Abdur-Rahmaan Al Hudhaifi, the Imaam of Masjid-e-Nabawi, Madina Al Munawwarah

This will show that if the Saudi Government was a model Islamic Government, it would not have arrested the Shaikh for speaking the Haq (Truth). It is clearly evident that the Saudi Government is completely influenced by the Kuffar and only some Shariah laws are allowed to exist as a smoke screen.

So one other point for the muslims, this shows us that on the contrary to the believe [ some jews , cristians and humaneterians say ] Saudi government is not a islamic gov.
So it is not a model of islamic state, its wrong doings can not be blamed on islam [ as those jews , cristians and humaneterians say].

ARGcomment: it is not quite right that because someone was arresting for saying something, even if it was true, that the government responsible for that is not Islamic.
Goverments are by their nature involved with many issues that deal with national and internation relations that have wide reprocussions. It is their task to see the "big picture".
Most of us have no idea how complex it is to be in government, with the task of protecting society and help it to prosper. This often leads to descisions that are unpleasant or worse.
i don't think that Saudi's laws are a smoke screen at all! There are genuinely trying to apply Shariah in their lands. However, the question is how deeply does this go.
Also a mistake, act of oppression or injustice does not preculde a person or goverment from being Islamic. We cannot expect perfection from humans.
Also, I don't think the Sheikh was actually arrested. He was prevented from giving further khutbas for a period of time.
Allah knows best. It seems to me that we should focus on giving dawa to those around us, and improving ourselves and societies rather than getting into how "islamic" the Saudi Government is or isn't.

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