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Sunday, 02 September 2007


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Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullah
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Raheema Begum

Salaam sister!

My heartiest congratulations to you for standing up against this injustice and oppression.
You do not stand alone.

May Allah be with you.



JazakAllah khair for this.



just to clarify inshallah, is sr mudassar shia?

ARGcomment: I don't know, does it matter?


Hello! I live in Deutschland. I am not a Muslim. But i like Islam.
I wish all the luck to Mr. Abu Hamza Al Masri, and to his lawyer, Mrs. Arani.


AsSalaamu Alaykum,
In reply to Khadija's post (Monday, 03 September 2007 at 03:59), Sister Muddassar is a Sunni and is happy to work with all sections of the communities in a common cause and in defending their rights, she has dedicated her herself in the defence of Muslims: “The best jihad is to speak a word of truth before an unjust ruler.” May Allah accept this from Sister Muddassar Arani and also from the few others from amongst our Ummah with the “courage” to do so ameen. May Allah also reward brother Abdur-Raheem Green for all his good work ameen.
Fi Aman Allah

Umm Rageh

Assalamu Alaikum,

Just wondering if there's an update on sister Muddassar's plight? Insha'Allah I will make du'aa for her, and for all the other Muslims who are subjected to this kind of prejudice in this day and age.


ARGcomment: I think there is a contact for her. She is still struggling for her clients rights.

Simone Chowdhary

Asalamo alaikum dear sister.
I was so very sorry and saddened to read of your plight. Although we have spoken on a few occasions when I go to visit my darling husband at Long Lartin, I had no idea that this was going on, as I have always found you to be such a kind, beautiful and pleasant person. I am so impressed by your devotion toward your clients, and I am glad that you very kindly agreed to represent my husband in his case. I pray that Allah swt keeps your eemaan strong and strengthens your resolve in all your undertakings, Ameen. You can count on my support without fail, Insha Allah.
Jazak Allahu khairum
Your sister in Islam

Hussain Ali

Asalamo Alaikum,

A few months ago Muddassar Arani employed me at her firm on a voluntary basis which lasted for the duration of 3 weeks.

During the time of my work experience, Muddassar Arani treated me with great respect and devoted her faith in me. My experience working for her was not only highly enjoyable but also illustrated to me how wrong the newspapers, media, police and judiciary were in making false accusations against her.

She is an inspirational muslim lawyer who takes her faith very seriously. Whilst working in the reception office, Muddassir, unlike most other employers (even muslim!)allowed me to take as long as I needed to peform my daily prayers. I think it is highly essential for the muslim community to get behind her as she is doing nothing more than trying to free the lives of fellow muslim brothers.

Regards, Hussain Ali

Nike Shox Rivalry

We should give children the courage and confidence, and help them to develop, as the Oxford University and Leo prexy Smith 1919 to British prime minister's letter writing: "open-minded, acute, love truth, can resist irrational belief, sophisticated, stale and sensationalistic".

Syed Ahmad Ali

As salam-u-lakaum
this is an old article and having read it the tyrannical and prejudicial treatment of our sister Arami is still being meted out to muslim brothers and sisters on a regular basis in this alledged bastion of freedom and democracy. In 2013 we have twice the number of Muslaim parliamentarians and even Muslims wearing the mantles of peers in the house of lords , yet these people though elected on a platform for freedom and justice remain silent whilst brothers and sisters are being crushed and oppressed in the uk because of thier faith and sense of justice. Those who remain silent and unaffecte by thesuffering of others have no right to claim to be from the family of Islam and will have a heavy burden at the day of judgement. Stay strong in faith and belief sister we ar with you . Ameen

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