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Fatima Barkatulla

Assalamu Alaikum all.
Just thought you'd find this interesting Brother ARG:

My day with a BBC Radio4 Journalist, experiencing hijab and niqab with me as her guide!
You can listen to it here:


you have to click on 'Listen to the current programme'. My bit is a mini-documentary within this panel discussion about religious symbols and in particular, the niqab...


Mr. Green,
In the first paragraph in the blog titled "Out sourcing in India" you talk about the divisive nature of the polytheistic Hindu religion. How do you account for the killings of Shias at the hands of the Sunnis and vice-versa through the ages under the aegis of a monotheistic religion of Islam ? For that matte, the religious wars between monotheistic Christianity which “saved the civilizations of the Romans” and monotheistic Islam?

ARGcomment: as i said, a few thoughts without aim of cohearance. However, my issue is what binds and helps socieity run at a micro level, rather than the macro level.
Caste, rather like feudalism, is antithical to the progress of modern societies. Modern India has at least a legal frame work to dissapate some of the worst aspects of the caste system, and as the prosperity of the nation increases and education spreads meritocracy will most likely emerge, but this is depite Brahmanism, not because of it. As for the cases you have mention in Islam and Chrisitianity it is the opposite. Such aberations have arrose despite the teachings in the religion against it, not because of it.

Muhammed shakeer

Brother I like u and I love u very much for the sake of Allah Almighty. Ur luctures were wery much fruitfull for me and my Eemaan. Especially The Glimps At The best generation -that u deliverd in Australia.
But now I have seen some remarks personally on ur deen, Aqueeda and Manhaj on SALAFITALK.COM under the title Please Advice. Please clarrify me about that . Barakallah feekum.

ARGcomment:make your own judgements. You know what I have said and heard it for yourself, and you know from me what I am upon, alhamdulillah.
I think these people disgrace the name of salafia. Even their own scholars have told them to be quiet!
As for me refuting them, well I like the saying of shiekh Mukbil, "If you throw stones at every dog that barks, stones will become expensive."


Asalamu alaikum brother abduraheem.i hope u n ur family r in the best of eman n ishan ameen.bro i was at the peace conference last year Alhamdulillah was a wonderful experiance,ur talks very benificial Alhamdulillah.am a regular reader of ur blog too.may Allah azza wa jal increase ur knowledge ameen.akhi have u got more pictures from the conference taken by u?if yes then would u post them in the near future?inshAAllah please let me know.tc

ARGcomment. No I don't have any more pictures, but you might be able to get more from PeaceTV. They had a whole CD full.

Mahmud Abbas

Salam Alaikum brother Green. How are you, hope you and your family are doing fine :)

Brother, i have a question in regards to life.

i consider myself a good person. meaning, i avoid any major harram things like killing, stealing, fornicating, etc. i may relapse in doing small harram ones like hurting someone's feeling, glancing at pictures that i ain't supposed to, thinking bad qualities within people etc - all doing it unintentionally of course.

in every khutbah, we are always encouraged to emulate the perfect behavior of our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw in order to enter Jannah. Believe me brother, I have tried and am still trying.

I am a good devotee when it comes to praying 5 times a day and i also do the sunnah pray like tahajud, and du'ha as often as i can.

in regards to my capability, within the scale of 100% good deeds our Prophet told us to follow, i only managed to do probably around 50% (well, sometimes on good days i think i could reach 70% (inshaalah)

when i think about how i am so not a good enough candidate for Jannah (considering the often 50% good activities i manage to do comparing to 100% good deeds requirement to enter Jannah), i get really down and afraid. Should i be feeling like this, brother?

i watched one of your videos, and you said that we ought to try to worship Allah swt moderately. is my life's normal activities are already considered worshiping Him moderately? after all, i am just a simple business man who tries to go about my day with as much as dignity that i can comprehend

what are your thoughts on this, brother?

I really appreciate your time and i'll be very much obliged to your kind response.

Take care. Wassalam

Mahmud Abbas

ARGcomment: The idea that you have to be 100% good deads to enter jennah is not one I can find any basis for in our deen. In fact the Prophet taught us that the sons of Adan sin by night and sin by day, but the best are those who repent.
What is important is to have a pure heart.
The heart is purified through two main matters.
Gratitude to Allah and repentance.
Prayers and fasting and good deeds are the manifestation of these.
As the hadith tell us, and ibn Rajab calls the great principle:
"none of us enters paradise because of our deeds"
It is Allah's mercy that cuases us to enter paradise.
On the other hand, one should not neglect good deeds and one should strive to fill ones life with them, because this what Allah wants from us.
It is good and right to feel fearful that we are not doing enough, to strive to get closer always to Allah, yet this should not be taken to extremities. Moderation, being firm and steadfast on the path of truth. These are the essential matters. After that trust in Allah and have a good expectation of Him.

Mahmud Abbas

Salam Alaikum brother,

Jazakallukhair, thanx for your response and i greatly value your advice.

i've got one more question in regards to repentance. like i said about the small harram things, what if i do it and then repent coz i feel really bad, but i know in the back of my mind that no matter how sincere my regret is and how hard i try to not do it again, i know i will. i am scared that Allah swt will be angry with me for that and will not accept my repentance anymore thus when i die, my sins will be as high as the mountain.

so my question is: can my (type of) repentance be considered sincere?

Thank you so much for your time. May Allah swt reward your fine works with Jannah.

Mahmud Abbas

ARGcomment: You must do your best to try not to do these things, but the small sins are whiped out by the daily prayers, fasting, jummah and in fact good deeds in general. However, you should not take the doing even small wrong deeds lightly, because many small bad deeds can together be like a major sin.

Mahmud Abbas

Once again, thank you so much for your advice. suggestion noted and will try to do my best to avoid it (inshallah).

hope you have a nice day brother....

Wassalammualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.

Mahmud Abbas

Mahmud Abbas

Salam Alaikum brother Green. I hope you are fine.

i have a friend who has a grandfather who is now almost 90. he is a mean person. he is not used to be like that but according to my friend, at some point in his life God gave him a test which apparently he could not handle. now he is a bitter man and tend to say that God does not exist. come to think of it, thru the story my friend told me, i personally think he has become an atheist, he just does not know that yet.

why has God prolonged his life? does God not love him anymore?

my reasoning for the questions is bcz i've heard that if God already lets someone who is not a nice person to grow very very old, that means God's main purposes for creating that man are either to test the people he is close with (patient wise), make him an example to others as to what kind of people that will go to Hell, or God just simply "has forgotten" him. what do you think, brother?

sorry that i keep asking things that are not relevant to your articles. and i thank you for taking the time to answer.

once again, thanks so much brother Green.

Mahmud Abbas

ARGcomment: I suppose these things are possible, but everyone has a life span alloted to them. If they are believers or not at the end is a result of their choices. Of course those choices effect the ones around them and they need to think deeply and contemplate on these matters. The whole world and universe is a "book of signs" that will lead the wise and thoughtful one to know more about Allah.

Mahmud Abbas

Salam brother,

i've heard stories and read different narrations about shia. i watched your video and i think you talked about one particular shia sekte that contradicts with Islam. you definitely made good points though but since i believe not all shia are like that, i tend to not 100% agreed with your views. i support the unification of the ummah which i think would be the best remedy to defeat western values.

anyways, i do not want to get into a discussion about that but what i'd like to know is your point of view about the 12 imams. i've never heard or studied about this 12 imams until recently cz in my country, shia is not being practiced out in the open (we are majority sunni).

jazak Allahu khair brother.


Mahmud Abbas

ARGcomment: the Shia I was refering to are the majority group who claim to follow the 12 imams. The matters I mentioned of course apply in principle, shia or sunni.

Mahmud Abbas

sorry brother Green, your reply is too concise for me since i ain't versed enough on this matter. still have unfulfilled wonders, hope you don't mind me asking more :)

according to what i've read, the 12 imams is the bloodlines of our Prophet and the article says that on his (saw) death bed, one of our Prophet's requests to the ummah is to take care of his family and make his bloodlines as our imam. is this true? i am a sunni, should i believe this?


ARGcomment: well firstly you certainly shouldn't believe everything you read. It is important to access authentic information about Islam. Secondly explaining this matter fully would take a long time. Inshallah I will try to source some info in regard to this.

Mahmud Abbas

that's okay brother Green. thanks anyways for your response. looking forward to your further explanation on the subject.

M. Abbas

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Salaam brother. I saw one of ur program on peace tv. I would request u to make those vids available on this blog if possible. I being a student away from home and living in a flat(like hostel), dont have TV with me.

ARGcomment: I don't have them but will persue it from peaceTV inshallah.

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