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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Edward Woodward

I am an atheist. I don't live my life like an animal. I wonder how you would react if people claimed that Muslims lead lives like animals? Oh, hang on a minute, some do don't they and they are called Islamophobes and bigots?

How about showing some of that respect Muslims like to claim for themselves?

ARGcomment: Actually the passage was talking about Muslims!

Account Deleted

very true if we dont spread the word of allah , Allah will bring some other nation to take over and do the dawah work.

Amer Sabag

Assalam Alaykum

I am an Arabian Muslim, and I consider my self as a thinker.

I wish you accept my greetings, and appreciation for your youtube movies you did, specifically [Purpose Series] 7 God and Man - Abdur Raheem Green http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkRkEm9pqQw

And also, I really appreciate this article you did. You are making me very happy to have you as a great thinker Muslim brother.

For that, I really think I should provide you something good in exchange of good things I provided in your good deeds.

I heard you talking a lot about common sense, but there is a weak point in this principle.

Common sense can be doubt about. Because, there is no statistically proven to be "common" sense rules so far. And there will never be. And I have the proof for that from the Quran. But your common sense method is really sufficient for most of the times.

You said that common sense is the same like drawing your hand when you touch something hot. And this is also wrong. And I also have the proof from the Quran.

And you talked about that, the people are praying to the only true God when they have deep troubles because that is built inside us by creation. And that is not true also, and also have the proof from the Quran.

But at the end, I agree with your outcome completely.

As a fast proof for my critiques, read the two verses: 39:17-18

I hope you read my comment before my death :)

I think you misunderstood.
You drop a red hot poker as a instinctive reaction that is inbuilt NOT due to common sense.
As for common sense it is "aql". Anyone who does not have it is not accountable because they are not sane.
The verses do prove you point. It is not that disbelievers do not have aql, their problem is arrogance and their desires.


Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah!

You've started blogging again! And about time too!

We look forward to your fantastic contributions that we've been deprived off during the AWoL period ;)

mashallah some of the material here has been truly unique. May Allah extend its benefit for the writer and readers alike ,aameen

Wassalam alaikum wa rahmatullah

Ibrahim al Sheemy

@Edward Woodward

This is how Muslims view the Kafirun

If anyone doesn't live an Islamic life they are below animals as animals live according to their fitra/default dispostion and not their by their own preferences. The state of materialist doctrine in the world bears witness to this.

If humans leave the sharia on a either a personal or state level they are doomed to failure and self annihilation.

Muslims are ordered to treat others with respect be they Muslim or Kaffir. Criticism should only be made if it is asked for.

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