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Monday, 07 April 2008



My name is Xenia, I am from Greece, but currently I am in UK, for my masters. I have been reading a lot about Islam, and I feel I'll accept Islam. But for now I have many doubts about being one, which I need to clarify:
1) Since, I'm from Greece where there are no muslims, so how and whom i'm going to marry?
2) Wearing Hijab: Can hijab be ...a jeans with a proper shirt with hair covered? as long as I dont expose any body part except my face and my hands.

ARGcomment: The most important thing now is: Do you know that Islam is the truth or not? If you do then embrace that, accept in your heart and mind and surrender yourself into the comfort that is Allah's guidance and help. Establish the prayer five times and day, and see how your life is transformed! Allah will take care of the rest in good time!

Xenia, don't worry about those things. The first things is
so you know Islam is the truth, that there is only one God and that Mohammed is His Prophet. If yes, decalre it. Second, start to pray 5 times a day.
Believe me you will see your life change in so many ways, and aways remember that Allah the All Powerful is watching and helping you always.

Nosherwan Huma

Xenia, first of all I would like to congradulate you that you found the truth! Secondly, there are six criteria for the hijab.
1. For a woman, the whole body should be covered, the only parts that can be (not should be) not covered are the face and the hands upto the wrists.
2. The clothes must not be so tight that they reveal the figure.
3. It must not be that of the opposite sex.
4. It must not be a symbol of the Kaafirs, e.g. cross etc.
5. It must not be see through.
6. It must not be so attractive that it attracts the opposite sex.

For the marrying part, just pray to Allah, the Almighty and the All-knowing, and believe in Him that He will solve your problems... :)
Good Luck!
Asalaamu Alaykum (peace be unto you)

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