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Monday, 22 June 2009



Ohh! I so much wish I had th opportunity to experience the Tour! But Allah Knows what's Best for me Alhamdolillah!

InshaAllah Khair, I'll be there another time!

May Allah SWT reward everyone who has taken part in making this happen with the best in this life and the next - Ameen!

Wassalaamu alaykum waRahmatullahi WaBaraktuh!


Bismillah Rahmaan Raheem,
Salam alaykum Islam's Teacher!!

Hopin this finds you in best state of health and strong in Emaan!

May Allah accept this work of yours and all those who associate themselves with you as havin been done for Allah's sake Only!!

The least we can do is to keep you all teachers of Islam in our duas ... but that little work we do with strong determination and consistently as deed done bit by bit is more beloved to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta 'Ala

Hopin this new event of yours with teacher Chambers and teacher Estes and many others goes well and perfectly - Insha'Allah - and so I pray!

Thank you Islam's teacher for conveyin the Correct and Real Ilm of Islam. Jazak Allahu Khair Was salam alaykum
with lots of duas - to each one of you


It is really beautifull to see a collective effort in da'wa!! I pray to Allah to make us successfull in this world and in the hereafter. btw i've copied ur article on "A new era in Da'wa" on my blog. I hope u wont mind it. Salaam Bro!

Zaffer Khan

As salaam wa alaikum Brother.

I had a question which I am stuck with.

Every one claims to say a Muslim should follow Qur'an and the Sunnah. But when you start looking into their preaching. you find different sects pointing at each other. The closest to Islam (Qur'aan and the Sunnah) that i came to was the Salafi, but now I am confused with their Wahhabi involvement. If it is true why a name even Salafi or Wahhabi?

Advise appreciated.

Zaffer Khan

ARGcomment: Wahabi is a perogative term give to those who follow the teachings of Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahab, and 18th century reformer who lived in what is now Saudi Arabia. He was inspired also by returning to way of the salaf, or predecessors. Salaf, or salafi (one who follow the early generations of Muslims) is term that has a long tradition of use by the scholars of Islam to refer to what was understood and practiced by the early generations of Muslims. What is improtant is not the name, but following the way of the Prophet and his companions and the early generations who understood this religion the best, as opposed to that which has been newly introduced and innovated in the relgion.
I hope this helps.

Zaffer Khan

As salaam wa alaikum

Brother, can you also guide me to the proper knowledge and suggest some tips where we can serve the Deen of Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala.

My dream is to become a Full Time Daa'ee like you.

Jazak Allah Khair
Zaffer Khan

ARGcomment: where do you live?

Zaffer Khan

As salaam wa alaikum

I am an Indian, living in Kuwait. By profession, I am an Oracle DBA.

Jazak Allah Khair for the clarifications.

What you can also shed some light on is that if some one claims to be Wahhabi, is he different from the Salafis?

Jazak Allah Khair
Zaffer Khan

ARGcomment: not much difference, but generally one doesn't claim to be a wahabi, its a perogative term used to insult some of the people of tawheed who oppose shirk inxspired by the reforms of Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahab


Salam ARG,

The brother ^^ said he lives in Kuwait. Kuwait ain't that big bro :)

Sister Rukana

My salaam to you Brother Green,
I am grateful to you and all the new generation of torch bearers of Islam who have given a wealth of information in an understandable manner as before this period people were not convinced. Traditional Imams who though taught Islam did not have a wide knowledge/understanding of issues and at times people felt they were just being passed down on questions rather than being answered reference to authentic Hadith and so on. In turn as people were not convinced turned away from following the right path. Thanks for being one of those people who are laying the pebbles for the path so you can see it and follow it. I was born into a Muslim family but really started understanding Islam with the new breed of people on Peace TV who pass knowledge with authenticity/references and eye openers for everyone. Whether you are a believer or non believer, logic and reference is given in such a way and you are convinced it is the only true religion to practice and follow. With Allah's blessing may he guide us all and to hold the rope of our Imaan tightly - Ameen. Also I live in a town that has 1 small mosque that is not sufficient for the Muslims here to progress and learn more, I would be like to be able to set up facilities for young Muslim’s for information, meeting/discussion/learning Arabic etc., any advice given would be greatly appreciated. Last but not least where is it best place in UK to learn Quranic Arabic. Thanks and may Allah bless us all.


Salam alaikum Brother Abdur Raheem,

You always been an inspiration for me towards Islam. I learn a lot by listening to your lectures on PeaceTv and by reading your articles here on your website. May Allah bless you for your efforts for Islam.

I will definitely use your tips for Dawah for Islam. I also try to use Dr. Zakir Naik's tips and suggestions to do Dawah.

Brother, I have some questions on Islam. Tell me how to ask or send my questions on Islam? I would be very grateful to you.

Your sister in Islam.

argcomment: send me an email on [email protected]


Salam alaikum Brother Abdur Raheem Green,

Mashallah you website is very informative. I listen to your lectures on Peace TV. Now I have found your website as well. I will surely read all of your posts inshallah in ample time.

May Allah bless you for your efforts for Islam and may Allah increase your knowledge on Islam.

Turgay Evren

Salam alaikum Brother Abdur Raheem Green

I had watched one of your video lectures before with my family and we had all been impressed by your knowledge. May Allah increase the impact of your efforts. I have also created a blog to convey the message of Islam to mankind and added your video on my blog at:


Turgay Evren (a brother from Turkey)

Fatima Barakatullah

Assalamu Alaikum akh Abdur Raheem....

What can I say? Very exciting time...very important project...it is an honour for all those involved. May Allah help us in what lies ahead...this is what we've been waiting for...no this is what the world has been waiting for!



assalam o alaikum brother..
i want to ask a q regarding Music.. i hv just read an article on http://www.irfi.org/articles/articles_1_50/music_and_muslims.htms which it is said that Music persay is not haram.. In Quran Allah nowhere make it haram.. but only in a hadith of Prophet Muhammad PBUH mentioned abt people who use Musical instruments.. so it says k this is only Allah who make things Haraam n Prophet Muhammad could not make things haraam.......
So my question is that then what is the meaning of the verse which says "Obey Allah and obey His Messenger"

ARGcomment: The Prophet never spoke from his desires on the deen. If he said something was forbidden it is because Allah forbade it.


Assalamu alaykum brother!

How's everything going? Hope You and your family are well!

A little late, but Ramdhaan Kareem! Hope this have been a fantastic month for you!

It's Eid soon, InshaAllah, so I wish you a great Eid!

May Allah bless all the Ummah and forgive all our sins - Ameen!

Btw, isn't it time for any new post soon? Can't wait =)


Shemimon Anthru

Assalamu Alaikkum Brother.

My name is shemi. I am born and brought up in India and now living in U.S. I have heard many of your speach in youtube and Alhamdulillah most of them helped me to clarify some of my doubts in islam. I am writing this to share a conversation I had yesterday with one of my friend who is an Athiest. We have argued several times on this subject of "Is there a God". The conversation started like this

I asked him if you don't believe in God, do you believe that this universe came into existence by itself?

He said yes. The entire universe and all the species came in to existence by it self and still evolving.

I asked him if that is the case can you explain how everything got created for the first time.

He said I could explain scientifically how species are evolved and how life formed in water first time and how water formed and how planet formed. And finaly he end up in Big bang theory for the creation of universe. But he couldn't explain how the singular piece got formed which exploded in to millions of pieces. Or in other words he could not explain how some thing got formed(created) from nothing. I don't think none of the scientist can give a rational explanation to this.

But he said it is the same case for me. Because if I say that God created everything, How God got created?

Now is the interesting part. I asked him do you believe that human being is a superior species compared to other species in the world.

He said yes. Human being is a superior species when compared to other animals and even the planet or the universe. Because we could think, we have found several things about the universe, we could even create life(single cell bacteria) in the laboratary.

Then I said. We are computer engineers, we could create a robot which can walk, talk, pick up things and even with decision making capabilities about the stuffs he see through his camera eyes with the help of Artificial Intelligence Coding built in to his chip. But still the robot will never be able to figure out who created it and he would never be able to figure out how we got created. Because we are superior than the robot. Isn't it?

He said yes.

If this is the case, isn't it rational to assume that an inferior thing cannot create something that is superior to the creator it self?. And you said human being which is superior to anything known in the universe got created it self in the universe, which is irrational to believe.

So it is rational to believe that we got created by someone who is much superior to us. And you asked me if God created everything how God got created? My answer is this, if we could define or figure out how God got created, then we are equal to God or we are God. It is not possible to explain by us because we are inferior to God just like the robot is inferior to us.

Dear Brother,
What do you think about my conclusion? My next goal Insha Allah is to convince my friend that Islam is the Truth.

ARGcomment: Its a nice line of discussion, except that we can build things stronger, faster, smarter than us, so some one might point that out.

Fawaz Ahmed

As-salamu alaykum brother.

I have recently met with an atheist,i was telling him about some of the Proofs Islam is truth.I picked a lot of points from ur show.

I was speaking abt Haman's name.So he asked me for a reference.I viewed ur show but I could'nt find the refernce to the German book.Can u tell me the name of the book.Perhaps u could tell me its name in German bcoz he claims ur story is a fabrication.

I found a reference in Maurice Buccaille's book.

So I hope u could clarify the name of the book and the edition.Also tell me where could i find it.

JazakAllahu Khayr.

I hope u respond quickly

Fatima Barakatullah

Assalamu Alaikum ARG...I thought you'd be interested in this since your father is ill. Some things I was reflecting upon since the illness of my mum-in-law. You can use on your blog or just read it yourself.

Reflections on the transient nature of life

My mother-in-law has been in hospital for over a month now. She went in during Ramadan when she was suffering from angina pain. Then while in hospital she had heart failure (cardiac arrest) and was resuscitated and alhamdulillah after a week or so in the Intensive Therapy Unit during which she was sedated, her organs, slowly began to work again...and she moved to the high dependency unit where she suffered cardiac arrest one more, but once again survived. She is now slowly getting her strength back but is very tired. May Allah grant her a speedy recovery and a complete recovery.

We had gotten to the point where we thought 'this was it'. And I must admit that when you see death in front you, or almost in front of you it is sobering to say the least: the impact of one person in your life not being around is huge. And yet, this ever-turning cycle of life and death and life and death and life will go on. It is unstoppable. I am just another life in this world that will end in death. So are you. We reach our peak and then decline in physical strength slowly but surely and then it is our children's turn to reach their peak and then they too must slowly face up to their own mortality.

It makes you hug your husband and kids and parents and loved ones tighter to think that, we are just lives slipping away as surely as the seconds and minutes do. It makes you want to smile more. It makes you want to give more and be more. That is one of the things I would miss most about my mum-in-law: her smiling and her giving. Reassuring presence. When I go and visit her, thoughts and memories flash in my mind...how proud she was of me, the bahu, when I got married to her son...she would phone me and ask what I'd be wearing to the next dinner-party we were invited to. She'd buy me expensive make up and gifts and have clothes made for me, without me asking for it or expecting it. She'd show me how to wear a particular garment and would be pleased to see me dressed up. I think of all the love she has showered upon my children. Irreplaceable. Anyone seeing her in hospital who didn't know her, would feel pity. They wouldn't know how elegant and glamourous she once was. They wouldn't know about all the laughter and happiness of her home, the warm aroma of her cooking, the trips to the park and wedding parties she'd attended, the lovely silk clothing she'd worn...I guess all of it fades into insignificance, when we are facing the end.

How insignificant it makes me feel. Just another life. Just another child of Adam, coming and going back as they always have done. Nothing to stop it. Decreed.

Maybe I shouldn't feel this, but the transient nature of life does send a shiver down my spine.
One day I'll get a phonecall to tell me that one of my friends has passed away, someone of my generation. How scary that will seem: that our friends or even siblings are one by one leaving. Gone and we might only be able to count how many of our contemporaries are left on Earth on our fingers.

Whenever someone passes away, it is the end of an era in someone elses life. It is time to start again in some way. How 'expendable' human life is. My mum-in-law, such an important part of our lives. Only we will understand that. Her great grandchildren probably won't. The importance of that human life is most felt at the time in which it exists, for most people. But after that? Are we just forgotten?

The thought of not leaving a legacy of some sort is probably a more scary 'death' than death. I look at my children and feel reassured: a part of us lives on in them and their children until the end of time. A part of us lives on in those far-reaching things of on-going benefit that we may have done or left behind. I kind of want to live on. Not in flesh, but in impact.

I'm sure you do too.


Sorry forgot to add the most important one---

Interacting with women can impair men’s cognitive functioning ====


If you want to get better results at work place or at classroom stop inter mixing of men and women----------- The findings have implications for the performance of men who flirt with women in the workplace, or even exam results in mixed-sex schools.

Account Deleted

Salam, Brother abdul raheem, my brothers and sisters, in addition to Shemi's discussion, atheists seem to believe in modern science, and you might add that all created things are subjected to time and space, but, God is beyond time and space and 'The' one who created time and space. His ilm is so encompassing that 'we' the created being are confined in time and space, except that Allah's will makes us capable of understanding, such as prophet Muhammad's ascension (mi'raj).


Slave to Allah Muslimah

Salam alaykum brother Abdur Raheem Green.

May you be in best state of eman, health and wealth.

I watch your lectures on Peace TV and I learn a lot by you. I also watch your videos on YouTube.com. May Allah grant you long life and increase your knowledge on Islam.

When I found your blog, I became very happy. I read your blog often whenever I get time. Keep it up.

I would like to know when you are going to post something new on your blog? I have some suggestions for new topics for your blog.

I have a question,

One of my family member asked,

Why Music is Haram? (besides Prophet SAW made it haram, what is the logic behind making it haram?)

there is long discussion on the topic under the global peace and unity blog
I have been really, really lazy with the blog. Make dua, I should utilize it more!

Irfan Tariq

alam alaykum brother Abdur Raheem Green

I hope you are fine by the grace of allah , i am a big fun of yours, when ever I hear your lectures it really touch my heart . may allah bless you .

Do you have any facebook fan page run by you or r you on twitter .please tell me i wana follow u on it
you have any plans to come to Pakistan .


Salam alaykoum

Barak Allah fikoum mes freres

Montreal - Canada

ramadan a montreal


Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem
asalamualikum warahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu noble brother/sister

I hope our message reaches you while you are upon the best state of health and emaan in this blessed month of Ramadan, in which it is encouraged that we engage in daw'ah to Allah as much as we can. And what could be the easiest way to do act of calling to Allah than just posting a blog or sending an email. We are not intending to SHAM in HERE by posting COMMENTS... but..

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It comes in Muslim (1017) from the hadeeth of Jarir bin ‘Abdillah -may Allah be pleased with him- that the Prophet -sallahu ‘alayhi wasallam- said: Whoever introduces a good practice in Islam which was followed after him (by people) he will have the reward like the one who has done it, without their rewards being diminished in the least.*

And he has attained by this a mighty reward from Allah the Most High, for indeed he -sallahu ‘alayhi wasallam- has said: Verily if Allah guides by way of you one man it is better for you than the red camels. Bukhaari (3009) and Muslim (2406) [Taken from: Towdeeh al-Ahkaam min Bulooghil Maraam by Ash-Sheikh ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdur Rahman Al-Bassaam.]

Therefore, we hope O sister/brother that you seeking the pleasure of Allah in this blessed month of Ramadan you will just simply copy paste above given link's blog post to your blogs and also send it to your groups and contact list as an act of worship seeking nearness to Allah. May Allah reward you with good in this Duniyah and In the Akhira for cooperating with us upon Birr - righteousness - and Taqwa - piety as Allah has ordained.

Jazakum Allahu khayran kathiran wa baaraka Allahu feekum fidduniyah wa filakhira
was-salamualikum warahma tullahiwabaraka tuhu

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MashaAllah Very nice.


Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu brother, I enjoy your page MAshaAllah, when are you going to update it ? hope to read some new material soon..
Jazakallahu khayran..

ARGcomment: Many appologies, have been away from blogging for a while. I have not even been replying to comments! I hope I will start again soon! Make dua!

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