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Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Fawaz Ahmed

As-salaamu Alayk brother green

You have said:
Jihad is not terrorism, but terrorism is a result of abandoning jihad.

I think we should all remember this like one of those "quotable quotes."

Today the media highlights two groups of Muslims
1.the ones who kill innocents,terrorize and massacre civilians hence project Islam as voilent and bloodthirsty.
2.the ones who reject Islamic teachings on Khilafah,jihad and shariah.


please ,do not call jihad suicide.Many muslim dua't ,with great knowledge ,had approvd this type of jihad

ARGcomment: And great scholars have called blowing yourself up suicide and that is what I believe is correct.


Assalamo alaikom brother,

Thank you so much for this account you have given.

I was wondering though, that you said that great scholars have called the so called 'martydom operations' as suicide and that that is what you believe is correct.

But I think really the question should be whether you acknowledge that doing so - while targetting islamic legitimate target such as an army that you're fighting (whose invading your [Muslim] country) under the Islamically appointed ruler, is considered a *valid* scolarly opinion. As in, do you agree that they may be rewarded because ultimately if they were following a mujtahid imam sincerely, then just from a point of Islamic law, and even common sense - shouldn't that be the conclusion?

thank you for your time Brother, may Allah reward you.

salamo alaikom

ARGcomment: yes of course, I am not one to deviate from the path of ahl sunnah, may Allah protect us from that, and of course the one who is not a scholar is duty bound to follow one whom he / she believes is, and for that they get rewarded. However, someone's itjihad can be mistaken and can lead to a bida. The matter of bida is something that is not always initially clear, but can become soafter some time as its evil results are made apparent. I think this is one of those. There also comes a time when following such an opion becomes less excusable even for the ignorant, as the truth of the matter becomes more clear. Allah knows best.

slaveof allah

salamo alaikom my brother abduraheem what you have writen made my eyes tear but what is a tear without action all who stray from jihad have lost the beauty of this deen i ask allah to give me the aportunity and if he does i ask him to make me sincer and if he does i ask him to make me stand firm and if he does i ask him to accept out of pity for me by allah non of us have done anything to deserve janna salamo alaikom



ARGcomment: I hope that will be soon, God willing!

Mohammad Qasim

asalamu alikum brother Abdul Raheem Green!
I just saw one of your video on youtube regarding why you didn't become shia at the time you converted to Islam. You said its absolutely logic that whoever sat and looked Prophet Mohammad(S.A.W) can't commit apostasy, yet there are incidents after Prophet Mohammad's(S.A.W)death(which i am sure you know of) that indicates strong opposition from all three sahabis to Prophets's House. The death of Imam Mohsin in the womb of Syeda Fatima(daughter of Prophet) is one of them. Allah in the Quran says "O Allah, confer blessings upon Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad and grant him the station of proximity with You". I am assuming you know what i am trying to say here. Yes the "The Family".
There is another verse in the Quran where Allah says, "Surely Allah desires to remove all imperfection from you, of family of the house, and purify you completely’’. From surah Al Ahzab 33, verse 33.
These are the people who are pure, and have defended in Islam from Badr to karblah, and yet we see they have been victimized and persecuted throughout the history. Can you tell me how many mushriks and kafirs did the first 3 khulafah killed during the battles fought when Prophet Mohammad was alived?
You criticize Imam Khomeinie, but then who do you support? "King abdullah" or his fellows. What are you talking about here?

I have listened to many sunni scholars, and none of them has ever criticized shiism as you did. I felt like you yourself is one of them victim of the on-going propaganda of Wahabis. Instead of promoting harmony between muslims over the world, here you are spreading differences and hatred.

ARGcomment: What I said is a fact, sorry you don't like the truth, but I guess you'll find out soon enough when you're in the grave!
As for spreading hate, I'm not the one cursing the companions and wives of the Prophets!


Warfare in Islam

Warfare was made humane and was undertaken only in vindication of the justice of Islam. It was never rapacious, revengeful and cruel. The Muhammad – the Messenger of Allah – himself instructed, trained and disciplined the army of Allah. It was a humane army but it was invincible, fired with new enthusiasm, imbued with the will to conquer and emboldened by the utter contempt of death inculcated by the Eternal Qur-aan. ‘Do not use frauds and deceptions’, said the Messenger of Allah (sm) to his soldiers. ‘Do not kill children; do not oppress the peaceful inhabitants of the country conquered. Spare weak women. Have pity on suckling infants and the sick. Do not destroy the houses, do not overrun the fields. Do not cut down date palms. If you conclude a treaty, keep it. In Christian countries, do not destroy their churches and monasteries.’

(Excerpts from ‘The Clarion Call of the Eternal Qur’aan’ by Muhammad Khalilur Rahman).



Allama Iqbal envisions the operation of the Qura’nic command – Qulil
‘Afw [Say to the people: ‘spend the surplus’ above the median level
for the benefit of the common man, Al Qur’an 2:219] in the modern age
in the following verses:

Jo harf-e- Qulil ‘Afw mein poshidah hai abtak
Is daur mein shayad wuh haqiqat ho namoodar.

The truth hidden in the Qur’anic verse Qulil ‘Afw
And hitherto unexplored, may be revealed unto mankind,
In the present age.


The Theory of Surplus Value is a Qur’anic Conception, crisply defined
in the Qur’an fourteen hundred years ago before Karl Marx, Thus:

“They ask you as to how much they should spend (for the cause of
humanity for Allah’s sake). Say: The entire Surplus. (Al-Qur’an,

Take the Surplus, promote good, and ignore the uninformed (for the
truth and justice of Islam to prevail). (Al-Qur’an, 7:199)

This edict provides the wherewithal to the State of Islam, to ensure
primary human rights to all and to abolish poverty, ignorance,
inequalities and all the ills of the Society, - as decreed and
ordained in the Magna Charta of Human Rights – the great Qur’an. It
enunciates of the policy of public finance as well in the Kingdom of

Land and Natural resources are a part of the universe and they belong
to Allah. Man, as His Khalifa and His manager, is entrusted with the
efficient management of these natural resources to ensure proper
exploitation, maximum production and equitable distribution of the
joint product of man and nature, the free gift of Allah, to all

“To Allah belongs land (and the natural resources), the heirdom
whereof He bestows upon whomsoever among His servants He may will” (Al
-Qur’an, 7:128).

Land and natural resources have been created by Allah for the benefit
and nourishment of all mankind and of all creatures. The function of
the Government of Allah is to see that these are not misappropriated
for selfish individual aggrandizement of wicked people and followers
of the devil at the cost of all others.


Man and Nature co-operate with each other in the production of wealth
for the benefit of all mankind in the Kingdom of Allah. They,
therefore, have each a share in the joint product. Nature’s share is
collected in the Baitul Maal (State Treasury) by the Khalifa for
equitable distribution among the disabled, the sick, the poor and the
destitute, in order to help them to stand on their own legs, to remove
inequalities, and to bring the stragglers into line to march forward
and join the race with the soldiers of Allah to encircle the globe.

“And it is Allah Who confers on some of you superiority over some
others in wealth and means. Why not then those who have been favoured
with abundance give it away to their dependants in such a manner that
they all become equal. Do they deny that this abundancy is a favour of
Allah to them? (Al-Qur’an, 16: 71).

The capitalist idea of land, labour, capital and entrepreneurs as
factors of production is an anathema in Islam. Land is part of Nature.
Labour and entrepreneurs are the capitalist divisions of man into
classes and masses.

Nature and Man are two agents of Allah for the production of wealth in
this world. After man is paid his dues in return for his industry,
there remains an undistributed surplus which, in the capitalist state,
is unjustly appropriated by the capitalist classes in one form or
other in return for undertaking no risk of uncertainty of a productive

The Surplus is the Natures share of the national products- on the
wealth produced in the Kingdom of Allah.

In the Kingdom of Allah, there is no division of man into classes.
There is only one ‘Ummat’ of mankind. The surplus of the joint product
of Man and Nature is the share of Nature or the share of Allah placed
at the disposal of the Viceroy to feed the stragglers and to help them
to join the company of workers rightfully and honourably.

Karl Marx was not originator of the Theory of Surplus Value. His
definition of the Theory was also wrong. This was natural, for he came
to a confused conclusion after analyzing the nature of capitalist
production. According to him, the measure of the value of an article
is the amount of labour necessary to produce it. The labourers,
however, produce more than they consume but under the capitalistic
regime, they lose the surplus value of what they produce over and
above their wages. He thus sowed the seeds of class-struggle, strikes,
lockouts and the division of men into militantly hostile groups.

But labour cannot produce anything in vacuum. It can produce only in
co-operation with Nature and with help of natural resources which are
free gifts of Allah to all mankind. Capital is the by-product of Man’s
industry and Nature’s co-operation, and it consists of the
undistributed surplus value left after payment to man of his dues
fully, for his industry, organization and leadership. Capital also,
therefore, is a free gift of Allah to all mankind.


Plain living and high thinking has been the actively living motto of
Islam. The criterion should be the lives of Muhammad (Sm.) and rightly
guided Caliphs. Building up of a balanced character through complete
self-realization by each individual is the first and fundamental
principle of the state of Islam. State capitalism or state socialism
or state communism, negating or dwarfing the personality of the common
man has no place in Islam.

The main function of the head of the state of Islam is to serve as a
friend, philosopher and guide – freely accessible to every individual
citizen or corporate body of individuals for the fullest development
of self of the individual or the corporate body, in harmony with the
Divine order which is subject to eternal laws to be discovered by
discerning minds and acted upon by the entire humanity.

One of the Divine attributes is that Allah is Rabbul ‘Alamin – that He
is the Sustainer and Nourisher of the universes. Allah gives
everything but takes nothing in return except submission to His Sole
Sovereign Divinity and accord with His order and the laws of Harmony
in the universe. The man who is to serve as His Khalifah - His
Viceroy – is invested with this Divine attribute which is fully
developed in him so that he can feel the oneness of the life eternal
and forgo the transient for what is an eternal continuity. He will
then have his outlook on the permanent aspect of life beyond this
decaying world and be able to hold a firm grip on it and its resources
to minister to the comforts, prosperity and happiness of others and
acquire satisfaction for himself by seeing others under his care
happy, prosperous and peaceful. For his material comforts or gains, he
comes last of all, he being the residuary legatee in the Kingdom of

Theory of Surplus Value cannot work in a secular system:

The guiding principle to regulate work and distribution of wealth in
the state of Islam is ‘from each according to ability, to each
according to needs for a respectable living.’ This principle worked
successfully in the state of Islam alone. Because it promises a future
life in which every individual is accountable to his Sovereign Master
for his performances in his earthly term. And he will receive rewards
for his loyalty to the Revealed Constitution [The Qur’aan] or
punishments for his disloyalty.

But this guiding principle cannot work in any other system. It has
failed in Communism. Capitalism and other [secular or man-made]
systems do not believe in, and do not accept, this principle. In the
state of Islam, Nature is an agent of production. The surplus
(Al-‘Afw) above the cost of production is the share of Nature, which
must go to the state treasury (Baitul Maal) to promote and finance
welfare services and meet the essential demands of its citizens in
distress and in dire needs, to eradicate poverty, misery, ignorance
and unskilled labour and not to multiply the number of beggars.
Appropriation of un-invested surplus by the state prevents hoarding,
dissolute living and extravagance.

Excerpts collated from:
1. The Intelligent Man’s Guide to Islam (1969), by Muhammad Khalilur Rahman
2. The Clarion Call of the Eternal Qur’aan (1991), by Muhammad Khalilur Rahman

Khurram Khan

Jazak-Allah Khairan ! Allah bless you & aaccept all yr efforts. May Allah keep you steadfast & all those who are striclty holding fast to quran & sunnah !

wassalam alykum !

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