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Thursday, 15 May 2008


Umm Rageh

MASHA'ALLAH sister!!! May Allah swt reward you!! I got goosebumps when I read this post. Insha'Allah I will make lots of du'aa's for 'D' that she may stay on the right path Ameen. Just remembered that when I took my Shahada in front of a very special sister she gave me a hijab and a prayer mat with prayer instructions written on it which was invaluable to me at the time, and I Alhamdulilah got the chance to pass it on.
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatuallah Wabarakatuhu

Fatima Barkatulla

What was sad, was that a sister there who had been Muslim for a few months told me how lonely she now feels after the post-shahadah buzz has subsided. Nobody asks after her any more. And a number of convert sisters privately spoke to me of very distressing situations they've found themselves in now and how lonely they feel. I am in London so there is only a limited amount of support I can give...but it seems that this is a common problem that needs addressing. Everyone is excited up to the Shahadah and then few people really stick it out with the new Muslim, helping him or her to adjust.

I think one of the problems is that those of us who are originally from the East tend to have families here and we stick to our families and communities and do not open our doors properly to new-Muslims.

This is an interesting webcast Na'ima B Robert & I did a while ago as part of the "The Care for Converts drive", where we discussed the highs and lows that new Muslims often face, and what Muslims can do to help:


ARGcomment: We MUST do something about this!!!


brother what happened to your islamsgreen.com site? i wanted to listen to more of your lectures. i find the ones on the topic "Is there a God?" very interesting and it inshAllah helps me when I talk to my atheist house mates about Islam.

ARGcomment: It is not run by me and I never check it!

Fatima Barkatulla

By the way, do you remember a while back there was a discussion on this blog about whether or not it was permissable or advisable to visit Mount Noor in Makkah (where the Qur'an was first revealed). Well, I asked Yasir Qadhi recently and he said that the reason why scholars forbid it is that they fear that people will do it as a religious duty and do particular things there - in other words fearing Bid'ah. But he said that if we visit it for the reason that we want to acquaint our children with the historic sites and make them feel closer and more attached to the Seerah and Islam (seeing as we live so far away and our children could feel so detached from it), then it is a good thing to visit the historical sites in Makkah and Madinah. So I just wanted to let you and everyone know that fatwa.


ARGcomment: I wonder sister Fatima, how bidah's become such, by exactly this thinking. Here is another angle to look at it. Say you visit with your kids for the "right intentions", how many people see you doing it and visit it for the wrong ones, or go on to make it part of the deen. The reason for the scholars prohibiting it has not gone away in the least, in fact they are even stronger today than before and ones own intentions do not change that.

Fatima Barkatulla

I don't know about other people, but I would like to hear (or should I say, read) more about your experiences in da'wah Brother AR.

For example...please right a memoir of your Speakers Corner days. What made you first start going there? How did you know where to start? Who was the first person to ever take their shahadah with you?

I think a post of that nature would be really beneficial...

Fatima Barkatulla

I believe the thinking is that it is an Ijtihaadi issue...not a clear cut one...


Salam alaykum,
I think its one of the best things in life to give someone the shahada, so to speak. Its a humbling gift. A Da'ee or someone who interacts regularly with people about Islam has a greater chance of meeting someone on the brink of Islam. So in a sense all the work has been done already, little by little and when it comes time for the shahada then Allah (swt) chooses whom so ever He will to give it to that person.
What I'm trying to say is that it's a gift that the person who gives it, may have had absoultely nothing to do with, because the persons already reached a certain point about taking the leap to become a Muslim.
Which is why its so humbling, theres nothing we can do to deserve such an oppourtunity. Its purely down to the mercy and blessings of Allah (swt).
Like so much in life.


As-salamu `alaykum brother. i KNOW this has nothing to do with this post but i have a question.. pleease answer and jazakAllahu khayran!

I read somewhere that "The punishment for those who are guilty of zinaa in Barzakh (i.e., after death and before the Day of Resurrection) is that they will be in an oven, the top of which is narrow and the bottom of which is wide. A fire will be lit under it, and they will be naked in (that oven). When the fire is lit, they will scream and rise up until they almost come out of the oven, then when the fire subsides, they will go back down into it. This is what will keep happening to them until the Hour begins."

i was wondering, if a person commits this sin, but have inshAllah repented to the best of his ability (ie does not return to the sin, left the haraam relationship, prayed heaps, and asked Allah for His forgiveness etc).. will the person still be punished with this punishment, regardless? will reciting Al-Mulk every night protect him from this punishment? what can he do to UNDO this filthy act?? he WANTS to get married but no one wants to help! =((#

ARGcomment: true repentance not only removes the sin, but Allah replaces that sin with good deeds. The person who repents is like the one without sin. In short this punishment is for those who do not repent.
As for marriage, then Allah is best of helpers. The person should make lots of istigfar, day and night, and dua to Allah for marriage.
Reading surah Al Mulk every night, or memorizing it saves one from the torment in the grave. I don't know about that it will save one from the punishment mentioned though.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Assalamualaikum sir!!! Sir i've been helped a lot by your lectures which were present earlier on some link from ur webpage!! I thank Allah, the best of guide who has guided me to His religion!! Sir i'm from India and in a city named pune!! The problem here is that i dont have good muslim community or a scholar to help me grow in ilm!!! In fact i can say the majority of muslims are deviated from the truth!! In the midst of all this Allah guided me to good muslims or rather true muslims!! I often download various lectures by u and Dr. Bilal Philips!! I'm confused these days with some problem!! I had doubts about existance of God but Alhamdulillah reading Qur'an helped me a lot to get closer to the truth-One God!! But another doubt which is troubling me these days is " Was pride created by God??"!! What lead Iblis to disobey Allah was pride...........so if Allah wud'nt create pride at all, God knows best!! I think the proper question wud be 'What is pride and what is its root(origin)??' And I also wanted to know the meaning of word 'Wisdom' from the Islamic perspective!! I was reading Surah Ghaffir(chapter 40) where Allah s.w.t. said "It is He who created u from dust, and then from sperm.........................................and had appointer a Term for u so that u may learn WISDOM"!! I wud be pleased and greatfull to u to receive ur reply! Please forgive me if i've made and mistakes in my writing as my English is poor!! Please help me sir!! U may reply to me on my e-mail '[email protected]'!! Ur student in Islam-Noa'maan!!!

ARGcomment: Allah created everything, including pride and evil, BUT Allah is not the doer of evil, we cannot ascribe evil to Allah. Everything Allah does is for a great wisdom and noble purpose. Evil is relative to us, but for Allah his creating it is for an ultimate good. Why does Allah allow/create these things? This is because life is a test. If there was not evil there would be no test. Also it is through its opposite that something is known. Good is known through the existence of evil, humility compared with pride, order v's chaos etc...
When we say Allah created evil, we mean the MEANS for evil to exist. In one sense evil is the absence of goodness, pride the absence of humility etc...
I hope that this helps.

Asif Riffat

Brother ARG! I agree with sister Fatima, we should take care of new Muslims. They need our help and support in the times of difficulty. They face anger and abuses from their relatives and old friends and during this period it is very important that we keep in touch with them, make them feel as part of our family, one nation of Muslims.

I would request you to write your memoir as Da'ee as sister Fatima has suggested. I want to take benefit from your experience and there will be many more people like me who want to be a Daa'ee.

ARGcomment: May Allah help me if it is good.

Noamaan Mohd Khan

I thank u very much sir!! May Allah guide us all to the truth. Assalamualaikum!!

Asif Riffat

Assalamu Alaikum,

Brother ARG, I have been watching videos of people reverting to Islam and making Shahada. I cannot explain in words what I feel when I watch these videos. Here, I have pasted one of link of video which very amazing. Everyone must see and forward the same to as many people as you can.


Surely, Allah is protecting His "Deen" and the dignity of His last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

May Allah guide all the people (Ameen).

Fatima Barkatulla

About the bid'ah thing....

It actually is not a bid'ah to visit the cave of Hira because a bid'ah is something you do as an act of worship thinking you will gain reward.

So if a person visits it just as they might visit the pyramids in Giza or the ruins in Petra or even the Eiffel tower, not thinking it is an act of worship, but to see where the Prophet first received revelation, then they are not committing an act of bid'ah.

Some of the Sahabah would walk down the same road as the Prophet if they knew he used to walk down a particular road, out of love for him...

ARGcomment: Hmmm, sorry but this is stretching it, although technically you are right, practically what does it translate into? Do we visit the cave of hira like we visit the pyramids? If you do, how about others? How about the fact the you might be leading others to bidah? That is matter I asked you to consider. It is true, companions like ibn Umar used to do that but check what his dad Umar said in respect to those "tracing the footsteps of their Prophets." in a literal sense.
He said people were destroyed by that. (Need to find ref.)

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Assalamualaikum sir!! I hav a question to ask u but i'm little afraid!! In one of ur lectures on how u came to Islam, u said u had a girlfriend!! And that u left here and married a muslim women. I was just wonderin what led u to leave her?? Why din't u think that one day she might accept Islam. And by the way she was a christian so u cud hav married her!! My reason for askin this question is that a girl from my college who is a hindu(i dont know if she believes in it) proposed to me indirectly. I'm trying to keep away as Allah said not to marry mushrikhs. But whenevr she comes in front of me or i see her accidently.......i just wish for a moment that she cud be my partner in life!! Although guidance is in the hands of Allah.....i jst hope she might accept the truth. I'm 19 now and studying in an engg college!! Just guide me to the reality sir. Sir please forgive me if i'm wrong at any place!! Ur loving student.....Noamaan!!!

ARGcomment: Of course I tried to give her dawa!! However, she was not really interested in Islam, and I was mostly afraid that even if she did accept it she would have only done that for me. I knew that in order to stay connected to the deen I was going to need someone stable and was already sure of their Islam.
As for forming such relationships that you mentioned, you should avoid the avenues that lead to this. If she accepts Islam it might not still be the best thing to marry her. It is the right of your children that you marry a good woman. You should think about who you want to raise your kids, and what capabilities that person has to do that.

Umm Rageh

Assalamu Alaikum,

Brother Green, can u please elaborate on the advice that you gave brother Noamaan? You stated that even if this hindu girl becomes a Muslim that he probably should not marry her? WHY? Is it because she seems to be showing interest in him? How do you know what kind of a mother she will be? Is your statement based on your opinion only? I was just taken aback when reading your advice to him.


ARGcomment: sister I clearly said "it might not be the best thing", and that he should think about it! What else can we do?
My advice was based on:
1. His age
2. His environment
3. the fact that they reached this stage
It is quite likely from my experience that such matters like will she be a good mother to my children (teach them deen and Quran and good manners etc...etc..) is quite often not even in the radar of someone in that situation. It is my duty to remind him of the matters that Islam obliges him to take into consideration in such an important decision.

Umm Rageh

Assalamu Alaikum,

Jezak Allah for elaborating. Perhaps I took this particular reply a little personally. Because I am a revert, and a few years ago I probably would've been refered to as a 'prospective' unfit mother(in regards to the Deen). But Alhamdulilah He is good to His creations, and things turned out well for my children! I'm living proof that if Allah(swt) wants Hedaya for a creation of His- then nothing or no-one can interfere with that.


ARGcomment: If someone accepts Islam with all their heart then Allah certainly guides them to the paths of goodness.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Sir, that was a really good advice and a food for thought!! Let me tell u one think sir....... i dont know her at all!! I mean we just had introduction with each other. We had talked for hardly 3-4 times till now!! The problem is, as i'm in my engineering college which is a co-ed, i unintentionally hav a look at her! And when she came to me and asked me whether i have any girlfriend.........and the fact that she gives me a smile even when i dont know her(and try to ignore her many times)......this was disturbing me! Though i was trying to ignore her........i sometimes feel if she would be my life partner!! This is only because she is beautifull. I feel this is bad and thats why keep trying to avoide talking to her. I sometimes think that i must introduce Islam to her as people in my college are completly ignorant of it.......and eventually if she accepts Islam then i cud marry her. But then my intention is not pure!! May be i must avoide her!! If i leave my marriage on my parents, they wud find a good girl, but i may not be sure if she is a good muslim or not!! I've seen many marriages in my relatives where they find a good decent muslim girl.......but she is not a practising muslim, and sometimes not even aware of Islam!! I remember in a lecture by Dr. Jamal Badwi, he said it is not good to find her 'aqeeda'. If someone calls herself/himself a muslim, then u may marry her/him. If that is so, then i see many non practising hindu(they jst believe in God may be due to their 'fitrah') girls in my college much more modest and better than those who call themselves Muslim!! This is one of the reasons why i feel that i may invite that hindu girl to Islam and marry her if she accepts it. What is most proper thing to do?? May be now u hav a better idea of my problem!!

ARGcomment: The Prophet told us that there is no greater trial left for the men of this ummah than women.
I don't think Dr Badawi meant by not looking at aqeeda to exclude Muslim or non Muslim, but even I don't agree. One should look at every aspect of the deen, and aqida is one of the most important aspects. People are not saved from Hell only by modesty, but by the Kalima of la ilaha il Allah.
All I can advise you is to fear Allah and be mindful of Him. The tricks and traps of shaitaan are many. You could give her dawa, and perhaps you should, but you must be aware that this can lead you to even more problems, as talking more to her might mean you get more attached. You should be aware of all of this and not be captured by someone's beauty. If she accepts Islam, and is sincere she may be the best Muslim and best mother. See sister Umm Rageh's comment!

Noamaan Mohammed khan

I thank u very much sir!! From all ur advices, it appears to me as if i'm very small in knowledge and experience to make a good decision. I think i need to understand my duty towards my mother and got to learn more about married life before coming to any conclusion. I think i dont understand the true nature of love between husband and wife. May Allah show all of us the straight path!!!

Fatima Barkatulla

Is this the same Noamaan who left a message on my blog a while back? If so, I get the feeling you need to move brother. I mean if the place you are in has no practicing Muslims, makes you feel weak, (as you mentioned on my blog) and then causes you this sort of fitnah, then you should seriously consider moving to a better place in India if at all possible....

ARGcomment :)

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

I'm the same Noamaan sister(in Islam)!! Actually i'm doin my engineering here. This is supposed to be a reputed college (ranked 53rd in India)!! I dint knew tht i will hav to face these difficulties here. Now i hav 3 more years to go.........till then i'll hav to stay here!! Do u think moving to a modest place is better than staying here?? By the way, by the grace of Allah i got to meet a good muslim brother in my college who had a good looking beard(that was what attracted me to him). I then found him knowledgable!! Now he invited me to join a fundamental course in Islam which was approved by Dr. Bilal Philips!! Now i feel better with his company(although we are not yet close friends)!! First i thought i may never find a good muslim company but he was just like me(in thoughts)!! I hope i'l get to know more good muslims here. What is your opinion??


This Noamaan bro is asking for sister Fatima's opinion on brother Green's blog? Hmm...quite strange :)
I wonder, why not ask her directly on her own blog as brother Noamaan is perfectly aware of?


Mohammed Maaz

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem WaSalamu Alaika ARG!

Its a pleasure and honor to listen to your views and learn about Islam from you. May Allah reward you with the best for your efforts. I wanted to ask you for your own opinion over two things:-
1.An ex-christain now reverted to Islam wants to learn about Islam. How should I proceed and what should I give him (what type of bks first etc.)
2.A muslim brother was endorsing the view of standing up in respect for the national anthem whilst its being sung/played. I told him that its a form of shirk. He questioned me back by saying that whether I stood up for greeting elders when they came in the room I was? I had never really paid attention to this. But as for teachers in our institutions, we do stand to wish them, so is this also shirk? On further investigation I realized that Prophet (may peace be upon him) forbade his companions to stand up and wish him. But my friend says its only for the mosque coz prophet (may peace be upon him) said this in the mosque. Am I right? If I am then how should I help this brother?

JazakAllahu Khairan, I'm be really happy and obliged to see you reply. Shukran!

ARGcomment: Generally I recommend giving the Quran and a good serah, and also a brief illustrated guide to Islam booklet. Any Christain who knows his book will know the Quran is from Allah.
As for staning up for the national anthem, or for an elder etc... it is not shirk, because this is not an act singled out for Allah, like for example sujood. However nationalism is not something we should encourage, since it represents exactly the tribalism of jahiliyyah, or it even worse, since tribalism is at least based on family ties where as the nations of the Muslims are product of some lines drawn on the map by the non Muslims!
You friend is incorrect about the prohibition being limited to the mosque. The Prophet saws did not let people stand to honour him, and did like us to do this for others. However, if we stand to greet people as a custom and we do it for everyone that is fine,and Allah knows best.

Fatima Barkatulla

Surrounding oneself with good people, people of Iman is essential for the survival of our Iman. It reduces the effect and influence that Shaitan has upon us...I was going to suggest that if you can, you do attend good courses or get involved with people who are doing da'wah work like the IRF etc, so that you also have a social life with practising Muslims. The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam likened a good companion to a perfume seller....if you hang out with him, you are sure to smell of perfume even if you don't buy it from him and a bad companion will have an effect on you just as the good person will...(I don't have the exact hadith to hand...) so you must choose your company carefully and avoid unnecessary contact with women...looking, chatting, joking etc with women is a slippery slope....be polite though of course.

Fatima Barkatulla

with the visiting cave hira thing:

Brother ARG, you are saying that it is something that could lead others to bid'ah...that means you are using the principle of Sadd ud-Daraa'ih: stopping the things that lead to haram...which is a principle scholars use...but not all scholars...so it is a legitimate issue of difference of opinion.

ARGcomment: The important issue for us is, did the Prophet saws and the khulafaa ar Rashideen employ this principal? Then we will see the truth of the matter. Anyway, I am only pointing out the pitfalls of such actions. It's up to you of course what you decide, and or of course the governing authorities of that land.

Mohammed Maaz

Asak again brother, it was really nice to c ur reply that too so soon! SubhanAllah,

I'll give him a book on seerah asap Insha Allah.

Brother ARG you are saying that its not shirk, but can we call it minor shirk (undue respect for one's nation)?
When we stand up for teachers or elders aint it the same way the companions stood up for the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him)?

And also here in India when we stand up for national anthem, it is in attention (as in the military) showing exclusive respect, not just mere standing. (You maybe knowing this though); also the translated version of the anthem reads phrases like,
"thou art the ruler of the minds of all people
Thy name rouses the hearts..."
"They chant only thy name.
They seek only thy auspicious blessings.
They sing only the glory of thy victory.
The salvation of all people waits in thy hands,
O! Dispenser of India's destiny, thou art the ruler of the minds of all people
Victory to thee, Victory to thee, Victory to thee,
Victory, Victory, Victory, Victory to thee!."

Doesnt this lead to shirk? Or rather as I told my friend, saying this or respecting this (specially) leads u to threshold of shirk?

ARGcomment: those words sound very like shirk to me I must admit. "only thou auspicious blessings" is something we can only attribute to Allah, as is salvation and ruling destiny etc...It is in no way allowed to sing this or honour it and Allah knows best.

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