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Friday, 27 March 2009


Dawud Israel

Behold, Oh Believers!

A man who walks the talk!!!

Abu Daud

just saw your recent vid, damn brother, you look like you don't age at all, looking so handsome as ever...nice, very very nice. keep it up Green, try not to fall off the wagon okay lol

ARGcomment: make dua bro, make dua and say mashallah.
Actaully my hair is begininning to fall out!


Assalamu Alaikum,

I pray to Allah that you reply to my question. J I have a huge problem – My parents are from the sect Tablighi Jamaat which you may be familiar with. My mother tells me that it isn’t necessary to know the meaning of what I recite in Salah and I just need to recite it with concentration and Tajweed. She actually discourages it. In the Tablighi book FAZA’IL –E-A’MAAL, it actually states: Imam Ahmad ibn Hambal (Rahmtuallah alaih) says, “I saw Almighty Allah in a dream and asked Him what was the best means for seeking nearness to His presence. Allah said, ‘O, Ahmad! It is My Word (i.e. the Qur’an).’ I enquired whether it is only reading while understanding the meaning, or reading without understanding. Allah said ‘Whether by understanding the meaning or without understanding, it is a means of nearness either way ‘” Imam Ahmad saw Allah??? A bounty not given even to Rasulallah? Anyways, this is the unidentified “Hadith” my mother uses to justify her claims. How should I convince her that she is wrong? I can’t argue, it’d be like trying to convince a Trinitarian Christian that Jesus isn’t God, in other words completely pointless. The Tablighi Jamaat also has some other very deviant beliefs. For example, they believe that going in Jamaats to other areas, staying there for a few days, and preaching a bit about Islam is Jihad! What’s the difference between this and the Ahmadiyya leader claiming that Jihad is abrogated? They’re also quite unreceptive of Saheeh Bukhari and Muslim and discourage their followers from reading them. Can you give my any ideas on how to call them to the True Islam?

Jazak Allah Khair – May Allah reward you with the best J

ARGcomment: It is clear from the Quran that one must know the meaning of what one reads in the prayer because the reason for being forbidden to pray whilst drunk is that is you will not know what you are saying. Some scholars used this as a proof that this also indicates that knowing what you say whilst praying is an obligation, and that that minimum arabic everyone MUST know is the meaning of the prayer. Further more, how is it possible to have khushoo without knowing the meaning of what you are saying.
As for the statment about Imam Ahmed and the book tabligh nisab, then it is known to full of in authentic and fabricated statements.
You should explain to your mother the proofs and evidences and continue to advise her in the best and kindest manner, and follow yourself what is clear to you from the truth.


By the way, one of the things which attracted me to you was ur hairs and the fact that u r handsome by Allah. May Allah keep u good looking always, coz i think it does create an impression on others. Oh Allah, give us good in this world and in the Hereafter. Salaam-Alaika bro.


Assalamu Alaikum,
ARG, do you know which specific historical victory the Qur'an fortells in 30:3? Siege of Constantinople? Battle of Issus? Battle of Nineveh?
Jazak Allah Khair

ARGcomment: it seems it was Nineveh, but Allah knows best.

D. Qaxin

Assalamu Alaikum,
Can you please post your "Evolution Origin - Monkey or Man ?" lecture?
Jazak Allah Khair

ARGcomment: I don't have the origianl copy.


Assalamu Alaikum,
Do you know how I can access your lecture about Evolution online? I listened to a clip of the lecture and your opinions on the topic seem very interesting to me. I'll be taking Biology next year for high school, so I'd really like to know whether or not Islam and evolution are compatible. If you don't have the link, can you please just expand on the topic for me?
Jazak Allah Khair


To sister salma:

The lecture on evolution is available on youtube(its not video)! Also, just search on google and u can find it. I found it somewhere last year on some webpage(the audio lecture), i dont remember now.

Evolution is a fairy tail, though few people tend to take it as a scientific theory. It may be a theory proposed by some ignorant person, but its clear for everyone to see that its roots are based on foolish and silly arguments. I would like to mention two points to help u understand the issue(i'm assuming that u know what the theory of evolution claims):
1.The basis of the theory of evolution is on the statement: "The survival of fittest". This is contradictory to the huge number of creatures living on earth.
2.The only way through which evolution may occur in through random mutation(the process of change in the structure of DNA.)
But experiments have shown that random mutation causes disfigurement rather than some new evolved species. For example legs may come out from where hands must come etc.
Also to help u better understand the second point, i'l give u an example from Brother Yusuf Estes.

Imagine there is huge metal reservoir. Can an explosion in that area ever bring about a car which can be used? I think u see the point clearly. It is Allah who creates everything and has given thing its shape and form. Allah is the one who causes changes in our bodies.
Think deeply about these and better search through various lectures and articles by good speakers and scholars. May Allah help u understand it clearly and may Allah guide us all to the Truth.


Brother Noumaan, can you give me the link for the audio, please?
Of course, I understand that our universe didn't just pop up in a moment in time by random chance and Insha'Allah my Iman in Allah is firm :) However, evolutionists do provide fossils as evidences of the evolution of man from ape-like creatures. The survival of the fittest and random mutation do seem farfetched theories to me, but the fossils do provide quite cogent evidence. I promise to think deeply :) but haven't come across many lectures and articles on the topic of evolution by knowledgable Muslims. If you find some, please give me the links. Jazak Allah Khair.
Assalamu Alaikum

Noamaan Mohammed Khan

To sister Salma:
Here is a link i found on google search.
Its better that u use google to look for other lectures. I'm planning to collect all the lectures by various speakers and put them on my blog. When i'm done, i'l inform u.

As for the evidence of fossils, i would suggest u to look at the book "THE ATLAS OF CREATION" by HARUN YAHYA. U may find this book on his website www.harunyahya.com!! His works are impressive, but beware of his other books as there r certain deviations in his aqeedah!!

Abubaker Hquqi Ahmad

asalamu alaikum

Alhamdullilah, I love your talks, especially your moments of death lecture. I recently heard about the ''new Mardin Deceleration'' in which the ''scholars of islam'' are basically saying that defensive jihad should be stopped, they say that peace and security has been achieved for the entire ummah through treaties and accords. I don't know what ummah these scholars are talking about, but all I see is suffering inflected up on our brethren by the hands of Kuffar. Could I hear your thoughts on this issue, should we all abandon our defensive jihad against the invading and murdering kuffar because we live in a globalize society and are bound by treaties that we didn't even have any say in nor had any presence when they were being signed?

Abubaker Huquqi

May Allah protect you

please excuse any mistakes English is not my first language

ARGcomment: That is ridiculous! Are they living on the same planet as us? Perhaps there were talking about offensive jihad! Here there is actually some scope for discussion.

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