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Thursday, 06 November 2008



brother abdur salaam wale kum, i just want to say your lectures have had a major impact on my life concerning islam, alhamdulillah, im from birmingham and i was wondering if you will have a lecture in bhirmingham,

ARGcomment: inshallah will organise.


Assalamolaikum Brother,

May Allah ahve peace on you, I posted a comment here a gew days back but it didnt get published, I tried to click on the email option but it requirs MSword and I dont have it, so can I have your email address please?

I have a nearly six year old son and I want to take him t lectures and bring him up as a religious person and I also want my husband to mentally convert, I would really like to ask you some questions how to deal with certain things, InshaAlah, if you have anyntime.

Its so strange to have found your blog site, I cant believe it, I only litset o your lectures , I know its silly but my husband would litsen to you more because he's also from UK!

May Allah give you rewards and may He make you a source of guidance for people and may He keep shaytaan away from you and bless you with his "qurb" (nerness) ameen.

ARGcomment: email is awggreen@gmail.com

Haneen Zain

Asalamualykum! MarshaAllah your lectures are simply inspirational! Alhamdulliah me and my whole family always watch peace tv and listen to your lectures which are very good! JazrkAllah brother! from the zain family.

ARGcomment: May Allah bless you always with goodness.

Linda Mason

If you had truly found our Lord, Jesus Christ, and understood His fervent love for you, you would have never needed to search other religions for the truth. Although you have rejected Him, He is ever faithful to you. Christ is not a religion, or a mindset. He is not an intellectual thought or idea, He is a person. A person with feelings, and sorrows for the children He has created. Our Savior, yours and mine, does not sit in judgment of you, as you do of Him. But I know, He grieves for the loss of you.

ARGcomment: Your god died on the cross, I don't believe in a dead God, or a God that can ever die, or be killed. You have been deceived by the devil with a false religion. Dare to actually think and you will soon know that Islam is true.

Shiham Mohamed

assalaam alikum brother


Assalaamo alaikum brother,
Do u still give lectures in Hyde Park? If yes , when is the next one? Is there a way for my son to come and meet you? It might have a big impact on his eemaan.


Assalaamo alaikum,
I have recently moved to London. Please let me know how to contact u. Do u still give lectures in Hyde park? The Central London mosque says u dont work there anymore. So where are u?

Faheem Thalib

Brother Abdul Rahim
If you can speak about topic of Prophet muhammad (saw) Father


salaams brother Abdul Raheem,
i heard ur lecture "the father of ignorance", and it was AWESOME!!!!! may Allah have endless mercy on you...and may Allah help you in your mission


Mr.Abdur Rahim Green

Could you kindly speak about the Awli-Allah(Friends of God) mentioned in the Noble Quran.Also please speak of the Swaliheen.

Who are the friends of God ?(please explain through Hadith) and who are the Swaliheen?(also explain from hadith)

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