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Friday, 21 September 2007



Alhamdulillah was an excellent night, calls were flooding in and it was amazing to see so many brothers and sisters giving in the path of Allah freely. I managed to get hold of those gloves from brother danny himself and dropped them off at the studio, it seemed you had plenty of fun punching mr chambers with them!

ARGcomment: Yes I sure did. May Allah reward all the brothers and sisters amply, and especially Danny!

Umber Malik

I only read your post after the event! I pray it went well and may Allah reward you all for such a noble cause ameen! How much did you manage to raise? And is Yusuf Chambers the young revert one?

ARGcomment: Yusuf is the same age as me. We raised about £150,000 and sponsorship for nearly 200 orphans.

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