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Monday, 20 June 2011


Noamaan Mohammed Khan

Thanx for the post brother. I experience similar feelings when i swim....specially in magnificent water bodies. They make me reflect on the creation of God and humble my heart.
I m happy to see you back on blog.


Assalamualaikum Brother Green...

Heeeelp....!I wonder if u could write or talk about Homosexual/same-sex marriage topic someday in your daawah.I dont know if u have talk about this topic,and I've tried to look in youtube regarding this but couldnt find it.I just read about 'New York governor signs law approving gay marriage' news and yes,its nothing new about this but i'm so...pfff...sad,angry and boiling inside.Nowadays,if people dont support this things,they are labelled(do i spell this right?)as people who dont support equality,conservative,cave-people and so on.Good is bad...and bad is good.I have an atheist friend who dont want to have anything to do with religion because religion forbids people with anything about homosexual and he starts to talk about human rights...and its really annoying and i think the worst thing is that i cant break through his thick and stubborn skull and tell him that this is all wrong.
Ok...i'm going emotional,better i stop now :)
Oh yeah,i understand if u dont approved my comment and dont display it,obviously what i say got nothing to do with bicycle...hehe.Its good enough for me if u read this...i feel honoured.
I really admire what you're doing and yes,i pray that you're always in good health and may Allah blessed you and your family.

This is a vast subject that needs some time. Perhaps I will discuss some of those issues since they are well worth while discussing.


JazakAllah Sheikh. We must all stop and think like you do else it would be just another day out on the bike!

Farhat Muruwat

Great post, MashaAllah. I like that quote you used from Prophet (saw). My question is the last words 'and what helps you do that' are actually in the hadith? It would make sense that those words be included in the hadith if it is not because many things helps in remembering Allah.

ARGcomment: Yes, they are part of the hadith. So eating, drinking, even games if they help you to remember Allah are in fact part of worship.


i too love this post and hadith.this is first time i m seeing this hadith. Masha Allah, very much encouraging.

AbdulAziz Mohammed

I really loved your post dear sheikh, it's inspiring. I think true wisdom and a true wise person is the one who can find meaning in everything around him that will remind him of his creator.

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