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Sunday, 20 April 2008


Fatima Barkatulla

I found it moving too, especially to see those who actually did stick up for the sister...(though that didn't ofcourse make it permissible for her to hug and shake hands with the guy!!)

I took part in a similar 'experiment' for BBC Radio after the Niqab was in the news...I spent a day with a journalist and introduced her to hijab and niqab and we went out wearing niqab, to a middle class sort of area to gauge the reaction (I assure you it was not my idea! It was what the producer wanted and I thought it would be interesting too.) We got a mixed response:
Then a panel of guests discussed our day out.

Hear it here....it's not very long, though I spent a day with her...tell me what you think Brother ARG...
Click on link below, then click next to the 'Niqab' link at the top of the list.


ARGcomment: Yea, the hugging was of course not right, but you almost wanted to hug the guy yourself!
I listend to the programme a while back and thought it was really interesting. May Allah bless you also for taking the time to participate in that! Of course you cant "see" peoples reactions on the radio!

Fatima Barkatulla

Well they cut out so much of what I said, though it sounded alright in the end. I insisted the journalist come to my house first so she could meet me in my normal setting, not having to wear hijab and I think that affected her overall reaction to me.
Well at least here it's niqab that can cause a reaction not really hijab as much. Though I bet if you went to some rural areas it might.

Isn't it interesting how Americans seem to be more willing to talk about God than Brits. It's something I've been thinking about recently, since it was revealed that Alistair Campbell said to Tony Blair: "We don't do God". I mean Americans would never say something like that and it's almost a prerequisite of a leader, that he believe in God....in God we trust...God bless America...and all that.

I wonder why Brits seem embarassed to believe in God and Americans seem proud to. Maybe Americans have softer hearts. (Ofcourse that's a generalisation)


ARGcomment: Yes, religion is still taken seriously in the US. Most of the believe in God and many, I think even a majority believe the Bible is the Word of God.
Every American president has to take the "Christian right" seriously. However their version of religion is for many rather peverse form of Zionist Protestant Christianty, which I've heard one Anglican priest call a "heresy." Anyway they are no means all like that, because America is one of the most populous nations on earth, so its a bit difficult to generalise.


Mashallah, both the BBC and ABC broadcasts were very good. My Allah bless both the sisters

Fatima Barkatulla

Have you seen this ARG? It's an organisation set up by my husband and a brother you know: Clarity

See some 'rudding' (refutation) in action:


ARGcommenmt: No, but I'm looking now!


Oh man, its such a shame borissyboy won, he's too dumb and naive to run the office, he's just going to be a mouthpiece for masses of pompous tory advisers. lool.

ARGcomment: Well I'm inclined to agree, but lets give the man a chance and see what he's got!

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